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power session

Power Session

“I want to be healthy, but I am not sure where to start. What do I eat?”

You’ve already tried the quick fix diets, pills, weight loss programs that cost a fortune. They just don’t work for you and you’ve never even used the DVDs you bought! You want to learn to eat healthy, quick, and easy meals naturally – for good.

You’re sick of feeling tired, heavy and unhealthy; but nothing you try ever lasts.

There’s just one problem. You’re drowning in a deluge of conflicting information about how, exactly, you’re supposed to go about doing it.

One celebrity doctor says you need to go Paleo… the next insists you eat vegan. Experts shill an endless stream of (obscenely expensive) miracle ingredients. Every second magazine cover hawks a “Drop-a-dress-size-in-7-days” diet plan.

During a Power Session, I will be able to pinpoint exactly where inconsistencies lie in your diet and lifestyle, tweak, and develop an action plan for you.

We will put together a game plan based on your specific goals PLUS you will receive take-aways that you can implement immediately in your life.

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Cold-Pressed, Raw, Organic Juice

Whether you’re inspired to do a juice cleanse or add some juicy benefits to your already healthy habits, juice packs are right for you.

We provide cold-pressed, nutritious juices to clients in the Baltimore-Annapolis, MD area.

And the best part?

We do all the work! The shopping, prepping, juicing, cleaning up, packaging, and delivering…everything is done for you.

Choose from a 1, 3, or 5 Day Juice Pack.

Juice Packs include four, 16 ounce bottles. You choose the date you want to start your juice cleanse.

Choose delivery or pickup.

Decide whether you would like to pick up your juices or have them delivered. Delivery fees vary depending on your location and juice purchase. Just have a cooler ready for your pick up or delivery.

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Eat Clean 21

21 Days of Healthy Meal Plans, Recipes, and Shopping Lists

You are doing all you can to be healthy, BUT something is off.

You often feel stressed, tired and bloated. You’re not sleeping therefore you reach for the caffeine and sugary snack just to keep you going throughout the day. Then you fall back on crappy food for the sake of convenience. This cycle makes it extremely hard to lose the last 5-10 pounds you gained over the last few months.

Of course we can blame LIFE… there’s always something going on, and it’s hard to remain consistent.

But it really comes down to one thing; you just don’t know what to eat to jumpstart the change you desire.

Eat Clean 21 is your ticket to the body reboot you crave.

Eat Clean 21 is a practical way to eat healthy food consistently with spelled-out, detailed menu plans, easy and quick recipes, and shopping lists for 21 days.

Eat Clean 21 is a challenge to lose weight and increase energy by cleansing the body OR a guide to simply use the menu plans by mixing and matching, tweaking and working them into your life.

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Kickin’ It Clean Meal Plans

Tired of resorting to last minute takeout? Making the same old boring meals night after night? Racking your brain with meal planning?

It came to a point when I just didn’t know what to make for dinner anymore or even how to be creative with lunches so I didn’t get bored.

Boredom = Unhealthy Food Choices

Fed up with always being unprepared (which lead to chaos in the household as well as in my life), I developed a system that changed my life.

My family and I are now healthier, happier, and I don’t have that guilty mom feeling. I felt horrible when my kids ate crap food so I decided to get a plan. I developed Kickin’ It Clean and haven’t looked back since.

Planning = Success

Kickin’ It Clean is a practical program that is great for everyone, which includes those with specialty diets (i.e. gluten-free, dairy-free, diabetic, and vegetarian/vegan) and allergies. Kickin’ It Clean loves everyone!

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