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Day 6: Fresh Start Detox Project


Yesterday we talked about the BREATH.  Today, I want to take it even further and discuss mediation and developing a spiritual practice.

Meditation is a prerequisite for a healthy mind.  As we detox our body,  we can’t forget our mind.   She needs to get rid of toxins, too. Negative thinking, belittling, punishing.  As women, we sure do a number on ourselves. We  tend to beat ourselves up for not being smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough, etc…  AND our poor bodies who love us so much will work even harder to make us happy.

This is where we need to connect the mind and body.  If we STOP as soon as a negative thought enters our mind, then we can begin to find peace. AND incorporating meditation during your detox can lead to a practice when you return to  “life after detox.”

A good practice is to start and end your day with 5 minutes.  Meditate with a mantra if you want.  The space between the noise is where the truth lives.  There are many answers there. 

Here are a few recommendations to start your practice:

Self-Healing by Louise Hay

Meditations for a Miraculous Life by Marianne Williamson

Do  you currently have a meditation practice?

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2 Responses to Day 6: Fresh Start Detox Project


feeling really good today! just getting to blog because I’ve been so busy, cleaning house and Yoga etc.! I def. feel great though, I loved the pita w/ avocado and alfalfa sprouts w/ the dressing it was sooooo good! I don’t have too much to add today but I do feel really great! looking forward to day 7 tomorrow!

Lisa Consiglio Ryan

Seems like you are super energized! That pita meal is one of my favs…AND so happy you are feeling good. You looked radiant the other night, GLOWING!!!

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