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Top 20 Clean Living Resources


I have a gift for you!

This gift was inspired by the gorgeous Winter Renewal detoxers.   Many asked what cookbooks I use to develop recipes, what my favorite foodie sites are, which blogs I follow…  In fact, I get this a lot.

So I made you a resource list…a guide for “clean” living.  If you are new to adding more plants in your diet or staying away from processed foods or just need a few more cool cookbooks to check out, you will love my list.

What do I mean by clean living? In a nutshell, you strive to eat more whole foods (a lot of greens, grains, and organic produce), you use natural ingredients when cooking, and you are eco-conscious.

Obviously there are tons of great resources out there, with recipes, nutrition info, forums, etc… you just need to know where to look.  Everything from recipes to cookbooks and nutrition, to blogs are on my list.  All my favorites in one place just for you.

And of course, if you got one that I left off the list, feel free to add it in the comments.

You ready? Here we go:


1.  Clean Food: A Seasonal Guide to Eating Close to the Source with More Than 200 Recipes for a Healthy and Sustainable You– this is my go-to cookbook. Lots of good greens and grains recipes with gluten-free options. My book is so beat up because I use it all the time.

2.  – if you ever have been to Pure Food and Wine in NYC, you will know why I picked this book. Even though the food is raw (not cooked over 105 degrees), I’ve used a lot of the recipes from this book like the smoothies and salads  (and the pictures in the book are beautiful as are Matthew and Sarma!).

– this book has a macrobiotic vibe (lots of grains, greens). I’ve made a lot of her desserts.  This is a good book if you want to step more into the veggie world.  She does talk about the “fake”meats for starters so just remember to keep it to whole foods.

4. The Flexitarian Table: Inspired, Flexible Meals for Vegetarians, Meat Lovers, and Everyone inBetween
-if you have all types of eaters in your family, this is the book for you. The recipes are pretty involved, but they are perfect for Saturday night dinner or special occasion. 

5. -totally well-rounded cookbook for families. Cynthia goes into all the different types of gluten-free flours, what to feed toddlers all the way up to the big people.  When I started cooking (yes I never cooked until about 5 years ago!), this book really got me on track with eating more clean foods that my kids would like.

6.if you like, you will really enjoy Heidi’s book. She provides innovative twists to “regular” foods like making chocolate chip cookies with alternative flours and sweeteners. AND the pictures, ooo lala! Gorgeous!

7.Clean Start: Inspiring You to Eat Clean and Live Well with 100 New Clean Food Recipesanother one by Terry Walters. I guess you can say I’m obsessed with my colleague from Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  I just love how she breaks down the recipes into seasons. Another staple in my kitchen for sure.

8.  Winter Renewal Recipe Book by yours truly (didn’t mean to do a self-promotion, but this book really rocks!).  These are  25 easy and delicious smoothie, juice, salads and soup recipes. I use these recipes constantly. I just made the Beans and Greens soup in like 5 minutes for dinner. If  you want this goodie, grab it here:   Hook me up!

Food Blogs

9.– my friend, Heidi, turned me on to this site. You gotta check out the Top 10 Soup Recipes!

10.– the recipes are to die-for and mama pea tells the funniest stories in her posts. I got to this site a lot for inspiration for recipes and meal ideas.

11.– I just love their kitchen tricks videos…like how to roast veggies or how to dice like a pro. Plus their recipes are super delish, too.

12. are tons of simple recipes and meals on this site.  It is also super informative with nutrition topics and when I need a quick idea for dinner, this site usually has the ticket.

Nutrition and Health

13. this book rocked my world. If you are a research nerd like me, this book will go into all the details about plant-based eating, and it’s benefits. All backed up by data. Truly fascinating.

14.  Institute of Integrative Nutritionmy school!  I learned so much during certification.  This site has recipes and cool blog posts to check out. AND if you are interested in nutrition, you can get a starter kit

15.  Crazy Sexy LifeKris Carr, she is simply a wellness goddess to me. I’ve met her a handful of times and each time I see her, I feel like she’s a soul sister.  Her book is a must-read for anyone who detoxes or juices.  It is my bible.  AND her site is packed with tons of  recipes, a wellness community you can join, and tons of resources to check out.

