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Kathie’s Detox Project


Hi Lisa,  I’m not your typical client as I am out of shape beyond words.  

This feels like the thing I need to get started, but I’m nervous!

I can certainly understand…but don’t worry! I am here to support you during the 10 days. You can do it…I have no doubt. Just take a deep breath and promise to be gentle with yourself.
Could you answer some questions.   First, why no coffee? Can I drink a third of a cup in the morning? How do I combat the withdrawal if I give it up cold-turkey?

Coffee is a stimulant and over time (even if in small doses) can cause adrenal exhaustion, elevate blood pressure, speeds up aging (DHEA declines with age, but drinking coffee can make it even happen sooner!), and a whole slew of health problems including osteoporosis, PMS, and menopausal issues.I can go on and on.  I used to be a coffee addict, but over time (I am talking about 3 months) I kicked the habit. You can try it for the 10 days. Promise you will feel a world of difference.    

What is manna bread?

My favorite snack on this earth!  It is a cake-like, sprouted, yeast free, organic bread, free of salt, no oils, no sweeteners, no leavening agents. Manna is a moist and delicious, high in protein and fiber. I just love it, and it is good for you. A nice little snack to curb the sugar blues during the detox.  Just remember to eat one slice.    

 I am really excited to do this…I swear I am.

Great! I know you can do it and you will feel vibrant, light, and FANTASTIC when you are done.  

Thanks so much for the support. Kathie

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10 Responses to Kathie’s Detox Project

Lisa Consiglio Ryan

You can find Manna bread at any Whole Foods or a natural food market.


Thanks LIsa…I LOVE the sprouted bread. I always eat grainy breads with lots of stuff in them so that was a good fit for me…I’m going to get the manna bread for sure. I can see using these breads all the time and that’s saying a lot because of what a “bad” eater I am–they taste really good, surprisingly!


I must admit that my first concern with detoxing was giving up coffee. It was the one vice that I treated myself to (okay, I have many vices but that is a subject for an entire website)… not only the taste of coffee but the jolt of energy, the smell, the feel of the warm coffee as it settles in my belly and let’s not forget the social aspect…what better way to escape from work’s challenges and “that” co-worker (we all have atleast one co-worker that drives us $&%W(&%) than taking a slow stroll over to the Starbucks for some joe? So 10 days without caffeince, a liquid (fairly low cal, which is important to me) that appeals to all of my senses, made me pause…but I decided I was stronger than “the joe.” Day two was the hardest day for me …I had the worst caffeine headache but instead of crawling to the nearsest Starbucks — and I swear the anniversary blend was calling me — I headed to the gym, headache and all and biked through my discomfort, hoping the endorphins would kick in and counter my body’s craving for caffeine…and it worked. I can’t lie, I do miss my AM weekend coffee ritual — me, coffee, the newspaper or the latest Oprah mag – where nobody bothers me for atleast 20 minutes and I’m not sure what will happen post-detox (yeah, Lisa I know all the bad things it does to the body)..will I cozy up to the first cup of latte that calls my name?….not sure but for now I’m committed to being caffeine free for atleast 3 more days — I’m day 7 detoxing! My advice — take it one day at time and rejoice in knowing that even if only for 10 days, your body will thank you for it.


I am finally nearing the end of the detox. The one thing I can offer is to prepare and to expect to have a headache the 2nd day if you are a coffee drinker. The 2nd day is a good day for a massage. Make sure you have everything you need ahead of time. I did, except for the Manna bread, that I have now and love. I agree with Kathie – take it one day at a time. Don’t beat yourself up if you “slip” up. Some of this you will do for a lifetime. For me it will be the immune boosting soup. It is quick to prepare and hearty. I will throw brocolli, kale or spinach in it once the detox is over in 3 days 😉

Lisa Consiglio Ryan

Karen and Jamie, Thank you so much for sharing your first days’ experiences with everyone. Your advice is invaluable! Many of us will start our detoxes this week so your replies are so helpful. As you all mentioned, be gentle with yourself during these 10 days. The more you beat yourself up, the more you will struggle. Take this time to rest more, reflect, and slow down. These practices will help the process go nice and smooth.

