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Detox = Fun


Have you noticed how serious we all can be when it comes to nutrition? Of course, being healthy is extremely important, and I wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t so crucial for an amazing life.

But learning to create amazing changes in your body can also be fun.

Let’s talk about detox for a minute. It can be really serious with all the guidelines, menu plan, and things to avoid.  But what if we talked more about the fun stuff? You get to add in lots things that make you feel lighter, more energized, and glow.    Plus you can laugh!

Detox= fun?  Hells yeah!

Here’s a short vid about how funny detox can be:


greens, funny videos, yummy food, support from me and the group = good times

You see, detox can be fun.

Do you want to join me for Spring Renewal 10 Day Detox?

Here’s your chance to win a FREE spot:

1.  Leave a comment below telling me why you want to detox.  What is your health goal?

2.  Leave a funny detox story if you have one…I love all the detox humor!

3.  Check back here on Friday, April 13th or on my Face Book page for the announcement of the 2 winners.  That’s right, 2 winners!

Spring Renewal 10 Day Detox is worth $99!

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79 Responses to Detox = Fun


Hi Lisa!! I’ve been thinking of doing your detox for a while now. I love the idea of having support along the way. I did a horrible detox…not enough food and disgusting recipes at best…in February for 7 days. I loved how light I felt from not eating processed foods, sugar, dairy, etc. and lost all cravings for those things. I’ve heard great things about your detox. The recipe pics on FB look amazing. My goal is to lose the little belly bulge I’ve built up over the winter.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Oh, sweet Nancy! You will totally love this cleasne…we have a lot of fun (believe it or not, without coffee!). Yeah, I hate when I don’t get to eat, I get grumpy and I’m such a biotch!(Kevin totally agrees with that). So lots of food, support, love, and fun. Good luck!!! <3


Hi Lisa! I’d love to do another detox with you. We’re getting ready to move in a few weeks and I’d love to have the clarity of mind and extra energy while dealing with the chaos.

The only funny detox story I can think of revolves around me trying to explain cleansing to my mother. She’s usually very open-minded but when I told her I was putting spinach and kale in my smoothies she looked horrified. All she could say was “Ew.” If only I could convince her how awesome it would make her feel!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi there, Jen! I miss you! You are getting ready to move? Where to?
    Yes, clarity of mind is so necessary, especially with all the boxes around while you prepare your move. As for your mom, she is so funny. I know kale might look scary, but it is the new sexy green right now. Good luck, Jen! 🙂


      Thank you! I miss you, too. The last cleanse was so amazing. We’re moving from Rockville to Bethesda and I can’t wait!

        Lisa Consiglio Ryan

        Oooooh, that sounds great! I just love Bethesda!!!! Lots of good food.:) xx

Sandy Nuwar

Hi lisa,
I think another detox would be a great launchpad to stay on track for summer. I could make a commitment to enjoy all the great fresh bounty of the season.
When we detoxed in the fall, each time ramsey and i would sit down to dinner, the kids would inspect our plates and ask “hows the buttocks going today?” and then laugh their heads off!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Sandy! So good to see you again! AND this detox has evolved so much since the fall…ah-mazing stuff planned for everyone! AND the season of spring brings us so much green…ahhhhh! Your kids are a hoot… so funny! Good luck, Sandy! 🙂


LISA – I just sent you a FB note as well. I’ve heard so much about the program and the support you provide and I’m intersted in going for it! I looked at the calendar and don’t see any events for 10 days after the 16th that would make me have (yes, MAKE ME) have to drink wine or beer and the coffee can be kept to a mimumum. I have vacation plans in about a month so thinking now’s the time! Thanks Lisa!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Yes, Tanya!!!! So cool to know we have a lot of friends in common, especially the detox beauties, Susan and Molly! It’s hard to get 10 days without events, but for you, well, hot damn! It looks like good timing for you.:) Where are you going on vacay? Good luck, Tanya!!!!:)

Tancy Andersson

I want to win this for many reasons, I’ll list a few… I just can’t bring myself to invest in a detox kit, for one, I have no idea where to start (there are SOOOO many!), and two, my husband and I are both unemployed and I’d hate to throw money away on a useless product. Also, I have been going through a thyroid mess because my body is apparently refusing to convert T4 to T3, so I get to be on synthetic T3 for the rest of my life (NOT COOL but I don’t know what else to do). The depression and mood swings and inability to even get out of bed some days is overwhelming; it should ease as I start the Cytomel (T3), but I know it isn’t JUST a lack of thyroid hormone. I need to get rid of the toxins and contaminants. I am trying to eat vegetarian, but I keep forgetting (though I’m mostly doing better) and am also trying to prep for a gall bladder flush (not exactly “fun”).

