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Addicted to Left Over Halloween Candy?


A Whole Foods Lecture Series Presented by Lisa Consiglio Ryan, Certified Health & Nutrition Coach

October 12, 2011

7-8:30 pm

Annapolis Culinary Center

Whole Foods

Tips to Reduce That Sweet Tooth:  The candy bowls are everywhere. Full of sweets, chocolates, cookies… AND to make it worse, people bring in their extra candy to work after Halloween.  One piece leads to two, then three.  

Have a plan before the next thing you know your left with tons of candy wrappers at your desk.

Discover how to say “no” to that tempting candy bowl with proven strategies to tame that sweet tooth and get control of your cravings. 

Learn the top 4 primary causes of cravings and the steps to tackling your sugar addiction once and for all.

Whole Foods Annapolis
200 Harker Place, Suite 100

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3 Responses to Addicted to Left Over Halloween Candy?


is crushing up the candy and using it in a homemade cookie recipe a good use for the candy?

Lisa Consiglio Ryan


I believe that could be useful for that left over candy! Have you thought about ways to limit all the candy the kids will get on Halloween? This is always such a task for parents.

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