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Detox 101-Getting Started


Yesterday I discussed WHY we need to detox.  BUT WHAT is a detox exactly?

When the word ‘detox’ is mentioned, many ideas may come to mind.    No wine? Are you kidding! How will I survive if I have to give up coffee? Deprivation. Starvation. Suffering. BUT many of us are changing the way we look at detoxing.  Words like glowing and vitality are used.  Getting better sleep is achieved.  Some of us even lose a few pounds. 

A detox is a way to cleanse our body from the inside-out.  A good detox is usually 10 days, but there are some that can last 30 days.  Usually a 10 day detox does the trick. 

A good detox will:

  • eliminate stored toxins such as free radicals
  • cleanse your liver, kidneys, intestines, skin, lymphatic system, and lungs
  • allow one’s body return to balance; the state of homestasis
  • jump start a healthy lifestyle

My clients are in the process of starting their 10 day detoxes soon. They are busy shopping for the daily menu of quinoa, fruit for smoothies, special detox juice, and ingredients for celery soup. And I can’t forget to mention the herbal detox tincture.

Stay tuned for Kathie’s Detox Project and the first day reports .

PS. Doesn’t this detox smoothie look delicious?  One good reason to do a detox! Yum!



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3 Responses to Detox 101-Getting Started


Hi LIsa,
I’m on day five and I’m still very hungry. I’m definitely feeling better in terms of the headaches going away and also the overall flu-like feeling dissolving…My clothes are bigger–even though that wasn’t a goal for this, to lose weight–and I’m back up to my normal running/walking time…but boy those first few days were rough…why did I feel so sick?

Lisa Consiglio Ryan

Kathie, You are doing so well; you really are! So happy to hear that your symptoms are now disappearing. This is all normal during a detox. Everyone’s body reacts differently. The reason why you felt ill might be due to your body adjusting to the clean food and lack of caffeine, sugar, processed foods. This is a natural reaction. Keep going…you are halfway there! Detoxing is hard at first but by the end of the 10 days, you will feel so good.


Okay, day 8…I’m feeling better for sure, have shed some weight and definitely FEEL lighter! A also feel “cleaner” and can see the benefits of doing this. I am looking forward to a more normal food plan, though and I appreciate you taking me on, working with me. As I plan the food I need to buy for day 10, what should I get? How do I proceed?

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