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Fresh Start 10 Day Winter Detox

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Detox Your Life and Take Charge of Your Health

If you have been eating, drinking, and being very merry in the last few months, then I have a way to get you back on track.


Break free from the post-holiday bloating and blahs with The Fresh Start 10 Day Winter Cleanse.

Are you looking to:

  • Restore your body to a healthy weight after the holidays?
  • Say goodbye to stress and  hello to mounds of energy?
  • Turn your back on yo-yo dieting for good?
  • Live a life that allows for more “me” time plus rest and productivity?

If so, don’t wait to sign up for this easy and safe way to lose belly fat, gain more confidence, eliminate pain and body aches, and GLOW. 

Check out what Kate has to say about my detox programs:

“I so enjoyed the detox!  I loved having my meals planned for me as well as preparing them.  You can EAT on this program so you won’t be starving and you will feel AMAZING.  I was pleasantly surprised that during the 10 days, my yoga practice improved a lot.  It was so amazing how eating clean can really put your body in balance.  I became more productive and am now sleeping better. Lisa is so great!  She is very inspiring and knowledgeable.   She was available for any concerns and was upbeat and positive.  I could ask Lisa questions all day because she is so personable.  I learned a lot from this detox and will be incorporating a lot of the recipes and meals into my daily life.I have recommended this detox program with Lisa to others who want to jump start a healthy way of living and cleanse their systems and be able to eat.”-Kate B.

The detox includes:

  • pre-detox coaching consult with me in-person on via phone to go over your health history and the design of your program (that’s right, the detox will be customized for YOU)~1/2 hour
  • customized 10 day  menu PLUS detailed shopping list
  • access to over 25 easy and healthy recipes
  • essential oils (grapefruit and rosemary) needed for baths, etc… will be sent to you in detox box
  • gentle tincture (made of liquid herbs)  will be sent to you in detox box
  • daily email support from me! plus daily wellness tips in your inbox
  • detox blog community support group during the 10 day of your program
  • Lisa’s Wellness Resource Guide upon completion of the program (tons of mind and body resources,  recommended books, cds, tips for stocking your pantry and toss it! list)

So if you are seeking to get out of the cycle of eating junk food, having no energy, feeling run-down and want to find more vibrancy,peace, contentment, then you have a great opportunity to start your journey to ultimate wellness.

It is time to take charge of your health  because your life depends on it.  Make this the year to take charge of your health!

Here are a few testimonials:

“I did a ten-day detox with Lisa and loved it! It made me realize that I wasn’t eating as healthy as I thought. I had gotten into a rut of eating convenience food and not paying attention to what I was putting in my body.  Lisa was super supportive and encouraging.  Getting daily emails kept me on track and focused on the goal at hand.  I discovered that I really can function without sugar and coffee! I actually felt better without it.  Lisa is very approachable, and she has taught me to try different foods that are tasty as well as healthy. Thank you, Lisa. I have been telling all my friends and family about you.”-Jennifer A.

“Lisa is an amazing coach who kept in touch with me every day offering words of encouragement along the way.  She always responded if I had questions and was a great cheerleader through the entire process.  I liked the easy to follow plan for the 10 day detox the most.  Also the menu was developed specifically for me and the foods were easy to prepare. I never felt hungry and I also never felt bloated or full.  I was so surprised when I found out I lost 6 pounds!  Since I didn’t feel deprived during the process I didn’t realize that I was eating so much less or few calories than I normally eat during the day.  This is easy!  I was a little nervous when I started but when I read through the daily eating plan and menus I realized it would not be so bad. Lisa’s 10 day detox program is not a crash diet or a crazy plan of liquids only that people may have heard about when they think “detox.”  It is more of a user-friendly eating plan and a healthy diet that is easy to follow and brings results. This is an easy way to kick start something that will turn out to be long term. Cutting out sugar, caffeine, fatty foods is not difficult on this plan.  The best part about the experience is all the coaching I got from Lisa. She is fantastic!”-Karen T.

Lisa’s ten day detox program is fantastic!  I liked the fact that I got a variety of alternative, healthy foods in my body that I normally don’t eat.  I had a general feeling of well being after the 4 th day and lost 10 pounds.  It was such a great way to get in touch and be aware of the junk we consume, and it was so amazing how your body starts “talking” to oneself.  Working with Lisa was a pleasure and her enthusiasm and support was great. – Greg T.

The ten day detox with Lisa is so easy!  That surprised me and the fact that I didn’t feel hungry.  I lost 6 pounds and feel great!  I even actually enjoyed the food, and I felt so much better.  I am excited to continue working with Lisa to lose weight, exercise, and be a healthier me!- Andrea Z.

Lisa is very supportive.  During the ten day detox, she stayed in touch with me and and checked in on my program.  Besides being friendly, she is knowledgeable on nutrition, detoxing, and over all healthy eating.  The detox made me feel good with less bloat and I slept so well. I would recommend working with Lisa anytime! -Sherry H.

Lisa has a supportive and upbeat attitude which helped me during my detox program.  It was worth the commitment and the transition to/from the detox was easy. The foods were easy to make and delicious!  Plus I never got sick or felt sluggish like the other detoxes I did in the past.  Lisa emailed me daily and coached me during the detox. I enjoyed working with Lisa.-Jennifer C.

My detox with  Lisa went very well.  I loved the soups and quinoa and got a chance to learn about new ingredients like leeks and fennel.  Lisa is creative in her approach and very helpful. She got me back on track for healthy eating. – Susan N.

Sign up for weekly clean living tips and recipes PLUS get your Reboot Your Body Starter Kit complete with menu plan, recipes and shopping list! It’s Free!

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