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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Have a Healthy Holiday


Have you started getting into the holiday season yet? I went to my first holiday party on Saturday (such a good time!), and threw up a few decorations, but I am nowhere near ready to shop, wrap gifts, put up the tree, etc…

With all I have to do, I am really trying to stay as balanced as possible this season.  It is essential (for my sanity and probably for my husband’s too!).  I try to do this with being mindful of what I am eating since “we are what we eat!”  If I reach for a lot of “junk,” I end up feeling like “junk.”   Since this is a time full of social events and eating and drinking in excess, I wanted to share a few sure-fire ways to eat, drink, and be merry without guilt and regret. AND not feel like “junk” the day after.

Here are the 3 tips to stay healthy in the next few weeks:

1.  Eat before you leave for the party.   E= a good protein such as edamame with sea salt or hummus, beans, even almond butter, A= an apple, T= twelve ounces of water.  This well-balanced snack will keep you even-keeled and in control when you spot the cookie tray.

2.  On the day of the party, make sure to have a healthy breakfast and lunch.  If you eat let’s say, a bowl of oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, and a dark leafy salad for lunch with a good protein, this will stabilize  your blood sugar and keep you full.  That way you will have the will power to make smart choices when you encounter the snack table.

3.  On the  morning after an excessive eating party, you will probably wake up craving sugar and simple carbs.  Your blood sugar level has dropped dramatically and you body wants another brownie (in my case, the peanut M&Ms).  Fight the craving and fill up on those healthy proteins and something green to cleanse.  You can try various green powders like Amazing Grass or wheat grass. They  help clean out the system and re-balance.  I tend to either make a juice or stick the greens in my smoothie.  If you want to make a green juice, try this recipe:

Hangover Mary  Green Juice

1 cup spinach leaves (chlorophyll to ease inflammation and acidity)

1 cucumber (helps with dehydration)

 1 kiwi fruit (can substitute with other fruits if preferred but kiwi does a great job of providing energy and reducing water retention)

1/2 lemon, peeled (alkalizes blood to bring you back to balance)

1/4 inch fresh ginger root (eases inflammation)

Juice the ingredients and drink up.

Makes 12 oz.

Power Punch Green Juice

All gone!

Do you have a holiday event this weekend? Please share your comments below.  I would love to hear about all the fun you are having and if  you try one of the tips above. AND if you experiment with the juice, tell me! I would love to see what you create with those greens. YUM! 🙂

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