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Day Two: Fresh Start Detox Project


Wow … Look at YOU!  You look great!!!

Day one completed.  Well done. 🙂

Was your evening meal yesterday DELICIOUS? I hope that you did well and are excited about adventuring into the new recipes today as Day 2 is now upon us.   Speaking of food, it is not just what we eat, but how we eat it that effects your well-being. For example, it is essential to chew every mouthful and to mix it thoroughly with saliva.  (I know, bear with me, kinda sounds a bit gross, but stick with me).  The saliva contains digestive enzymes designed to relieve pressure on the digestive system.  To get your  saliva glands working, you need to appreciate what you’re eating.

Practicing mindful eating will be important during your cleanse. Savor every bite.  You can start by chewing your food 15 times per bite.  Sit back and have a nice conversation with your family at dinner or turn off the tv and sit with relaxing music while you take a break at lunch. Make eating your meals a nourishing ritual.  We run around so much, and even eat in our cars!  Let’s make sure to focus on really being present during these 10 days.

Please share your thoughts below. AND have a delicious and delightful Day 2! xo

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14 Responses to Day Two: Fresh Start Detox Project


Lisa, yesterday evening’s meal was delicious. My husband enjoyed it with me although he added brown sugar and butter to his sweet potato! I would have too if I was not on the detox and have never eaten a sweet potato before without any toppings. I was amazed at how good it was. It really didn’t need anything at all.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Happy Day 2, Karen! Oh, your hubby! Wasn’t the meal delicious?! Sweet potatoes are such wonder foods because they can reduce sweet cravings. Adding in these tasty veggies to meals helps to crowd out less healthy foods in the diet. AND they are so energetically grounding. All sweet vegetables soothe the internal organs of the body and energize the mind. Winter is such a great time to add these to our meals. Enjoy! AND keep me posted on Day 2, Karen! Big hugs.

Stephanie Santos Songer

Yesterday was great! Dinner with a welcome sight (I was starving!) and delicious too. Very satisfying. Took a bath and slept great!
I ended up eating the soup for lunch instead of dinner. I have spent all morning freezing and trying to warm up. The soup did it! I feel satisfied and warm now. Whew!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Looks like you are having a super detox day! AND isn’t the snow so pretty, but I can totally relate with being so cold. The soup is great for warming us up on a snow day. The plan is flexible so feel free to switch some of the meals around due to timing and schedules. SO excited to hear from you, Stephanie! AND keep on! You are doing great!


Lisa, I just made the Quinoa salad and it smells so good, I took a quick taste and OMG!! I am looking forward to it!! Do I really have to eat just 1/2 of what it made?? I may share with my husband:) It was quick and easy!! Yesterday’s dinner was amazing!I was not hungry as what I thought! Very filling! Thanks for the support every day!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Quinoa is one of my favorite foods…you can do so much with it. I even eat it for breakfast after my morning workout. I just throw in some raisins and walnuts. You can absolutely share, share, share with your husband, family, etc… I am here to support you during this journey, it is my pleasure, Patty! You are doing great!!!!


      Lisa, I just made the Winter Squash and Aduki Soup and it made tons! Can I eat this again on day 3 dinner and have Shiitake and Chickpea soup on Saturday?? I’m not sure this will keep until then~ Having fun cooking in the kitchen!! Especially soup this time of year~

        Lisa Consiglio Ryan

        Hi Patty,
        Great day! You can certainly switch some of the meals around as long as they are on the list for the 10 days. I just love that you are having a blast cooking these nourishing meals. I am so excited to be working with you,Patty. AND that you are feeling good on Day 2!


Day 2, just finishing up my breakfast, the yogurt and fruit! I’m busy busy at work today so am getting done breakfast a bit late. I was feeling terrible yesterday, not because of the detox but this nasty cough. Woke up today a lot better! still coughing a little but not too bad! Dinner was awesome last night, I can’t wait for Quinoa for lunch…it smelled so good w/ the fresh dill while I was making it. I haven’t been to yoga in a since Saturday because of my cold but am going tonight at 5pm and interested to see how it goes. Last time I detoxed in November my Yoga was awesome! I felt so light and balanced…such an amazing feeling! I can’t help but thing these great foods are going to help me get rid of this dough…especially the detox juice this afternoon! love beets for a cold! I love the grapefruit drops in the water…very refreshing! I have been dry brushing as well and using coconut oil after and the other oils on my feet! things are going great so far! check back in later xox

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I will try the coconut oil too! I start my cleanse tomorrow and so looking forward to feeling spectacular!!! I am so glad to hear that the cleanse is helping with your cough…and let me know if you go to yoga tonight. Please take care of YOU! xo

    PS. I just can’t wait to eat my quinoa, too!!! Double YUM!


correction to my above post…was supposed to say “I can’t help but think these great foods are going to help me rid of this cough…not dough”!


ok checking back in this afternoon, cold is still getting me down a bit so I may have to postpone heading back to the hot Yoga room until tomorrow! I feel pretty good, it’s just this cold still getting to me a little!….I’ll try and get to 6am Yoga so there is no excuses! Then I’ll check back in. I def. feel better putting good stuff into my body though, even though I don’t feel 100%

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Oh yes, so no yoga tonight. Try to take a warm bath tonight after the dry brushing and sleep, sleep, sleep! I am sending you healing thoughts, Kate! Feel better!xoxo

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