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Day 3: Fresh Start Detox Project


Water…this liquid is the 2nd most important nutrient after air (I guess we need to breathe, huh!).  AND on average it makes up around 70% or more of our body weight.  Our bodies use water for many purposes, including to lubricate your joints, to regulate your temperature, to protect your organs, to hydrate your cells, and to speed the elimination process by preventing constipation and encouraging your kidneys to flush out toxins in the urine.

Please keep in mind, we need to consume half our body weight in ounces of pure water each day.It is important to replenish daily due to the fact that we lose nearly 3 quarts a day through respiration, sweat, and urine. Find a super cool, eco-friendly water bottle fromSigg or  Klean Kanteen so that we aren’t using plastic water bottles (not good for Mother Earth)  or try  Hydros , a water bottle with a filter.

Carry it with you all day. My bottle is like my right hand. I never leave home without it!

Hope you are enjoying your water with lemon every morning!  Please share a tidbit or two about how your Day 3 is going…and drink up!

Big love.

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28 Responses to Day 3: Fresh Start Detox Project

Karen M Taylor

Hi Lisa, I am a little more tired today (lack of coffee?) than I was yesterday. The day 2 menu was very good. I made the Winter squash soup on Sunday so it had a chance to sit and get even better. I am looking forward to the minestrone for lunch today. Thanks for your reminder to drink plenty of water. That may also be why I am tired. I know I can get through day 3 with your support!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Awwww, Karen! You are so welcome! You can do this! Day 3 can be difficult so keep your eyes on the prize~tons of energy, glowing skin, bright eyes, feeling light and focused.:) The water always helps. Perhaps you were a bit dehydrated. AND aren’t the soups great, especially with all the snow! Thanks for sharing your Day 3, Karen.


I love water!! My favorite is a glass of water with lemon and crushed ice. I definitely see it as a nurturing thing to drink the water. Hopefully a benefit will be cleansing weight loss!! I feel pretty good today though thinking there’s 7 more days left is sort of daunting.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Just keep thinking of only TODAY. The 3rd day is always the toughest during a cleanse. As for water, have you ever tried drinking it at room temperature? AND you are right, sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst, so hydrate! A great way to lose a few pounds if that is a health goal. Keep on, sista!


Oh yeah, I love the manna bread, too, as much as the sprouted bread. You were right, once piece of the manna is perfect!!! Thanks for all the support.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Manna bread is the bombdiggity! (is that a word?!). BUT it is my treat, I tell you. The carrot and raisin is my fav. Glad you like it!


After yesterday, I can do anything! My body must of been in MAJOR detox! I felt sick to my stomach from the afternoon on…. I relaxed with a warm bath, and snuggled in early for a great night sleep! I feel much better today waking with my lemon water and just getting ready to sit by the fire and enjoy my minestrone soup.. it looks and smells sooo good. Feeling better !

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Happy Day 3, Emily! Enjoy that scrumptious soup! It is super nourishing. AND we all detox differently…it all depends on our bodies. Some of us get headaches, feel nauseous, extra tired, etc… Just know that it is all good and that your body is working to get rid of unwanted toxins that could eventually cause illness. Goooooo Emily! You are doing it!


day 3, this detox has been a little different for me then the one I did this November because I started this one with a terrible cough. I will say my cough is gone today! I have a runny nose, but I’m feeling much better..I was unable to make it to Yoga last night with the snow and still feeling a little run down and the 6am class was canceled for snow, but I am def. going to the 5pm today! Cannot wait to get back into the hot room and feel how light I feel. I feel like my first 2 days were pretty easy…with having the cold I wasn’t very hungry. I’m so glad I am detoxing I think it’s helping with my cold(especially the detox juice w/ beets) but it also reminds me of some of the things I need to remember to include in my diet. I have never added dill to quinoa…this detox just gives me so many good ideas to incorporate into my daily eating! I just love it! I drink a lot of water already but I love the water with the grapefruit in adds a little and it’s very refreshing….water is the answer to it all! I swear….well as of 10:45 on day 3 I’m feeling the best I have yet…still a little cold but hoping to continue to get better!


    You are so right, Kate, water is the answer! It is so crucial for our health. AND can’t wait to find out how yoga went tonight. I just LOVE all your updates, Kate! You are so rockin’ this cleanse!!!!! Big love to you.


3:45ish on day 3 def. feeling a little hungry right now, but just going to keep drinking my water and head straight to 5pm Yoga from work!


I agree with Emily. Today is much better than yesterday. I had a tummy ache too and had to go to bed early and did not even finish eating the Winter Squash Soup. Just finished lunch today and by far the Sun Dried Ministrone Soupt is EXCELLENT! Gives me great ideas for adding things for future meals.

Yes, I know water is good for us, but I am getting a little tired of only drinking water. I have added lemon, but still need something. I may try crushing ice and adding lemon to make kind of a slushy that may help. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks Lisa for your encouragement.

Take care all.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Thanks for your update, Karen! Don’t forget, you can have a cup of herbal caffeine-free tea. As for the water, the lemon is an idea, possibly try cucumbers. Please continue to drink a glass of water upon waking to get your metabolism going.:) Keep on, Karen! You are over the hump, now. You are doing it!!!!

