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3 Healthy Tips for the Super Bowl (including wings!)


I am a Steeler fan and since they are playing on Super Bowl Sunday, I am thrilled. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh.  Now living near Baltimore causes a bit of a problem because Ravens fans (who include some of my friends and family) tend to despise my team.  This can be stressful, even though it is all in fun (hmm, I think).  AND if you are going to a party on Sunday, this can also cause stress.  Even if you are not watching the game, there is food galore.  Wings, potato chips, nachos, pizza, beer (okay, I will stop…getting a little hungry here). 
It is totally okay to have these foods for the party (what is a Super Bowl party without wings?).  But let’s look at 3 ways to make some healthier choices during the big game.

1.  Make appetizers your main meal.  If you are going to eat samples of appetizers, might as well treat it as a meal. Just tell yourself that it is your dinner. So don’t go home and have a “real meal.”

2.  Eat then watch the game(I am going for this one!).  Try not eating mindlessly while watching tv or making conversation. This is were we can continue to snack and not realize that we are full or consuming too much.

3.  Bring your own healthy dish.  Try making healthier versions of our favorite bar food like nachos, meatballs, and pizza. OR bring your own salsa and vegetables or a large salad.  AND if you are still in the mood for some of those wings, try these ideas:

  • Get chicken wings from a natural food market (grass-fed, organic) and dig in! You can bake them in herbs for extra credit.
  • Make your own meatballs (instead of the frozen kind) from grass-fed ground beef or turkey and freeze until ready to cook in crock-pot with barbecue sauce (of course, watch out for corn syrup).
  • Bring a vegetable platter with hummus (lot of raw veggies like cucumbers, red peppers, carrots, brocolli).
  • For nachos, try black beans, corn, onion, tomatoes on top of organic chips (with sea salt). Put organic shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream on the side.
  • Make pizza with whole grain pizza dough (can get a natural food market), top with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and lots of vegetables (and if vegan, Follow Your Heart is great). 
  • Chili made with lean turkey or use beans such as black-eyed peas or pinto beans. You can use quinoa, too.  Check out the chili recipe I posted on Facebook for a quick and easy meal .

Those are just a few ideas. Have a plan for moderation and healthy alternatives.  Be creative, but remember to have fun and enjoy the game,  your friends, and that halftime show! (Just love the Black Eyed Peas!). 

What tip will you try?  Please share and leave a comment below. 🙂

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8 Responses to 3 Healthy Tips for the Super Bowl (including wings!)

tara conroy

Thanks for your ideas!I’m taking mini veggie wraps. Buy a pkg. of whole grain tortillas – spread thin layer of cream cheese over 1 side of each wrap, sprinkle some Simply Organic ranch dip mix on top, add spring mix or romaine lettuce, chopped green and red bell pepper,chopped cucumber and any other veggies you like, roll, cut and serve with toothpicks. GO STEELERS!!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    The mini veggie wraps sound so yummy! I might steal your idea, Tara…super! Thanks for sharing. I am excited for the game…but the Steelers always stress me out, so I need to be careful not ot stress eat. I really think they have a good chance of winning it all. Go Steelers!!!!


Tara, that sounds great!!!! Thanks for the tips Lisa! Hopefully I’ll be more focused on the game than what’s going into my mouth! GO STEELERS!!! I’ll use Tara’s idea and at least one of yours, LIsa…haven’t decided which!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Me too! I always stress eat with tortilla chips when they play.

      tara conroy

      Me, too. Last game there was so much food and I just kept eating even though I wasn’t hungry. And most of it was processed!! Uggh.
      Well, we can all keep each other accountable by just thinking of this conversation when we reach for the plate!

        Lisa Consiglio Ryan

        Absolutely, Tara! I will hear your voice saying, “Grab the veggies!” I am going to plan to bring my healthy alternatives so I have back up. Enjoy!


I’m not planning to watch the game but you’ve inspired to try just one more time to sneak “real” meatballs passed my picky child! I have no idea why he thinks the frozen ones taste better. Yuck. Besides, mine are made with love.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    You can do it, Jodi! I know…all that LOVE is so nourishing. It is totally worth trying again. Let me know if it works.:) Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Jodi.:)

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