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Love, Tea, Celebrate!


I’m always on the look out for some good herbal teas. Even though I gave up the coffee, I sometimes like to hold a warm mug of something.  A nice, smooth delicious tea usually hits the spot.

Since Winter Renewal detox is now underway, I was searching for a special tea to drink while on the cleanse. Something to celebrate and honor my body while I get rid of nasty toxins for the 10 days.

Then it hit me! While I like the teas you can find at Whole Foods and such, I have an amazing friend who grows her own  herbs and makes beautiful tea creations.

Meet Jen Lashua, owner of Love & Tea

Jen is a Certified Herbalist, artist and mama to four little sweet beings. She lives in the Green  mountains of Vermont where she grows herbs in her own organic garden.  

She also buys herbs to make her teas from small scale family farms who “respect the earth, who farm the fields in a loving way, clean and organic.”

And I just love her company mission:  “To unfold ever more Love upon this beautiful planet one cup at a time!”

For my cleanse, I am sipping on the Celebration Love Tea Literally, at the first sip, I said, “Ahh, this is heaven.” Really. The smell alone made me feel calm and full of peace.  It was probably the loose leaf blend that made it extra special.  The size of the herbs are larger than the store-bought teas that are ground to powder.  This is to preserve more flavor, color, aroma. AND that is certainly true.


The spearmint is was I loved about the tea the most. It is such a pick me up, plus it blended so well with the additional ingredients: rose petals, cinnamon, ginger root, licorice root, orange peel (which I also dig!), jasmine flowers, clove, avena, and domiana herbs.

I can’t explain in words how I felt while drinking Celebration Love. Tea feeds my soul, but Jen’s tea took it even further. I know in my heart that I’m consuming a product made with love and compassion for the earth. This is an experience I will look forward to every time I fill up my cup.

Oh, and you gotta check out all the teas with names like Om Time, Mellow Mama, Happy Citrus and even teas for children like Fairy Tea Celebration.

Today, Jen is giving away the Celebration Love Tea to a lucky winner. Isn’t that so awesome!

Here’s how to win:

1.  Go to Jen’s Facebook page, like it, and then write on her wall:  I love tea!

      Here’s the link to her page:  Love & Tea Facebook page

      Enter today, Thursday, February 23rd.

Very easy! Good luck and can’t wait to find out who scores the Celebration Love Tea!

To find out more about Love & Tea products and connect with Jen:



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