Mindy Berry

I’m getting ready for the 10 day detox and decided to wean myself from coffee ahead of time. What’s working for me is instead of going from two cups of coffee to one cup, I went to two half cups in the morning. That way I still had the same routine–coffee (half a cup) with morning emails, second cup (half a cup) while getting dressed.

Thanks to others for posting your experiences. It helps to hear what’s working and where the struggles might be.

Jennifer Arthur

Hi Lisa,
I’m on day 9 and planning on continuing at least through the weekend.. I agree with Jamie, get everything you need before you start. I never did find the “Manna Bread”. I went to Whole Foods in Annapolis and asked a salesperson who looked at me like I was crazy. I still would like to try it. When I started the detox my biggest concern was giving up my starbucks coffee but I found that I gave it up with very little trouble (no headaches). I’ve also decided when the detox is over I will continue to drink my morning coffee “because I like it”, not because I have to have it. Life is too short, and I have to have one vice! Good luck to those who are just starting.


    Like Lisa I’ve made it to day 9 and was ambivalent about coffee and the future. I also agree that being prepared and organized is half the battle. When I do this the next time (yep, already planning for the future — proof that is wasn’t that bad) I will cook and freeze ahead time as well as plan out menus for the family (if you have this responsibility). On day 4 I got smart and did just that — and with menus planned and food frozen I was amazed about how “free” (as if anything in life is free) time I know had…think about how much time you spend with food – buying it, cooking it, unpacking it, cleaning it, storing it…so with that out of the way I used that new found time for something else – returning to the gym. So for those about to start thinking about getting atleast the first week’s worth of food cleaned, cooked, frozen, sorted, etc. before you begin and then take time during the detox to do something you have been wanting to do since forever, even if it is reading a book.


day 2… does anyone know how many baby carrots go in the carrot soup? i noticed it is not listed on the recipe and that is what i am planning on enjoying for dinner this evening…

i have had a decent day… i am mainly detoxing to get a clear head and more energy… i just feel in such a fog these days and my lists keep growing and i feel i may get so far behind that i just give up if i don’t take drastic measures… my kids keep me very busy….. but it is so distracting…. i need to get my time more focused and organized… i have done the lemon aide cleanse before and remember great clarity at the end of the 10 days… am hoping for the same with this detox…

though at the moment i just feel tired…. my biggest issue to give up is my wine with dinner and occasional margarita or port…. i am wondering if this is a necessity? so many say the wine is good for us, though i do think that it is part of my fog issue at this point….

coffee too… i adore my morning coffee…. and i do like tea, but it just doesn’t have the same appeal…. YET!….

i feel it is all about renewing the body, yes, of course, but also renewing the mind…. getting my mind to except that there are many flavors in this world i have yet to enjoy and that i need not be stuck on the same ole ones of days gone by…. being a foodie….. this is a simple jump…. but still the wine and coffee come dancing back along saying but “what about me?…”:)

time will tell… for now i am glad my husband took the kids to a movie so i can sleep… yes, sleep… i crave sleep…. 🙂 in all my piles of work…. i just say well hopefully i will feel better and have the energy to just wipe it all out once i get through this cleanse!… (it’s happened before:)

sorry to drone on…. feels good to type it out though…. thanks to those who have gone before me as your posts are inspiring….

and Lisa, regarding my question about calories… i just like counting them when i am on a detox or diet… a game that helps me stay focused i guess…. anyway, i had a hard time finding some of the foods and so spent time googleing calorie counters on line… i came across this one that seems to be the most comprehensive (even has manna bread:)…. it has an online diary for keeping track of food and exersize and it maybe helpful to you or some of the other detox divas and gents… (has a free iphone ap too:))… also, you can add recipes’…

best to all… yeah, tommorrow is day 3!

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