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Will You be YOUR Sexy Valentine?


This special blog post edition is written by the fabulous, Liz Longacre of Gentle Living. She is one of my favorite ladies, a soul-sister and just plain delightful to hang out with.

What you focus on expands.

The same holds true for the reflection of your butt, thighs, nose, underarm flab, crooked teeth, etc., as you stare and obsess over them in the mirror…

Your least favorite body parts can take on a life of their own when you focus on them for too long; you might as well be looking through a magnifying glass.

As women we often let our imperfections consume us cause somewhere along the media line we were told we’re supposed to be perfect.  And so if only we didn’t have so and so feature we’d be much closer to the goddess we wished we could be.  We’d be cuter, more lovable, sexier, fiercer, and we’d feel damn good in that teeny weeny bikini that’s been hiding in the back of the closet for years.

What if channeling our inner sexy goddess was as simple as moving the magnifying glass? 

On Valentines Day I’m always reminded that love for someone else starts with love for ourselves, including our bodies.  If you don’t love yourself and understand your worth, it will be that much harder to find or maintain a relationship that reflects the love you deserve.  And if you don’t love your body, it will be that much harder to feel and act sexy.

Being sexy on V-Day (or any day) has almost nothing to do with men (sorry fellas).  It has everything to do with you and your relationship with yourself and your body.

 For this Valentines Day I challenge you to change your focus. Stop ignoring the many things about yourself that you love so you can focus on the few you hate.

 So what facial and body parts do you love? List them out, every single one. Your pointy elbows, your cute toes, your calf muscles, your fingernails…

Personally, I used to focus endlessly on the things about my body that I hated.  But at the same time, I was so afraid to highlight the assets I knew I had.  I’d always try to dress down to blend in because overall I just didn’t feel confident in myself.  So no matter how many “bad” or “perfect” body parts I had, it didn’t matter, it was the way I was viewing myself that magnified my reflection.  Now I have enough self love to do what it takes to change my focus.  Whenever I look in the mirror and don’t like something I see, I quickly start to mentally list the many things I love that I shouldn’t be ignoring.

Without self-love and acceptance, even the most perfect body will still feel wrong.  With self-love, your flaws will transform into assets.

Now expand beyond your body, what else do love about yourself?  What makes you special (because you are!)?  Why do the people in your life love you so darn much (because they do)?  Make a list of everything you can think of and review it every time you feel not so hot.  The more confidence you feel in yourself overall, the less you’ll magnify the importance of things you perceive as flaws.

It’s not easy to change what you focus on but if you make a daily practice of listing out the things you love about yourself, you can slowly but surely develop a habit of self-love and acceptance so that you always feel your sexiest most confident and fabulous self.

 So for this Valentines Day:

♥ Choose to embrace every aspect of your beauty, both inner and outer.  Send yourself heart shaped candies in the form of loving daily affirmations.

♥ Know that you’re not alone, it’s always easier to focus on flaws instead of assets.  No one is perfect and perfect would be boring.  Our flaws give us as much beauty as our perfections.  We are all perfectly imperfect.

♥ Turn your flaws into assets by simply changing where you magnify your focus.

Be your own sexy Valentine today and everyday.

How do you practice self-love and acceptance?  Please show some comment lovin’ below for Liz.

Liz Longacre is the founder of the Gentle Living. Gentle Living addresses all aspects of living a gentle but powerful life. From self-love and acceptance, to animal welfare, to travel, to home decor, to ethical beauty & fashion, it’s all gentle; not weak, just gentle. Being gentle is sometimes the most powerful thing you can do for yourself and the world around you. Join us:






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