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Day One: Fresh Start Detox Project


Howdy! Happy Detox Day!

Well, how is your first day going?

A ten day detox is the most important step you can take to beat back the toxins in our lives.  In the course of your detox, you will see how you can make longlasting changes to your lifestyle to enable you to keep your health at its optimum levels.

Your first tool is the healthy foods.  What do you think of your first day menu?  The foods you eat during a detox should enhance the process by supporting all the systems of elimination.  Eat only organic produce that is in season (and us northern folks will have to adjust a bit) and fresh and free from preservatives and additives . 

Throw away your calorie counter! Eating healthy is about quality instead of quantity. So when you are naturally are eating the right balance of food, you listen to your body when it tells you you’ve had enough.

So enjoy your first Detox Day! Feel free to jot down any thoughts, feelings, joys, questions, support, below. xo

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14 Responses to Day One: Fresh Start Detox Project


so far it’s good!! BUT, i’m not that far into the day so how can it not be??? The smoothie was really good and after I get back from Staples, I’ll make the salad…

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Let me know how you like the salad with kale and avocado. AND you are rockin’ the first day, Kath. Putting that beautiful smoothie pic on Facebook for all to see. Keep on, sista!

emily Markel

2 for 2! The yummy smoothie and the kale& avocado salad both were satisfying! Actually took an hour for myself at the gym this morning and feel really good. I can do this….

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    You CAN do this, ABSOLUTELY, Emily!!!! Isn’t that smoothie just so YUM?! Plus moving your body is a great way to begin your detox. Remember to take it slow since you are doing a cleanse and want to have enough energy during your workouts. Yoga is also a bonus activity during a cleanse. Keep me posted, sista!

Stephanie Santos Songer

LOVED the avocado and kale salad for lunch today! I was surprised how good uncooked kale was. So far so good!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Woot hoot! So glad to hear you loved the salad. Kale is one of the best winter vegetables full of nutrients such as iron, calcium, potassium, and fiber. It is a superfood! Congrats on a super Day 1, Stephanie! Doing a virtual happy dance for you!


Note to self: check blender to make sure all the parts are there (including seal) before pouring in Pomegranate juice! Began leaking out and….purple disaster in the kitchen! Once I got it made all was well-really good.

Another note to self-when using blueberries be sure to use vibrating toothbrush before leaving the house-looked in the car mirror and there were lots of blueberry skins between my all my teeth-looked pretty scary!

I think I may have put too much Kale in, couldn’t eat it all…would it be ok to warm up or saute the greens with a little of the oil or does that change something chemically? More drawn to warmer foods during the winter. Also-is sea salt ok on anything?-I have Hymalanian or something that is pink from Trader Joe’s-I know you said Celtic is best, but I forgot to get it…is the one I have ok?
Am going to now enjoy a nap.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Holly! You are rockin’ the detox for Day One! So sorry about the juice accident…live and learn, huh. Would have loved to have seen your teeth! You an absolutely steam or blanch the veggies if you need to warm up a bit. As for sea salt, yoiu can use the Himalayan salt if that is what you have right now. As long as it isn’t table salt.

    How was your nap? I sure hope you got some rest and enjoy tonight’s dinner. xx


Ok today January 25th is day one fore me! Wanted to start yesterday but have gotten this cough..hopefully the detox will rid me of it! I loved the smoothie! great want to start the day! I am excited for the Kale avocado salad, I used my salad cutters and cut it up really small(I Had to make it last night because I”ll be at work all day) but I’m really excited to try it, I love kale! I often juice it! ok that’s all for now! I’ll write more later. xo

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Salad cutters! Genious! I typically just shred the kale leaves with my hands, but the cutter is a great alternative. I hope that the good, nourishing food is helping with your cough. Please rest! xo


ok not def. having a hard time eating the whole kale salad! I like it but I think because I’m not feeling so well it’s just hard to get it all done, just not that hungry.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Kale can be filling, so no worries! AND you are right, when you are not feeling well, eating isn’t a priority. Be well, my dear.

Karen Kalber

Hi All,
You are all so inspiring. Thanks for posting. My day one went, well, ok. I think the hardest part for me is swallowing those horse pills for vitamins – no, I am not a vitamin taker so taking 4 horse pills a day is difficult. Lisa: Is it really necessary to take the vitamins since I am eating healthier? – Just a thought. I did have enough to eat and I too could not finish my salad, but really looked forward to my nuts in the afternoon and the chicken was a real treat tonight, I could not finish my sweet potato. It is strange to be only drinking water, but so far it feels good. I have a little headache, but other than that day 1 down, 9 more to go 🙂

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Karen, congrats on Day one! We can chat about your vitamins. I actually use a liquid form myself.:) Since our soil has been so depleted of nutrients in the last 65 years or so, it is important to get a little insurance even if eating veggies and fruits. Way to go, Karen! Keep on!!!!! Hugs to you.

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