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Day 8: Fresh Start Detox Project


Welcome to Day 8 of your 10 day detox! You only have 2 more days of the cleanse, and you may begin planning your exit strategy.

You are eating clean food, exercising, breathing, meditating…ahhh! I hope that you are enjoying taking good care of yourself and plan to stick to a few of these very alkaline activities. So good for your body and soul!  AND massage…have you gotten to see your massage therapist during the detox?

Like exercise,  massage “moves” the body, increasing the circulation and improving oxygenation, and aiding the lymphatic system to help the removal of toxins from the tissues.  On the first and third days of  your detox, see a massage therapist for a full-body treatment lasting at least half an hour.  On all the other detox days, try dry body brushing which boosts the circulation and the flow of lymph, as well as having the added benefit of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. 

For dry-brushing, I found that you can get a natural-bristle brush at any health food store or on-line.  I found mine at Bed Bath and Beyond.   You can also use loofah gloves found at most drugstores.  They are easy to use,and just throw them in the wash from time to time.  I personally use the cheap ones. They do the trick!

Have you been brushing? Let’s vow to make dry brushing a daily beauty habit! What do you think?

PS. AND don’t forget about massages. Our bodies will thank us. xo

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5 Responses to Day 8: Fresh Start Detox Project

Karen M Taylor

I am just ending day 8 on the detox and I didn’t even realize it until I saw your post! I really appreciate your words of encouragement especially when you say it is ok to not be perfect. This is my second detox and I think I am really learning how to eat more mindfully and choose foods that are healthier and better for me. I have a massage scheduled on Friday to reward myself for sticking with the detox.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Oooooh, a massage! You deserve it! I can’t believe you are almost finished with the detox…the time flew by quickly! Karen, you are such an inspiration, and thank you so much for being here on the journey. xx


ok sorry I’m on day 9 but my computer was down all day and I didn’t get home until late so I’m blogging for day 8 today! Day 8 was great because the alfalfa watercress pita is my absolute favorite…I love the dressing, I plan to make that for my lunch on Friday once the detox is over! say day 8 was good, feeling good for sure think I’m getting my energy back as well! on to day 9


Hi Lisa… Day 8 thus far feels better… It’s been a rough one this time! But finally the bloated feeling has left…
I feel lighter and the scale says I’ve lost 4 1/2 lbs… I am at target…. Had some stuff to buy and return…. And decided to sit in tea area (nearly called it coffee area;)…. To gather my thoughts and make my list for this week…. I am hoping my energy and a better ability to focus and follow through has returned, as it does every time I detox….which leads me to understand that the way to live is on a constant detox! Luckily you provide some tasty alternatives and quite frankly I don’t care what ihave to eat or not eat at this point in order to feel good and live a more excellent life! Thank you Lisa!! Andrea

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