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Transform Your Life Lecture Series


Transform Your Life 

How would you feel if you could…

  • have more energy all day, everyday
  • go to the grocery store and know the ins-and-outs of buying healthy food on a budget
  • make nutritious as well as fast and easy meals
  • lose the weight without dieting once and for all!

If  you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, heavy, tired, always wanting more time to get your health on track, then here is your chance for TRANSFORMATION.

During the 6 week lecture series, you will learn:

  • grocery shopping basics:  planning a shopping list, reading ingredients, organic vs. conventional, and how to save money and keep to your budget
  • how to kick your sugar habit and permanently rid yourself of fattening junk food
  • discover how certain foods can give you energy
  • create a healthy home pantry so good food is at your fingertips.

BONUS:  When you sign up for the Transform Your Life Health and Nutrition Lecture Series, you will receive unlimited health coaching support between classes.  It is always nice to get information, but it is even more beneficial to have a coach who will guide you through any stumbling blocks or help support you while obtaining your goals.


If you are interested in this workshop for your organization, contact me for more info.

Here is what peeps are saying about the Transform Your Life Lecture Series:

“I am now able to make better food choices in eating a more natural/organic lifestyle. We had a very supportive atmosphere~we bonded quickly!” ~ Jennifer

“I learned so much useful information in this class. It was great to learn from Lisa but also to share with all the different people in the group. I loved it! ~Kate

“The Lecture Series made me realize what food does to our bodies and learning about the tools I can use to make it better. Priceless!” ~ Ana

“Lisa, thank you for focusing our food lens on eating to live vs. living to eat.Awesome as always!”  ~Connie

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11 Responses to Transform Your Life Lecture Series


Where do I sign up??

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    yeah, Ana! I would love for you to join the lecture series. You can sign up with me above. Under the PayPal sign, you can pick the price that works for you. Once you secure the payment, you are IN!:) Call me if you have any questions…and I will see you on January 11th (if not before). 🙂

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Ana,

    The PayPal link is working.:) So excited you will join us for the lecture series!


What is the difference between prices?

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Please call me to discuss the program details: 410.570.4597. Would love to have you in the class! Lots of good info plus support.:)


Sounds like great information!


    Big thanks! It will be packed with a lot of practical and user-friendly info so that we can implement strategies right away. Great way to begin 2011!

Lisa Consiglio Ryan

I will look for your message, Kate. This series will offer lots of hands-on and practical nutrition and wellness strategies you can do right away. Plus with coaching!

Karen Kalber

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for including me on your announcement for detox, etc. to kick start for 2011. I am interested, but would like to call and discuss. Can you give me a good time and phone number to call you? Thanks. Karen

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for contacting me. We can arrange a pre-detox consult to discuss the detox. I have office hours Monday, 9 am – 1pm. I have clients, but I have an opening at 9:30 am or 12:30 pm. Please let me know what time works for you tomorrow and my contact number is 410.570.4597. Looking forward to talking with you about the 10 day detox.

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