16. Environmental Working Group Shoppers Guide (download)-this guide lists the new Dirty 12 and Clean 15. Nice to have while you are shopping (or you can download the app on your phone).

17. Kevin swears I have a crush on this guy (well, maybe I do!).  As a triathlete, I use his book for recovery methods, charts on acid/alkaline foods, and most of training advice.  He is a straight up nice guy, and I love his Vega products.


Education and Entertainment

18.  Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead– this documentary is  about an Aussie who lost a huge amount of weight when he started juicing. He travels to America to help another guy with the same rare disease juice for 60 days.  Pretty cool film.

19.  Forks Over Knives— also on Netflix, this is a documentary about the benefits of a whole-foods, plant-based diet that took off and found This film  stars China Study author T. Colin Campbell along with Caldwell Esselstyn.

20.  Gentle Living-I just adore this site (and it’s writer, Liz!).  This on-line magazine covers  self-help, to animal welfare, to travel, to home decor, to ethical beauty & fashion, to an advice column. It’s got it all.  AND it’s all focusing on the power of living gently.  I feel so at home when I visit.  I truly believe this quote from Gandhi, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” So Liz’s site is one of my favorites.

Now this  list doesn’t include my friends’ blogs…I read blogs from many health coaches, fitness experts, mommy bloggers…  I will have to make a list someday for those. 

Here’s your action step for this week:  Check out one of my resources and tell me what you discovered.  A new recipe? A new way of meal planning? Buy a new cookbook?

Don’t forget to add your own below in the comments, too.  I’m sure there are tons of great resources I forgot to mention.

Oh, if you could help me out and spread the love around, please click the “like” button below. (I’m a bit high maintenance, but I thank you in advance!).


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14 Responses to Top 20 Clean Living Resources

Katie Rennard

I’ve also started reading the blog/site She has some really easy recipes that are of course gluten free!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Thanks, Katie! I just checked out the site…I might be hooked! AND easy recipes, totally right up my alley. 🙂


Hi Lisa, thank you so much for the list. I actually ordered the Flexitarian Table, so it should be here any day now…while we were still detoxing i started researching gluten free baking and also came across I made her brownies last week and they turned out awesome. I’m making her focacia recipe this weekend. 2 other sites I’ve become obsessed with are and I’m really excited to try out their recipes because they do not use any refined sugar but instead use things like agave, maple syrup, dates, and unrefined evaporated cane juice. Just FYI, not all recipes at are gluten free (I believe they are all wheat free, just not gluten free)

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    You are so welcome, Andrea! AND the Flexitarian Table, you will love. The recipes are a bit involved, I want to warn you, but oh so delicious! Katie also mentioned glutenfreegoddess. That’s it, it might be another fav of mine soon! Let me know what you think of the other sites. It’s always nice to switch out ingredients to healthier options. I like when it’s spelled out for me. Thanks for your additions, Andrea!!!


Lisa, this resource list is just amazing!!! And I am BEYOND honored to be included in a list of such fabulous sites! Like wow. Thanks for sharing all these resources. Going to check out some sites nowl! XO

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hope you enjoy the list! All the sites (yours especially!) and books I use all the time. Constantly. You are so welcome and keep on writing brilliant posts and giving your audience amazing info, love and cool stuff! Oh by the way, you last post was beautiful. I shared it on FB and many of my friends loved it. Keep on, sister!


Thank you for compiling such a comprehensive list. It will certainly help us continue on our path of healthily eating.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    You are so welcome, Candy! You are rockin’ it out! AND do you have a cool book or site to share? I love discovering new cool health sites, etc…

Katie Dondero

I have so many of those cookbooks and love those blogs too! a few of my other favs are,,, and check em out! ps-loved meeting you and listening to your chat today at Lululemon..looking forward to participating in the next detox 🙂

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Ooooh, thank you so much for those sites! I forgot about the dailygarnish…such a good site. AND I just loved seeing you at the event yesterday…and so excited to detox with you in a few weeks. Yay! Big hugs!

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