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Tancy, oh, love, don’t buy a kit! They are tons of money, and well, they don’t have a great personality like me!:) Hee hee. You have a lot of health concerns that you want to address, and I celebrate you making the first step in eating more plants. Being a vegetarian isn’t for everyone, so just keep listening to your body, see what works, doesn’t. EAting more veggies will totally help your mood and prevent chronic disease as well. As for thyroid, I wonder if the detox might help you detect a few allergens or at least allow you to notice some triggers. That’s what is amazing about my detox…listening to your body. She has the answer. Thank you for sharing your goals! Good luck, Tancy!:)

Kelly Whalen

Hi Lisa,

I loved your winter detox so much, I had my best friend and her husband try it after me 🙂 It was truly THE BEST I have felt in years. After being diagnosed with Celiacs Disease in the Fall of last year, I have struggled daily with what to eat and what not to eat. Cutting out Gluten from my diet was not the only thing I needed to do. After cutting out caffeine, sugar and processed foods, I found myself not only lighter in my body, but in my soul. I walked around with a smile on my face and a renewed sense of energy! It’s amazing how mentally draining processed foods can leave us. I workout daily and consider myself to be super active in my lifestyle as well, but not until I tried your detox did I find that my workouts improved. Ifwould like to detox again to hit the Spring Season with a renewed energy. I have made substantial changes in my life since the Winter Detox (cutting out dairy and soda’s). I would like to once again feel my soul and spirit sore. The best story and I can share from my detox is how much toilet paper I saved from those 10 days. Anyone with celicas knows how painful it can be… but we also share the humor of the endless amount of hours we spend in the bathroom with our cell phones and books. It was nice to cut down on the bathroom time as well 🙂 THANK YOU LISA!!!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Kelly! So lovely to see you! I miss you! I love this…” after cutting out caffeine, sugar and processed foods, I found myself not only lighter in my body, but in my soul.” Beautiful. Oh, and the bathroom, oh yes. I’m so happy that you got relief and you are saving trees!:) yay! Good luck, Kelly! 🙂


I have never done a detox before and have been following the Whole Health Designs blog for a while as well as the Facebook page after hearing about it from another blogger. I really need to get my health & weight back in line with where it should be and doing this with a supportive group would be great. My hope is that it will really get me off of the processed sugars & garbage!
The various recipes I’ve seen really do look great!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    THanks so much for following and being a part of the community here, Jackie! You are going to LOVE the group…lots of knowledge, support, love, and fun. Love your goals and good luck!:)


I have always been curious about doing a detox. I know that I am a sugar addict and need/want to quit. From the comments, I think a detox would do it. I also know that I work better in a group than on my own, at least to start. I am hopeful that the energy comments are true – I’m so tired of feeling sooooo tired.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hey there, Deb! You are so right on…tired of being tired. I hear ya! You are so busy with your kids, biz, life…it is so normal to be tired! BUT you will be amazed how much energy you will have after a few days into cleansing…that sugar zaps our energy quick, and without it, you will feel so much lighter, eneregized. Promise!:) Good luck! 🙂

Ann Edwards

Lisa, I’m working on your five steps to hotness (big smile). Just step one this week. So, green smoothies for breakfast and salads for lunch. I like what I’m doing so far so I feel I can stick to it.

I’ve never done a detox because quite frankly the maniacal friends who have done them kinda scare me. Very little real food and their brains seem to turn to mush. Hyper or lethargic depending on what they are doing. I can’t be that way because of big school demands.

Because I’ve liked the recipes you’ve posted and I like the approach of your five steps, I can’t imagine you’d create a detox that would be good.

My strange detox story or image would be that they seem to have odd ingredients rather than real food.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Ann, you are too much, girl! Love that you are already into the yummy food to fuel your body. What detoxes did your friends do? Sounds like misery. Thanks for sharing and good luck! 🙂

Ann Edwards

Ack! posted without editing. Can’t imagine you’d create a detox that WOULDN’T BE GOOD. sorry

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hee hee! I kinda figured!:) If not, I would have to find you and hunt you down!:)


Hi Lisa!
I have pretty recently began really researching detoxing, juice fasts, raw & vegan eating, etc. Up to this point in my life I haven’t really lived a “healthy” lifestyle although I’ve been vegetarian for 25 years. Now that I’m a mother of 2 & almost 40 yrs old I want to do everything I can to be as healthy as I can. I have been juicing just about every morning for about 6 months now & really miss it if I have to skip. I would love to do a detox but still feel a bit unsure of my ability to do it alone. That’s why I would absolutely LOVE to join the Spring Renewal & have your expertise & guidance to help on my path but unfortunately we just do not have the money right now for me to join. Winning it would be AWESOME!!!! 🙂
I really don’t have any funny detox stories because I have never done a detox before but I can only imagine when I tell my mom I’m doing a detox I can totally hear her say “Oh Lord, she’s drinking again!!!” LOL!! 🙂
Thank you!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Ha! Yes, you are drinking that green juice! Love your story, Ali, and you are doing so many wonderful things for your body. With my support and coaching plus the group’s love as well, this cleanse will be so amazing for you. Good luck! 🙂


I really want to try a detox to help reset my health. I feel so disconnected from my body. I have had bad luck in the past with other detoxes and am wary of them but yours seems like a really good detox. Thanks!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    What other detoxes have you done before, Denise? I know there are some scary and not so much fun stuff out there! My detox rocks, if I may say so myself, hee hee. Lots of support, love, fun and the goal is really to get us connected to our bodies. Just like your goal! Good luck! 🙂


      I tried the master cleanse and had awful withdrawal. I then tried a fruit and veggie cleanse with similar withdrawal. I need something much more gentle to my system. I started juicing veggies and fruits to help myself.


