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Detox Diaries


Well, here we are… some  of us have been detoxing for a few days now.  I’ve been keeping up with these Detox Divas (and Gentleman- Go Greg!)  about their experiences.  Here is what they have to say:

Day 1:  You’re Detoxing!

I’ve decided to stay in bed til noon and do nothing.  Maybe read or watch a movie.  Simply rest for a morning 😉

This is not fun! 

I felt rather nauseous all day and hungry when I went to bed. This morning I have hardly been out of the bathroom – fast acting stuff.  

I feel good!   I am feeling a bit hungry, but I added some fruit  etc to fight it off.

Day 2:  You are looking great!

Day 2 has started out much better than day one.  Must say, the Immune Boosting Soup with those shiitake mushrooms was very tasty and gave me energy.

This is a very hard diet to follow.   I’m trying, but sometimes it is very difficult. 

 Day two and so far not bad…I’m feeling the no caffeine thing this morning but I’ll survive…I really like the chickpea and quinoa salad…detox soup not bad…manna bread delicious…drops are yuk!

 Day 3:  The Big Hurdle

 I barely made it through the day at work with todays menu.  I don’t have a juicer so I just ate beet, carrots and celery.

 Day two completed…yum detox juice (a bit messy ) and carrot soup yum!…I did make it to the gym today even though I had a dull throbbing headache (no caffeine) but managed to  bike (11 minutes) and 40 minutes on the eliptical…headache went away.

Day 4:  Keep going!

Feeling light and a little shaky….but water cures it ……eyes are getting very clear…..bowels are productive and feel good.

If it wasn’t for your energy I probably wouldn’t be doing this right now.

In the mornings I have been feeling a nervous sensation throughout my body, is this common?

Day 5:  Halfway There!

 Had immune soup tonight.  Will be back on track tomorrow. Key with this is to plan and prepare very well 😉

For some reason Day 5 is the hardest; I was crabby all day.

I still REALLLY miss my coffee, not just the taste but the smell too…I swear I can hear my Starbucks Anniversary blend (it is sooooo good) calling me!

As you can see, the first 5 days of the 10 day detox are different for everyone.  AND difficult!  Next up, let’s find out what happens when they finish detoxing. Will they feel better? Have more energy? Stay tuned.

PS.  Doesn’t this quinoa dish look delicious? The main reason to do the Detox! 



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10 Responses to Detox Diaries


HI Lisa,
I’m finished today!!! Day Ten! It was really hard, but I feel very good, I must say. I feel lighter–I am lighter! I lost ten pounds. My biggest question right now is how to move forward. I loved the Quinoa, I loved the fruit smoothies, I loved the immune boosting soup, the celery soup and the avocado pita sandwich!!! Yes, I can see these things in my regular food plan, but what else can I do with the Quinoa and what can I add. I want to change my health long term, but I know I can’t keep up the level of the detox…I’ll do the survey and send that next, but I wanted to say thanks for everything, your support made all the difference. There is no way I could have done this without emailing and talking to you. I had too many bad habits to do it without help!!!! I’ll definitely sign up for the winter detox. I think it’ll be easier knowing what to expect and how I’ll feel, like childbirth–it’s easier the second time, once you realize you’ll get through it–once you’ve done it.


Five days post detox and I’m surprised that my appetite has really decreased as has my craving for carbs. During the 10 days I really felt like my love-hate relationship with food changed —food no longer had the upper hand, I did!!!! I’m looking forward in moving forward in this journey to a healthier lifestyle for me and my family (did an experimental stovetop dish of quinoa & couscous and the family loved it)..


I am just starting day 2 and so far I feel good. The immune boosting soup with the brown rice and mushrooms was very good. I am drinking a lot of water and feel thirsty. Could that be from the tincture? I am also taking all of the supplements which is a big deal for me since I wasn’t taking anything before I got the detox plan.


    Karen, I just began the detox today… when you say you are day 2, you mean post detox? are you still taking the tincture? I, like you, reallly like the food so far… just wish I could eat more of it!… Have to go pick up kids… I enjoyed reading your posts… Thank you for the inspiration…. Andrea


i am on day 4… day 3 i awoke with flu like pains in my body… but once i was up and running i was ok…

today i hurt…. my body hurts… i don’t like it… why does it hurt? my eyes are brighter though, i have lost 2 lbs… i feel lighter (no kidding… lot’s of bathroom time, ugg:)…

the food is good… just takes more thought, time and effort as no one else in my home will eat it… 🙂

ok got to get through today… lots of work to do…

blessings… andrea

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    You can get through today, Andrea. I promise! The first few days of the detox are difficult, but know that you are going to feel better and the symptoms will pass. This is all natural during a detox. Everyone is so different by how they detox, so just know it is your body’s way of eliminating any unwanted toxins and promoting the way to vibrant health. You can do it!!!!! Call me if you need to. I am here to support all of you.


Hi Andrea, I am now on day 7 of the detox. I told Lisa in an email today that I also felt flu like symptoms yesterday. I am feeling much better today. I am not finding that I am hungry on the detox plan and eating smaller meals throughout the day works for me. I have not even missed my morning coffee so I am going to have to decide what to do come Friday this week when the detox is over. I want to continue eating smart and don’t want to go back to bad habits. I think this detox is a great start.


Toay I am on day 9 of the detox! While I am looking forward to day 10 and the end of this journey I am glad I took it. I found information about the detox several months ago and thought it sounded intriguing but didn’t pursue it until recently. I met with Lisa and decided to try the detox. I have felt good throughout and I believe it is the increase in water that has helped curb my appetite. Also, eating smaller meals throughout the day works for me to avoid getting too hungry and then making poor food choices. I told Lisa that it is important for me to prepare for the day to be sure that I have the right snacks,lunch and water with me to avoid mistakes. This has worked well. I weigned myself yesterday and have lost about 6 pounds — I feel great! Lisa is an excellent coach and I have enjoyed getting the daily “pep talk” messages.


HI Karen,
Just finished day 6! I feel much better and I am with you… I have to eat much more often on this diet than usual… but at the same time it is so healthy, an apple, some nuts, etc… I just wrote Lisa an email asking what the exact foods we are avoiding, obviously, sugar, coffee, alcohol, cheese…. when we come off of the detox, what do we do? I want to keep losing weight and feeling good… but still not sure I want to give up my wine or coffee… i just like the tastes and the rituals… and ok, they make me feel good… but it does seem that this may be a more sustainable feel good… decisions, decisions,… thanks for your replies… great to get some feedback and to hear from someone who is ahead of me in this process! be well… andrea


wasn’t sure if anyhow was detoxing right now. I’m on day 3, enjoyed reading the blogs about the people who detoxed last month.

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