Lisa Marcoon

I am feeling light and happy today, despite the rain. Yesterday was a little rough with a bit of a headache and stomach ache at work. I loved coming home to make the Berry Green Smoothie…will definitely be making it regularly after this program.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Yes, this rain is pretty gloomy, but I am so glad to find out that you are feeling better today. Just remember to pay attention to any aches or pains. Just our bodies asking us to take notice. That smoothie is the bomb…I love it! Keep me posted, Lisa! xx


CAN I JUST SAY I WAS SUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR EXCITED ABOUT MY TWO SCRAMBLED EGGS FOR BREAKFAST THIS MORNING! Eggs have never tasted so good! My energy levels are great and I am feeling like a million bucks! Looking forward to the next 7 days!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Carrie, what great news!!!!! I am so happy you have energy and feeling good!!!! I am sure the past few days have been a bit different, but as you stated, you “are feeling like a million buck.” The greatest way to evaluate the cleanse. How do you feel? Listening to our bodies during the cleanse is so important to stay connected and reach balance. Yay! xx

Katie Smallwood

5:30 pm of day three. I am at work and everyone is trying the vegan specials for the night, I am hiding! One is a pasta dish and the other a brownie sundae!! AAAhh, drinking my berry smoothie as I type. It is pretty good. The fruit definitely masks the parsley, I added a splash of almond milk too.

I had a pretty lazy day which was nice, hoping for more energy tomorrow. Also, it was acupuncture day, so I was pretty sleepy after, but it felt good.

My trouble is that I can’t eat EVERY meal right on. I bought as many ingredients as I could but don’t have all my days matching up to perfection. Like last night I made the mung bean stew even though I was supposed to do the red quinoa. I hadn’t gotten that yet. I had steamed veggies with beans for lunch, raw nuts and celery as a snack and my smoothie so far.

Luckily, I have always been a water guzzler, it’s the not eating bread type products that can be tricky. I am hanging in there.

Love reading how everyone else is doing too 🙂

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I always feel a bit drowsy and so serene after an acupuncture treatment. Hope you got some rest and will be ready for Day 4! Don’t worry about being perfect…that is not the basis of the cleanse. Mixing and matching the meals is fine as long as you stick to the menu items and do not introduce anything new (like cookies.:). You did such a fantastic job of being true to you and the cleanse while all those temptations of sundaes and pasta were being passed around. Katie, you are AMAZING! Just love reading your posts. xx

Kater Leatherman

Hi Lisa,

All is well so far. Have veered a little but I am most happy about not craving sugar today! BTW, Is the manna bread gluten free? Thanks.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Kater, seems like you are having a great start…try to stick to the menu as much as possible for best results. As each day passes, you will hopefully notice the difference in your desire for sugar. I can’t wait to hear more! xx


Eggs… YES! 🙂

The headache that I had on Day 1 has subsided. While I wasn’t bouncing with energy on Day 2, I also didn’t notice that overwhelming desire to crawl under my desk and nap which I usually feel throughout the day.

I have decided to treat myself to a 30 minute massage this afternoon… especially after reading that Day 3 is the toughest!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Ooooh, a massage! You deserve it!!! AND thanks for your awesome updates…day 3 is known to be the toughest for most. Keep on, Shannon!!!! xx


Hi Ms. Lisa! Day 3 has been okay. I enjoyed the breakfast Quina (I know I spelled that wrong!). The kale and avocado salad was not my favorite, but I ate it all and am feeling good, not hungry or tired. I have been really doing well with the water intake which is usually something I have trouble with. I have been waking at night as a result of all that water!! No worries..I know it’s good for me and I’m happy to be getting it in. I am looking forward to the navy bean soup tonight…I love leaks!! I have to admit I have been fantasizing about pizza and am wondering how I am going to keep up with all this good when my 10 days are done. I would love to hear what you do on a long term basis for good nutrition. Am I allowed to fall off the wagon once in a while? Not during the cleanse, but after? Also, I was reading the posts from January and those soups sound yummo!! and what is this bread everyone is referring to? Do tell!! Thanks so much for your guidance!! 🙂

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    What did you think about the soup! Delicious, right! AND it is totally normal to have dreams about pizza and etc… We are so used to that, but after this cleanse, you might not even want it, and if you eat it, you might not even like it. The Manna bread was added to the winter detox…you can get it in the freezer section of a health food store. It is heaven! Really! I eat this if I want something sweet. Since one slice is so nutrient dense, you can’t even it a lot.. So yummy! As for your question, if you try to stick with the 80/20 rule, you are golden. Try to eat clean most of the time, and of course at parties, or even if it is a Friday night and you want some wine, go for it. As long as their is no guilt involved. Hope that helps! You are AMAZING!

The Mommyologist

Hi Lisa! Feeling even better today! It’s amazing what cutting booze and caffeine will do to your sleep patterns. I’m finding the menus somewhat easy, and I think that is because I did the Blood Type diet for so long. I’m already used to cutting processed foods and sugar, which has made this transition easier. Down 3.5 pounds so far…can’t wait to see where I am on Day 10!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Wow! you are killing it, Mary! Alcohol is really a thing for me…cutting all the booze out really relieves my bloating, heavy feeling. AND that super about the weight loss so far. Keep on, my love!

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