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Detox Diaries: The Final Countdown


Now we are into the good stuff!  Days 6-10 are usually when you start to feel the great effects of losing some weight, feeling less bloated, getting over the caffeine and sugar cravings…just feeling the glow. Take a look at how the tune starts to change during the 2nd half of  the 10 day detox:

The detox is going well, and definitely worth the effort because you do feel so much better when following the plan. 🙂

…another 3.4 pounds are gone!!! I’m sure that had I not done the detox I would have not continued to lose weight these two weeks.

I am happy to report that things are still going well…I took a nice long walk during lunch today, and I am feeling lighter, definitely can see/feel the difference in my clothes.

 I feel like I’ve accomplished something and learned a few thing about my eating habits that I can definitely improve on.  Thanks so much for all your support and encouragement!

This was great.  I am addicted to the Immune Boosting soup!  Will be part of my winter arsenal.

Feel light on my feet and definitely have lost 8-10 lbs!

Already thinking about how we can make our favorite meals heathier for after the detox.

So what are you waiting for? Join these Detox Divas and feel as good as they do. Are you in?

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4 Responses to Detox Diaries: The Final Countdown


Glad I am doing this, but also looking forward to adding other healthy foods to my diet after the detox. Feeling lighter- have lost 5 pounds- and have been much more productive than usual.


I too want to add some of these dishes to my regular meals…did I miss what to do with Quinoa besides the recipes here? Have you heard of Umpqua oat meal? Is that a good choice?


I am on day 9 of my detox and I feel outstanding! I have been so productive, really organized my home over the weekend, and got myself organized at work this week. I overall just feel really great.


I’m going to post about my experience so far!
Here is what I found so far,

Day 1 I felt great…just a little hungry but just excited to detox.(went to Bikram Yoga day1)
Day 2 feeling good and light, but started to feel a bit dizzy in the afternoon, had to lay down after work and was a bit shaky( I was actually surprised I would feel that way, guess I needed to detox) anyhow I skipped work out that day because I didn’t want to get sick in the hot Yoga room.

day 3 pretty good, hungry here and there mainly at night, went to Yoga again …..felt a little weak at yoga, but really balance(sounds cheesy but I really did, also very flexible and hydrated!)

Day 4 honestly don’t remember but I did go to Yoga I do remember that, I went in the am and remember feeling really good.

Day 5 I felt awesome! like a new person, really light and clothes were fitting loose. skipped Yoga because of hair appointment but could have gone, wish I would have gone in the am.

Day 6 and 7 were Saturday and Sunday…I felt fine on the weekend just harder to not want to eat more on the weekends because there is more down time if you know what I mean, especially Sunday w/ football so def. needed to keep busy over the weekend, which I did, my husband and I rearranged our house and cleaned out our garage, got so much done! it felt so good! 🙂 Went to Yoga on Sunday, not Saturday….boo

Monday Day8 feeling really good, basically back to normal but better then normal if that makes sense…like not so much on a high but feeling really good, took a PM Bikram class and it was amazing…felt really flexible and light. I think it was the best class I have had since I started, I felt like I was really focused on my breath and not on trying so hard on the postures, my body felt like it could do so much more, I felt like I could have stayed in that room forever. My skin feels really soft and hydrated but face is breaking out a little(as of day8)…might be because of the detox who knows.

Today, day 9, feeling even better then yesterday, I mean to mention my stomach seemed a little upset in the afternoon and last night, nothing too bad though. took a 6am Bikram class this morning, it was really great! Not as great as last night, but the body is different everyday, also am is so hard because my muscles are so tight! at any rate feeling very good!

All in all this is very manageable…I’m sick of the soups at this point, but I like the food. Just ready to change it up. I feel like I could live like this for the most part but would need to eat bigger portions with the Yoga, or else I would look unhealthy and probably be a starving lunatic hah!

Ready for day 10 tomorrow! I”m rearranging my closet tonight, I have so much energy!

Just thought I would write you about how it’s been going ! I’ll check in again tomorrow! Day 10 tomorrow!

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