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Day 10: Fresh Start Detox Project


You did it! This is it! The last day of the detox. How do you feel?

What do we do once the detox is over?  We did a fantastic job of avoiding processed food, caffeine, and were pleasantly surprised when we realized that we could function without sugar and coffee. Now what?

Since we don’t want to give up all we worked for during the detox, here are are a few tips to keep the the momentum going:

1.  Drink 1/2 ounce water for every pound of body weight daily.  Water is necessary to keep the cells hydrated and protected. Plus adequate hydration will improve many health problems including sinusitis, constipation, inflammation, allergies, fatigue, joint pain, headaches and many other afflictions.  Filtered or bottled water is best.

2.  Eat foods close to nature as much as possible.  Choose raw nuts and seeds, raw or slightly steamed vegetables, whole fruits and unrefined fruit juices, whole grains, legumes, cold-pressed oils, and good quality unprocessed protein.

3.  Eat slowly and chew your food.  Most people eat too fast.  Ideally, you should chew your food until it is liquid (about 30 times).  You will have better digestion and become satisfied quicker.  Saliva has enzymes that facilitate digestion. Not chewing well stresses the digestive system and can lead to poor absorption of nutrients, digestive problems like gas and bloating and can promote the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. 

There is so much that we can do to live a healthy life, so it is best to take small steps so that you can make habits long-lasting.   Try a few of these tips to start.  Start slow.  The 10 Day Detox jump-started a path to optimum health.  Now it is time to continue healthy ways of living step-by-step.

Which tip will you try?

AND please make sure you CELEBRATE, CELEBRATE, CELEBRATE!!!!

Lots of big love to you all!

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7 Responses to Day 10: Fresh Start Detox Project


I am going to try to eat foods as close to nature as possible. I was surprised to see how good a baked sweet potato can taste with just a sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon on it. If I wasn’t on the detox I would have added brown sugar and butter.


    Celebrate good times, Karen!!!! You did it! Isn’t it amazing what good whole foods can do?! Thank you so much for being on this journey with us. You are a Detox Queen! Please make sure to pick a few practices from the detox to incorporate right away in “real life.” Adding spices is certainly one of them! Big hugs to you, Karen!

Liz Longacre

Lisa! Just saw you’re on a detox! That’s awesome. I hope you’re feeling good and healthy. We will have to compare notes one day. My food detox month is coming to a close!


    Liz! I am hoping your raw food month is going well. I have been checking in on your blog.:) AND those juices, yum! My cleanse is going great…just love doing these at least 4 times a year when the seasons change. Can’t wait to talk with you!


Day 10! Yayyy I did it, well almost! Feeling really good today, woke up at 4:15am crazy I know, studied my yoga dialogue a little(the stuff I have to remember for my yoga teacher training in April) and then was off to a great 6am Bikram class! I feel great! so glad I did the detox and stuck with it! Lisa thank you so much for all your support a long the way!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I am doing a virtual happy dance for you today!!!! 4:15 am?! Studied and yoga all before 7 am?! You are AMAZING!!!!! You look so radiant and energized. Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful insights during the 10 days. Hugs, hugs, hugs!!!!!

Karen Kalber

Wow, I can’t believe it is day 10. It is amazing what your body can learn to do without. I know we are suppose to try to live without many of the things we were eating and drinking before the detox, but can I have a cup of REAL coffee tomorrow? Or will that ruin everything I worked hard for. I do like geen tea, but just one cup, please? 🙂

Thanks again Lisa for all your encouragement. I will chat with you soon about what I can eat during long run trainings and how to keep my energy level up so I can avoit hitting that dreaded wall.

My best to everyone!

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