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Want to Get Into Shape? Get Your “Group On”


Hola!  As promised, I wanted to tell you a little about my trip to Santa Monica last week. I got the chance to do some awesome biz-ness development with my mentor, Marie Forleo, Josh Pais, Laura Roeder, and 20 goddess entrepreneurs. I tell you, these women are doing amazing things with their businesses and lives. Even though the group consists of writers, doctors, consultants,  social media and tech whizzes, a financial expert, a teacher, designers, fitness and wellness gurus, it was so powerful to get input and strategic advice for my health coaching business.  Having not one but twenty heads (pretty ones at that)  helping to solve a problem, come up with solutions, brainstorming ideas, etc… is mind-blowing. AND the accountability is huge!  We all went away with goals we need to accomplish by a certain date and accountability groups to keep each other on track.

Cooperation and collaboration are musts in the business world.  These skills can be also be used to obtain health goals.  Cooperation is when you work together with someone else for support and knowledge, but you are mainly working on your own project.  Collaboration is when you are actually working on a team to produce a product together.

Right now many of you are trying to create or maintain a healthy eating and exercise routine after declaring resolutions in January and heading into spring.  AND let’s not forget bikini season is just around the corner.

Create  a team  in order to stay healthy during the spring season and get ready for summer.

If you plan on cooperating then you merely need to announce your intentions to everyone you know. For example,  “I am going to exercise for 1 hour, 4 times a week and reduce my intake of white sugar products to 3 times a week.” Then allow those around you to help you stay accountable and offer their advice during difficult situations. Or find an expert to help guide you like a health coach (wink, wink:).

If you plan on collaborating then you may want to get one or more people involved and create a communal goal.

Here are 7 steps to get your “group on” and collaborate with others in order to kick your health goals into gear.

1.  Find one or more peeps that are committed. They need to be dependable and want to get healthy and fit.

2.  Pick a period of time that you are going to work together. 3 months is a good start. Pick a start and end date and go for it.

3.  Determine a celebration that all of you can look forwarrd to after the 3 months of sticking to your goals.

4.  Create rules. Each team member may decide to pick out her own routine or you may decide to do the same routine together. Either way, you will create rules for how you are going to stay accountable to your routine and what happens when you don’t.  An idea is to have monetary consequences to the person who doesn’t stick to her promise. Doesn’t have to break the bank, but maybe the kitty can be spent on the final celebration.

5.  Find a set time to check in every week. Either by phone or email.  They team should report how they did the past week and what the plan is for the upcoming week.  There are various ways to do this such as three way calling or setting up a conference call, or just catching up during a run or workout.

6.  Create periodic rewards for the group. It could be a home-cooked potluck or a shopping trip.  The main key is to make it a bonding experience that the whole team can enjoy. Keep it healthy, too.

7.  Get closer to your friends and enjoy a healthier YOU!

Do you have a workout partner?  Are you training for a race with a team?  Planning healthy meals with a friend?  Let me know how you get your “group on” by responding below.   I would love it!

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8 Responses to Want to Get Into Shape? Get Your “Group On”


Hi LIsa, what a great post! Your trip sounds like it was fantastic. So much networking and genuine support! I love your tips. I exercise alone most of the time. That’s good and bad, I guess. At least I’m moving. I’ll visit your post all week long for inspiration and I’ll find a group! Thanks.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Thanks, Kathie, for your update. I tend to work out alone when I run, but for weights and spinning, I go with a partner. She keeps me motivated since we workout at 5 am, I don’t want to let her down if I hit that snooze button. Keep movin’, lady! Love you!

Liz Longacre


I sooooo wish I was there with you ladies. I’m sure it was mind-blowingly amazing. Can’t to see how you all develop through the year together!

Great tips, I totally agree you need a support system (or a coach!!) to make these amazing but challenging changes in life. Makes such a difference!

Much love to you!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Love, love to you, Liz! Thanks so much for your message AND that support system is key, isn’t it? I need it for business, fitness, and LIFE!


sounds like a great trip!… i love the goddesses! have a few of my own out there in lala land:)… in joy, andrea

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Andrea, yes, it was AMAZING! We all need our goddesses, don’t we?! Hugs to you!


I am so happy that you have this support system, you are so right when you have support and people not only cheering you up, but also going through the same trials as you, getting to that end goal is so much easier and the journey is that much for fun with girlfriends around 🙂

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Totally agree, Pat! Lots more fun when we are setting goals and working through them with girlfriends.:) Great to hear from you, my friend. Keep me updated on all your good stuff. xx

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