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Day 5: Fresh Start Detox Project


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You are halfway there! Only 5 more days to go!

I wanted to talk briefly about STRESS. We all have this toxin in our lives, but it is what we do with it that counts.

A good way to reduce stress is to BREATHE.

When we take an in-breath, most of us use only the upper parts of our lungs.  This is called shallow breathing. Breathing deeply, using the lower parts of the lungs, too, enables oxygen to circulate properly to your tissues, enriching them with nutrients and taking waste away.  AND deep breathing stimulates the lymphatic system, a key part to our immunity that helps to rid the body of toxins, and it induces a state of relaxation.

If you are unsure whether you breathe in a deep or shallow way, try this simple test.  Stand or sit and place one hand on your solar plexus- which is found just below your ribcage- and the other on the lower abdomen.  Breathe in and feel which hand moves.  If it is your upper hand, you are shallow breathing; if the hand on your abdomen moves, you are deep breathing.  Consciously breathe from the abdomen by taking in a deep breath so that your stomach rises and your lower hand moves; then breathe out. Do this for a few minutes until you get used to how it feels.

Try to adopt deep breathing in normal life- check yourself from time to time, and make your breaths deeper if need be.  I tend to check myself during the day, especially when my babes come home from school. That seems to be a stressful time in the household…and breathing sure helps!

You are rockin’ this detox, ladies! How is Day 5 going for you? Would love to hear from you so please leave your comment below.

AND remember, BREATHE! xo

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3 Responses to Day 5: Fresh Start Detox Project


I am feeling a LOT less bloated today! I’m not saying I think I’ve shed thirty pounds, but it is amazing how great it feels just to lose the bloat. I will employ the breathing today as well. I have been taking care of myself this week. I have made sure to get outside (yes it’s below 20 degrees) and walk as the fresh air is such a great mood lifter when I feel deprived of the crap I normally eat. I haven’t been pressuring myself to run (too icy), so the walks have been brisk and completely uplifting as I’ve removed the pressure to “perform.” Oh, yeah, and baths, I’ve been taking lots of relaxing baths….Thanks for the coaching, Lisa.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Kathie,
    Thanks so much for your update! You are lookin’ good! AND I am so glad to hear that you got outside to get some exercise. So many of us tend to stay indoors during the winter, but getting your Vitamin D is always a mood-booster. Keep on, Kathie! You are taking care of yourself and those baths sound heavenly!


Day 5 woke up feeling great! went to my 9am Bikram Yoga class as I do most Saturday’s! My energy was a little low in Yoga, but could be a combo. of detoxing and getting over my cold! I feel 100 times better then I did last Sunday! Feeling really good and def. feeling lighter. made my quinoa lunch w/ the dill and olive yummy and was just enough, then took a nap, and my husband and I took a long walk with our black lab Finley! been a great day so far! feeling great….yaaay day 5! I’m so glad I decided to do this detox even though I had a cold… I really think this has helped me kick my cold! Thanks Lisa!

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