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Day 9: Fresh Start Detox Project


Now that you will be entering “life” in a few days, I wanted to let you know it is time for a pantry makeover.  That’s right. You have been doing all this good stuff for your body, but many of us revert back to old ways if we aren’t prepared.

It is best to get rid of these main items so that you can have a clean start after Day 10:

  • Soda, diet soda, energy drinks, and coffee.
  • All refined sugars and artificial sweeteners.
  • White table salt (bleached and striped of minerals)

I know what you are thinking…what a waste to throw away food.  BUT consider this, if it drains you of energy and can potentially lead to illness and inflammation, then it is perfectly ok to say “goodbye” to these fake foods.  Once you eliminate these items, you can have more room for the good stuff (see pic).

Start working on this exercise today.   Tomorrow, I will give you details on what you need to have in order to “return to life” after detox.

 Please leave a comment below. Are you ready?

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19 Responses to Day 9: Fresh Start Detox Project


Hi there
my first question would be how to return to breakfast–you mentioned oatmeal once–that is a heLthy choice, correct? Still lots of water, what about lunch? What about dinner? I am excited that I’ve added veggies to more meals. I will continue that but can u reccomend a cook book–do u have a book, an ebook or something that walks me through how to loosen up the detox and add flavorful healthy meals? perhaps a post detox ebook? I can’t be the only one who needs that, right?

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Oatmeal (steel cut oats or an organic, natural quick oats) with walnuts and berries. Totally nutritious. The main thing to do is to look at the ingredients.Anything with corn syrup, artifical colors, flavors, is a no-no. Having a green leafy salad each day is a quick way to incorporate more good stuff in your diet. We can discuss in detail more ways to plan your lunches and dinners. As I coach my clients, we go step-by-step to make miraculous changes for good. Don’t worry, I am with ya’. As for an eBook, why, we are working on that as we speak. Stay tuned!!!!

emily Markel

Lisa, I went to Whole foods today for my weekly shopping and can not believe how different my cart looked at check out! I bought so many things that I have enjoyed these last 9 days. fresh berries for me and all the tasty stuff to make soup. I feel so amazing and refuse to go back to d.coke and sugar! My kids aren’t even asking for the ” junk” crazy how an apple dipped in Pbutter makes them happy!!! Looking forward to really cleaning out the pantry!!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Emily, I am so happy to hear about your detox experience! AND that you will kick diet coke and refined sugar to the curb! That is such a huge step, but as you mentioned, your body just doesn’t want it anymore. It doesn’t feel good. AND what a ripple effect for your family. Seeing you happy and healthy sure makes family members willing to try new things. My kids just love apples with almond butter, too. Can’t wait to hear about your pantry makeover. You are the best, Emily!!!!!

Stephanie Santos Songer

Thanks so much Lisa! I really enjoyed doing the detox. The food and meals really aren’t that different from how I already eat but giving up the coffee was HUGE! I love knowing that I don’t NEED coffee immediately in the morning. What a wonderful change!


    I can’t believe it! No coffee in the a.m.!!!! What a big change for you. I am so honored that I got a chance to work with you during the cleanse, Stephanie. You did GREAT! Big hugs to you.


Lisa, I feel so good! I plan on eating less animal protein post detox, so I would love to see more recipes if you have them! I picked up Crazy Sexy Diet and she has great recipes in the back and tons of information!! Thank you for telling me about Kris Carr.
I can’t believe tomorrow is my last day….I started this detox with an open mind but committed to finish! And I am almost there!!
Thanks for all your support.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Woot hoot! Only ONE more day!!!!! Let me know what you think of The China Study. AND so happy you got a copy of Kris’ book. It is on back order at Amazon and B&N. We can go over her recipes (very easy and so good for you!). AND who knows, possibly you will join me on her 21 day adventure cleanse. I am so happy that you rocked the cleanse. Big love to you Patty!


      I got your questionare and I will fill out and scan it and email it to you~ Is that the best way to get it back to you??
      Thank you Lisa!! You have no idea how good I feel and am so thankful to my new sister in law, who told me about you!! I am so glad I met you and without your support, I would not have finished!

