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Kathie’s Detox Project


Hi Lisa,  I’m not your typical client as I am out of shape beyond words.  

This feels like the thing I need to get started, but I’m nervous!

I can certainly understand…but don’t worry! I am here to support you during the 10 days. You can do it…I have no doubt. Just take a deep breath and promise to be gentle with yourself.
Could you answer some questions.   First, why no coffee? Can I drink a third of a cup in the morning? How do I combat the withdrawal if I give it up cold-turkey?

Coffee is a stimulant and over time (even if in small doses) can cause adrenal exhaustion, elevate blood pressure, speeds up aging (DHEA declines with age, but drinking coffee can make it even happen sooner!), and a whole slew of health problems including osteoporosis, PMS, and menopausal issues.I can go on and on.  I used to be a coffee addict, but over time (I am talking about 3 months) I kicked the habit. You can try it for the 10 days. Promise you will feel a world of difference.    

What is manna bread?

My favorite snack on this earth!  It is a cake-like, sprouted, yeast free, organic bread, free of salt, no oils, no sweeteners, no leavening agents. Manna is a moist and delicious, high in protein and fiber. I just love it, and it is good for you. A nice little snack to curb the sugar blues during the detox.  Just remember to eat one slice.    

 I am really excited to do this…I swear I am.

Great! I know you can do it and you will feel vibrant, light, and FANTASTIC when you are done.  

Thanks so much for the support. Kathie

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