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Detox for Weight Loss


Happy 2011!  Is your new year off to a great start?  Mine sure is! I have my personal as well as professional goals set, and I have been working on simplicity.   But to be honest, I feel a bit blah from all the holiday eating, drinking, and being a bit too merry.  That’s why I am super pumped to start my cleanse next weekend. 

Many of you have vowed to either lose weight this year, exercise more, or just plain  get a fresh start with your health.  If weight loss is one of your goals, then a part of the process can include a detox.

For the record, I don’t think doing a detox is essential for losing eight, nor do I think detoxes are appropriate for everyone.  They are just one optional component of the weight loss puzzle that may help a few of you finally make peace with your scale.  AND if losing a few pounds is not a goal of yours, detoxing is a great way to jump start a healthy lifestyle as well as upgrade your eating habits. That is why at least 4 times a year when the seasons change I participate in a detox; just to start anew and reshape my routines. 

The detoxes I refer to are food-based; meaning spending 10 days eating whole foods like vegetables and fruits and cutting out processed foods and caffeine.  These type of detox programs are great for those who are either new to cleanses and want to get their feet wet or are not ready for a hard-core cleanse with tons of tinctures, shakes, and odd-named foods. 

There are 3 main reasons why I’ve found this type of detox helpful in the process of losing weight (which is only one of numerous benefits that come from detoxing~clear skin, tons of energy, sharp focus and concentration, sound sleep…I could go on and on!).

First, detoxing can help you kick-start your metabolism.  The reason I began facilitating detoxes was because a number of my clients were having trouble dropping weight, despite their healthy diets and exercise routines. After the detox, they not only lost a few pounds, but they continued to lose weight at a gradual and healthy pace. By letting go of the toxins and the junk food, your body begins to work more efficiently and weight loss becomes a reality.

Second, you’ll find your portion sizes decrease when you are eating  whole foods cooked at home.  When you cook your own food for 3 meals a day for 10 days in a row, you’ll realize that without the sodium and added chemicals of processed and restaurant food, you just don’t need to eat as much to be full. AND you’ll continue to eat less, even after you’ve completed your detox.

Third, detoxing can help you kick that sugar, salt or caffeine addiction. Mindy, a Detox Diva, just told me that she has not had a cup of coffee for months after her detox. AND she doesn’t plan to.  When you eliminate processed sugar, caffeine, and salty snacks from wheat or white flour, after about a week, you won’t really want to reach for that chocolate chip cookie (I promise!). After the detox, you’ll be eating less processed sugar, salt, and caffeine, and be spending much less time sucking in your gut in front of the mirror.  

So if you have been pondering joining the ranks of the rich and famous and doing a cleanse, know that done in a safe, supervised, and healthy way, detoxes can help you lighten up and feel amazing.

Want to join me for some yummy juice?!  Please leave me a message below on what you think of detoxes and if you tried one in the past. I would love to hear your story!  AND if you are ready to begin your detox, how do you feel?  

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16 Responses to Detox for Weight Loss


Hi LIsa,
I’m ready for my detox!!! I went shopping and I even have a partner this time–Emily!!! I’m excited to do this for myself and I understand that in addition to losing some weight and revving the metabolism It’s important to actually make a lot of the food you eat…I’m excited…

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Kathie,

    I can feel your excitement and your positive energy! AND having Emily by your side will be so supportive as well as fun. I am eager to see your beautiful meal creations during your cleanse. Go Kathie! xo

Karen M Taylor

Hi Lisa,

I am ready for my 10 day detox. I went shopping today with your very helpful list. Since this is my second detox with you I am comfortable and know what to expect. Thanks for all of your support!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Woot hoot, Karen! You are going to breeze through this detox. You are a great support for those who will be first-timers. Your insight and help will be invaluable!

emily Markel

Starting my 10 day detox tomorrow and sooo excited and ready! shopping went well and I feel so lucky to have the support of my gal pal kathie with me along the way!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Yay Emily!!! I am so happy you have Kathie to support you as well as me and your fellow Detox Divas. You can do it! I am very happy that you joined me for this journey.

Stephanie Santos Songer

Getting ready to start by detox. I am very excited to begin. But I did savor and rather enjoy my last cup of coffee earlier today!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Love it, Stephanie!!! Who knows, possibly after the cleanse you might not want to drink coffee again. 🙂 I am so excited to be with you on this journey for the next 10 days. Hugs to you, and I will check in tomorrow.

Ashley Caywood

I’m on day 9 and feelin’ fine! Better than fine! I feel fabulous!! And tomorrow is day 10, the last day of detox and I am so elated to have made it. Lisa, thank you so much for your support and encouragement. You were always quick to respond, which I appreciated so much. I have more energy, lost 6 pounds, and feel much lighter. The detox inspired me to get back to the gym, quit smoking and remember that this body is the only one I have been given, so I must listen to it and treat it right! Lisa you made it so easy, I look forward to the next one. Thanks again. 🙂

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Ash, you are FABULOUS!!!! Happy Day 10 to you! You did it!!!! AND you are so welcome. I love working with you…you are positive and truly motivated. I am so happy to hear that you quit smoking (what a HUGE step towards good health) and got back to the gym. Now we will get into the “life after detox” plan. Can’t wait! Big love to you.


OK, Lisa~ I am ready for my detox to start tomorrow!! I went shopping for just a few days and will go back Monday/Tuesday! I am sure I will have questions, like one off the bat~ Ok looking over the menu for Day 1, I think I will be fine, maybe a little hungry after dinner…do you suggest after dinner, just drink water!! Or can I add more veggies/fruit?? Thanks again for everything, I am really excited!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Patty! You are ready! As for your question, please add more veggies if drinking water isn’t enough. Keep me posted on how you are feeling during Day One. I am so excited for you…you will LOVE the detox. Promise! Hugs to you.


      Day 1 is going great! I wanted to ask if I could subsitute spinach in place of kale??? I found out I am not a big fan of kale and could not finish it (loved the avacado/peppers and dressing). Would love to do spinach instead next time!
      What do you think??

        Lisa Consiglio Ryan

        Hi Patty, so happy to hear you are having a super Day 1! As for the kale, please promise to try it again. It takes about 15 tries to get used to a new food. AND it is super-packed with so many nutrients, I don’t want you to miss out. You can try spinach after you give kale another chance.:)


Hi Lisa,
I am trying to get excited about my very first detox experience. I love this blog and feel much better after reading comments from Karen, Kathie, Stephanie, Emilie, Patty and others. I agree with Stephanie about really feeling like my coffee is going to be the toughest to give up. I was glad to read Karen’s comment about this being her second detox so it must have been a good experience for her.
I plan to do my shopping tomorrow and just hope I can get through the cooking part since I do not do much cooking.
Thanks everyone for your support. Think I will be blogging a lot. my day one is on Mon. Jan.31.
Take care.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Karen, it is so great to hear from you pre-detox. You are going to do GREAT! Let me know if you need anything while you shop tomorrow. 🙂 Just know that you will have tons of support and will feel the GLOW after the 10 days. Promise! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and can’t wait until Monday! xx

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