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Sneaky Trap to Avoid #4


Welcome back to the 5 part video series!  This series highlights the most common diet traps for women and tips to avoid them.

If you didn’t catch #1-#3, then check them out here:

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You’re back! Awesome!

Now this trap is pretty, pretty sneaky. In fact, you might be tempted to say, “Oh, yeah. I know about this one.” But this trap is really misleading.

Click the video to learn what it is and how to avoid it:


In theory, a salad is healthy and highly nutritious food choice. Great for lunches and dinners, too.  BUT their fat count skyrockets with the wrong dressings and toppings. Even though this isn’t brand new info, the salad thing is something we need to be careful with especially when eating out.

I thought I was being “good” when I ordered the Thai Chicken salad at California Pizza Kitchen back a few years ago. It’s better than pizza, right! Well, come to find out, I was so wrong.  This salad had 45 grams of sugar, too!

Did you know the Premium Southwestern Salad with Chicken at McDonald’s has more calories than a double cheeseburger?  Sheesh! (I don’t advocate going to McDonald’s to check things out, however!).

Also, Panera Bread might be a dangerous place to go because if you check out the nutritional values of the salads, you will find that most have over 500 calories and are packed with sugar and fat due to the cheese, croutons, and even balsamic dressing.

So what can you do?  The best thing to do is to stick to dark leafy greens, pile up on the veggies, add a protein (beans are my favorite), and skip the dressing.  Don’t worry,  you can make it fun with some nuts, seeds, etc…

Click here for my favorite salad recipe.  This can give you some salad-spicing-up ideas.

 What do you do to jazz up your salads and keep them healthy?

Tell me in the comments below.


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6 Responses to Sneaky Trap to Avoid #4


Great ! I am getting a salad today with my mom and I will do as you say! :):) LOVE LOVE LOVE the FREE Traps advise !!! LOVE your biz and YOU! peace and hugs

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Have a nice lunch with your mom!!! AND so happy you are liking the video series. All for you! thank you, love! xo


Love me some leafy greens Lisa! You know I saw the nutritional info on Panera soups and I just about had a heart attack just reading the label. It was loaded with all the bad stuff. I can’t even go near Panera now-don’t trust them. I didn’t realize the salads were bad too. HOliday hugs to you 🙂

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I ditto you, Anne! Greens fuel me! I didn’t even want to mention the soups here, but I’m glad you did. When I checked Panera’s site, I almost died myself. Just goes to show that making things from scratch can save us lots of extra calories, fat, sugar, and sodium. Thanks for watching, my dear! AND have a great December!!! xo


Ah those salads can be so sneaky!! Great tip Lisa, I used to get fooled to and pile on the dressing. Lately I’ve been trying to make my own dressing more, so I know what goes in em!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I like the idea of making your own dressings…what kinds do you make? Great idea!!!! Thanks, Liz!:)

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