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Wake Up & Embrace Spring



Yay, spring! You are now here!  Time to wake up and shine like the sun!

Today my lovely, beautiful friend, Candace Smyth, is here to tell us more about nourishing ourselves during this season…the Ayuvedic way.


With Spring, we are waking up from our own hibernation of sorts, like the great black bear.  Just as the bear, we come out from our homes to be with the sun, to be out and about in the world a little more.  We get moving.  And, movement and being light is really what getting into Spring is all about.  It is what we need most to move out the congestion and stagnation of winter (literally, think of the phlegm that moves out of the system in Spring).


Why the Seasons Matter

The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year in terms of the time between sunrise and sunset, and the summer solstice is the longest.

In Ayurveda, the time between the winter and summer solstice is called Adana or the accumulation period, and the time between summer and winter solstice is Visarga or release period.

We are right now in the middle of Adana and Kapha (warm, liquid, soft).  In Adana, the Sun is predominant.  We have increasing heat, hot and dry qualities that awaken the vibrancy and beauty of all living things.

Beings are more active and therefore our body is catabolizing more and producing more energy.  Our immune system becomes weaker.  With Kapha in Spring, there is more mucus and phlegm because the body has been building up and storing it over the winter and also there is more moisture and dampness in the air from rain.

The most targeted way to balance is to turn to your personal diet and lifestyle.  The following are some tips for balancing the body, mind and spirit in Spring:

Diet in Spring

  • Increase lighter foods.  Food choices should counter the cool, moist and heavy Kapha qualities.
  • Eat more baked, broiled or grilled foods.
  • Avoid dairy, when possible.
  • Add pungent spices to your diet (such as black pepper, ginger, pippali).
  • Eat more vegetables.
  • Reduce or eliminate sweets.
  • Drink warm teas with ginger, calamus, clove, cinnamon and warm water.  Click here for a Kapha Balancing Tea.

Lifestyle in Spring

  • Include sun salutations, shoulder stand, boat and bow poses, lion and camel in your yoga practice.
  • Avoid sleep during the day.
  • Wake up earlier.
  • Take time in nature, outdoor activities.
  • Dress in yellows, golds, orange to stimulate your mood.

Be of Light Purpose

With Spring comes awakening, awakening to a new time.  It is the time of birth, new projects, space clearing, making new friends, renewing relationship vows.  Take hold of this time with a sense of “light purpose.”  Be light in your step, get outside more, move around, but with every movement and every step be here now and make sure your direction is a part of what you believe and want to manifest in your life.

Light in your step and seeing light in all you do.

I would love to see you implement some of these in your life right now.  What are you already implementing?  Do you have Spring tips of your own to make you feel vibrant?  Please share in the comments below. 

Candace Smyth is a DC Family Law Attorney and a Family Mediator in DC, MD and VA.  She has studied Ayurveda for two years and incorporates healing modalities in her practice, which encourages mindful mediation.  She hosts the North Star Sessions for women going through divorce and separation.  The next session begins on May 2, 2012. Find her at or contact Candace directly at (202) 587-2772. 

Click here to get more info on the doshas in Ayurveda.

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3 Responses to Wake Up & Embrace Spring


What a beautiful post. I love this: It is the time of birth, new projects, space clearing, making new friends, renewing relationship vows.

It is what I feel in spring and I’m so happy I will be entering this cycle beginning with a little vacation to reset on health, priorities, loves, and beginnings.

I love the avoid sleep during the day – why is this? I intuitively get it, but what’s the real reasoning there?


    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I know, isn’t Candace so beautiful and thoughtful..I am wondering to about the nap in the day. Candace will tell us!Have a fun time on your vacay and enjoy all the newness of spring’s offerings. xo

Candace Smyth

Thank you so much for your beautiful thoughts Amber. And, thank you Lisa! You made my day.

Regarding why no napping during the day, we are talking just about Springtime. During the day in Springtime, when we put our bodies and minds to bed during, we are allowing the congestion, Kapha to continue to build up and remain stagnate during the time of day it is supposed to be getting heated, breaking up into pieces and being released as a waste product. So, it is really intuitively simple, right? We should be moving in the Spring so that by Summer we are light and clear.

Please feel free to ask more questions! xo.

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