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Viva la Women!


In honor of  Women’s History Month, I wanted to tell you about my new sister, Furaha.  I found out a few weeks ago that she is my sister. We might not live close by, but she is close to my heart. She lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. She is a survivor of war and has 4 children of her own.  I am so thrilled to be sponsoring a woman who will be undergoing a transformation that will allow her to regain control of her life. Through the Women for Women International program, she will learn about women’s rights, allowing her to take greater control over the decisions that govern her life and that of her children; she will learn technical and business skills that will allow her to sustain income; she will receive direct cash assistance and emotional support, and when she graduates, she will be given access to jobs or tools to start her own business.

Check out this video on the organization’s message and meet some of these strong women of war:

Women for Women International

After reading Half the Sky, I just had to do something. I decided to become a sister-sponsor and chose a woman in the Congo, where there is the greatest of need.  As I write this, tears are trickling down my face.  I love her so much even though I haven’t gotten to hear her voice or give her a hug.  I know that we are connected.

We are ALL connected.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, is there a special woman you can help? Mother, daughter, friend?  Please leave me  a message below.   Big love to you.

PS.  I  donate 5% of program packages to Women For Women International.  Know in your heart by working with me, you are also helping a sister in need.

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10 Responses to Viva la Women!

Liz Longacre

Lisa you are awesome and you have the biggest heart. So much love to you.


    Thanks, Liz!Right back at you. You are one of the most loving and compassionate people I know. xx

    I am just so excited to connect with Fuhara, even if it is just by letters. I have been fond of this organization for about 10 years, and I want to get more involved. It really does warm my heart. Love you, lady.

Hannah Marcotti

Just the name Fuhara evokes such feeling and strength.

I am inspired Lisa. Much.

Please keep us posted on this amazing sister-hood and generosity.


    I know, she is so strong. Fuhara has 4 children, too. I feel so connected to her not only as a woman but as a mother. Thanks, love. I will keep you posted. xo


Thanks for the kick in the ass, Lisa. Great cause and I’m not surprised you’re involved.


    Grazie, my dear friend. AND thank you for your kind words. You are the best! xo

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