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Two Quick and Easy Tips to Relieve Financial Stress


Money. Money. Money. 

Finances are known to cause a lot of stress in one’s life.

You know, you can eat all the kale in the world, but if you are stressed out, that won’t do much for your health. Especially if you are worried about money or your job, that stress can wear on you and cause your cortisol levels to rise.  Your body is in a state of panic which can lead to gaining weight, breaking out, or not sleeping. Not good…At. All.

So I invited Karie Hill,  to talk  about clearing the clutter with financial stress.

Click the video to hear Karie spill the beans about the 2 ways to immediately relieve financial stress in your life. AND she even gives us a challenge!

Mini Money Detox from Karie Hill on Vimeo.

Will you take the mini-money detox challenge? Tell us in the comments below how you plan to minimize your money stress OR if you have any cool financial tips that helped you in the past.  Share with us!

Karie Hill is a financial freedom coach, speaker, and writer who believes financial freedom is one of the greatest gifts a woman can give herself. She teaches smart women how build healthy, wealthy money habits, remove their financial barriers, and create the kind of life they really desire. You can find more about her and get her FREE guide at .



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3 Responses to Two Quick and Easy Tips to Relieve Financial Stress


Great video Karie!! It’s so easy to let our finances get out of control, especially if you’re like me and you like to avoid scary things 😉 Thanks for this video!!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Liz, I am with you…I actually avoided dealing with money things for a long time. I’m so happy I reached out to Karie, became her client, and she helped organize a plan for me. Taking one step in action is the best thing I ever did. Her 2 tips can make life so much easier!:) Thanks, Liz!

    Karie Hill

    Liz, thanks for the comment! You are not alone in your feelings of avoiding scary money things 🙂 Just make one small change at a time like a little weekly money date and before you know it, you’ll be loving your money!

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