        Lisa Consiglio Ryan

        Hi Patty, yes, you can scan the completed quest. and send via email. I am sooooo very glad to hear that you feel so good. I am very happy that we met and I am always here if you need anything. You are so welcome. xo


day 9 feeling great! My energy felt really down at Yoga this weekend so I gave myself Monday off but Tuesday night and 6am this morning Yoga was great! My energy is back up! I am looking forward to continue eating this way, I feel great and it helps so much w/ my Yoga. In the future I will continue to incorporate some of these soups as well, I like making a couple servings then freezing them and heating them back up…I have just enough watercress for the sprout watercress pita so I plan to make that for my lunch Friday once the detox is over. I love the dressing with the greek yogurt and mustard that goes w/ it! yummy! I picked up a copy of Kris Carr’s crazy sexy diet and cannot put it down! I love her and that book …so great! thanks for everything…feeling really good, great way to go into the weekend!


    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Don’t you just LOVE Kris’ book!!!! I am thinking of developing a study group or book club so we can all collaborate on healthy, clean living. Possibly do the 21 day cleanse together. Are you in?

Karen Kalber

Hi Lisa,
Sorry that I have not been blogging much. This detox has been quite and experience. I cannot say I feel as great at some of the other bloggers, but I do feel better that I am drinking much more water and get excited about having a salad for lunch and eggs two of the days was AWESOME – I really enjoyed that and the two nights of chicken were also excellent.

I look forward to seeing how we do adjust back to life without adding in all the bad habits. I am concerned as a runner about not having sports drinks and cliff shots when I run – can you recommend some other options? I have noticed that my energy level is way down from what I am used to, but I think it is because I am not taking in as much caleries and I have not run and am afraid I have lost my pace. Your help with this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.


    Dear Karen,

    I don’t know you but enjoyed this entry… I too lack some of the vigor others have gotten from this fast…. I also enjoyed the same meals as you:)… in joy, Andrea


As you know my husband and I have been detoxing together. As day nine is getting underway we were trying to map out our future course in clean eating. The detox itself has been a great lesson in “mindful” eating and “mindless” eating. The diet has been good tasting for us except for the kale.(My husband has outlawed kale from ever entering our house again).I assured him that there were many other “super foods” that we love and will continue to have in our diet. We both commented that we feel good, we are not going to bed full or waking up starved and our “guts” feel balanced and not bloated. Lots of good things to take away from this experience!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Candy, Thanks so very much for your update today. I am so glad to hear you and your hubby enjoyed the cleanse and feel lighter and got to focus on mindful eating. You are on to Day 10 tomorrow! Woot hoot! Keep going! Hugs to you. (AND no worries about the kale, although that is my fav veggie. I actually crave it!). Thanks so much for sharing.:)


    love this Cany, re, mindful vs. mindless eating!…. i found myself on day 6 at a bowling alley with my kids, haven eaten probably 10 french fries before i even realized what i’d done!…. i was so amazed that I could go off so easily and do it so unconsciously …. i never had the thought, “i will just have one little fry…” i just saw them and started eating them!…:(…

    oh well i got back on quickly and it was a great lesson in the mindful vs. mindless phenomenon:)

    be well, andrea



Day 9…. as you know for me cutting out the alcohol was a big part of my challenge…… I believe it is one of the reasons I still do not have the energy that some others are reporting….. I want to continue on this path….. I have just been juicing basically today and yesterday and planning on doing the same tomorrow, though I added whey/or hemp (depending on my mood) and organic vitamin packets that go with smoothies… and I have had nuts and berries and just a bit ago I had a piece of 7 grain sprouted raisin bread with almond butter…… I envy Emily who has brought her kids on board…. mine are so darn picky…. in the not so good way….. well over time, morsel by morsel I will change their habits for the good and then the bad stuff will not taste good anymore? or at least this is my good plan!…. be well, do good work, and stay in touch….. thanks again, andrea


day 12…. hi Lisa, I am finally feeling awesome!… yeah!…. I have re-introduced my coffee…. 1-2 cups a day, which I read on line actually is good for you (if you don’t over do it) …. coffee drinkers are less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia have fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and strokes…. so I am thrilled to have it back, but as you said, no sugar or cream…. lattes etc…:)…. that’s fine with me …. I am staying on the no sugar or alcohol or white foods though…. no red meat too… yuck I don’t even think I could eat it if I tried as of now…. I had your great quinoa salad for lunch….. anyway, lovely goddess of nutrition….. I just want to thank you!…. I will see you next Wednesday!…. Andrae

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