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Expand for the New Year


(and I don’t mean EXPAND your waistline! Don’t worry. Read on.:)

Instead of partying it up for NYE, I chose to go to an intention celebration and fire ceremony.  My dear friend, Casey, the Holistic Diva, had a few friends over with their kiddos to ring in the New Year.

While taking a walk lit by candles in the wooded backyard, we meditated on what we wanted to release from 2011 and set intentions for the New Year.  (I know, I know, a little out there!).

After this magical walk, we gathered around the fire to release and ignite our intentions.  You know, this was such a beautiful way to end the year.  And to start a new one.

It was all inspired by a project developed by our friend, Cindy.  The Intention Tree Project.

“The Intention Tree Project is a global initiative for collective humanity to synchronistically offer positive intentions for 2012.”

As I believe that food can change your cells, your behavior, how you connect with others, your thoughts can affect others, too.  Imagine if we all put out positive intentions for this year, together.

Each family made their own intention tree.  (I encourage you to make one of your own).

What you have to do is get a glass mason jar, fill it with a few pebbles, glass stones, etc….

Next you can add a few small branches from a tree (very grounding!), place them in the jar and decorate with slips of paper.  On these slips, write your positive intentions for 2012.

Kate put happiness in the world.

Jack put having better friendship. (hmm, not sure these are my kids! )

I had a few;  intentions for health, business, and family. 

So for instance with health I intend to:  

cleanse for New Year

get a regular yoga practice and meditation going,

continue to love my body.

The universal word I chose is EXPANSION.  How may I open to expansion?  To grow, reach, evolve.  How far can my message reach to help others?

Just as I mentioned that I wish to cleanse with 100 beautiful souls on January 9th…putting that positive intention, that thought out in the open, allowed it to happen. I really believe in that magic.

So as we ring in the new year, starting fresh, what positive intention do you have? What intention will you add to your tree?  Tell me in the comments below.

Happy New Year!





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2 Responses to Expand for the New Year


Experiences not stuff. And to clear out our attic of clutter and start doing painting again!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Oh, Em!I love, love it~ “experiences not stuff.” I’m tired of all the stuff too…clearing out to make space is huge. What a way to expand, make room for these experiences. You are so creative and can’t wait to see the painting…plus everything that will happen for you this year. Happy New Year! xo

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