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Detoxing 101…What is it?

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So you are thinking about doing a detox.  Everyone is talking about it on the television, in magazines, on-line.  As a  health and nutrition coach, this is a top  goal for a lot of my clients. We all want to lose a few pounds, have glowing skin, bright eyes, and higher energy levels.  You can get all  that plus  shiny hair, better sleep, happier mood, a more alert mind, fresh breath, and look younger. All that from a detox.  Who doesn’t want that? BUT what is a detox? Who needs to detox? Why?

Let’s start with who…  EVERYONE.  Over the past 60 years or so, we have seen a tremendous increase in the use of chemicals in all types of industry, including farming.  This has brought with it a ton of toxins.  Pesticides, herbicides are now widely used on our crops.  Parabens can be found in our cosmetics, shampoo, etc… Chemicals are everywhere it seems these days. Over the years, the debris of everyday toxins accumulate in our skin, blood, liver, lungs, gut, in fact, all of your body’s cells. 

Therefore, the process of detoxification enables your body to rid itself of these and unwanted chemicals from our food, cleaning supplies, and even our own body. 

Stay tuned for more details on detoxing 101. Are you ready to try it?  Kathie did.  Check out Kathie’s detox project


 AND she isn’t even suffering,well, maybe not all that much;)

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One Response to Detoxing 101…What is it?


Lisa, I don’t think anyone would hesitate to optimize his/her health but for me the word detox was just an abbreviation for “don’t eat it.” I attended your session at Whole Foods and agreed with everything you said. Ten days didn’t seem like a long time and you explained that the meals would include a range of “real” food(i.e., food that required chewing)…still the question,”could I do it?” My resolve of, “yes I can” came a few nights later as I was reading “The Very Hungry Catepillar” to my 5 year old. For those not familiar with the book — a tiny catepillar is born and begins to look for food…the tiny hungry catepillar begins eating fruit (an apple, some pears, blueberries, strawberries, and orranges) and then finds itself in the midst of what appears to be a picnic. The hungry catepillar eats through, “…one piece of chocolate cake, one ice-cream cone, one pickle, on slice of Swiss cheese, one slice of salami, one lollipop, one piece of cherry pie, one sausage, one cupcake, and one slice of watermelon” and then has a stomache….to feel better it eats through, “one nice green life…” — ..and at the end of the story it is a not a hungry catepillar but a beautiful butterfly! So if a hungy catepillar knew enough to detox, why couldn’t I. Clearly I have enjoyed life’s many picnics with poor outcomes (many, many extra pounds)… with the endorsement of both Lisa and the hungry catepillar I resolved that I could do it! Count me among the detoxing divas — day 7 and feeling great. Don’t hesitate, just do it — there is a butterfly in us all!

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