      I tried the master cleanse and had horrible withdrawal symptoms. I then tried a fruit and veggie cleanse with similar results. I need something much more gentle to my system


Hi Lisa, I would love to do another one of your detoxes because I have been in a junk food rut. There has been a lot of stress eating for me going on lately, and when I’m stressed, let’s just say I’m not reaching for the bag of spinach. Doing the winter detox really helped reset my cravings, and i definitely need a reboot.
I guess my funny story is that when we explained the detox to my mother-in-law she got a horrified look on her face and asked if we were “forcing” the kids to do it too…I told her no, the kids were still allowed to drink as much caffeine and wine as they wanted 🙂

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi there, Andrea! So good to see you! I totally get it…when I’m stresse out, spinach isn’t my go to food! Maybe tortilla chips and salsa…:)
    Love your reboot goal…and this is the best time of year to get a plan in place. AND I’m so laughing…way to tell you mom in law…”forcing” kids to be healthy is such a shame! So funny! Good luck, Andrea! 🙂


Oh, I so need to lose the last few pounds from pregnancy, and I’d love to do another detox from you. You made the last one so easy with a shopping list, recipes, menu plan – loved it.

A few friends wondered if detox meant I ate only salad….

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    You will eat salad, but not all day, everyday!:) That is so interesting where we get our ideas of detox. I think it’s a hoot! Love your goal, and I wish you good luck! Go Carolyn!!!! 🙂

Irene Louise

I had such an amazing experience and results with the Winter Renewal Detox, that I would love to do another. Your positive coaching and amazing/easy/delicious recipes make cleansing so easy and makes you WANT to do this for your body. Your body THANKS you when are done this and makes you wanting more and thats what I want…MORE YUMMY GOODNESS FOR MY BODY !!!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hey there, Irene! Great seeing you at WF the other day! AND thanks so much for your kind words, lady! More yummy goodness is a great goal…love it! Good luck, Irene!!!!:)

Beth W

Hi Lisa!
I need the spring detox to help further my quest for good health for myself and my family. I have taken many baby steps toward being more active and eating healthier. Since the winter detox I now own a juicer and a Vitamix blender! I am looking forward to the new spring recipes. After working a stressful job, raising three teenagers, and dealing with multiple health crisises in the family I forgot to take care of the caregiver- ME!
My health goal is to lose weight and get in shape the healthy way!
Morning smoothies make a difference! I started making smoothies for my teenage son to make sure he had breakfast on the way to school. the quarter is grades shot up and he came close to a perfect 4.0 !! His favorite is “Reese’s pieces”. I still have not told him the special ingredient is SPINACH! : )

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Beth!!!
    Yeah baby…dig that Vitamix! AND a juicer, woot! I really love how your goals focus on YOU. This is what the cleanse is all about…taking time for ourselves as busy moms, women who do a lot for others, at work,etc… AND how super cool about your son! He is a rockstar…it’s probably the spinach in your smoothies!:) Hee hee. Good luck, Beth!!! 🙂


I would truly LOVE to detox with you. My little voice has been telling me to detox since (forever). I know I really need to do this and having help with it would be great! My goal was to begin to alter my eating and lifestyle right after tax season so your offer couldn’t come at a more perfect time. wow.

Something funny: When I eat avocados and whole raw nuts on my salads my co-workers love to let me know that that those things can make me fat. They have no idea there is a difference between good, healthy fats and bad fats. I just laugh and say thanks all the while knowing the weight will come off.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Love your goals, Denise! And yeah, love that fat talk with avocados and nuts. Sheesh! So good of you to not get into a debate about the fats (we need them! the good ones that is.). Love it! Good luck!!!:)

Suzanne S.

I’m a runner who’s been desperately trying to shed the last 15lbs for almost 6 mos now. I’m a type 1diabetic who has been scared to even try a cleanse. 3 of my runner friends did your winter cleanse and loved it. I’m willing to try and I have a great sense of humor…never done a cleanse before but I’m willing to try…and crack some jokes along the way!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Oh, how awesome! Who are your friends? I just love this connection! Don’t be scared…this isn’t something out of a box that you can get from Target. I’ll take good care of you.:) Good luck!!!!:)

Stacy n

Lisa I love seeing all your inspiring emails and Facebook posts. I’ve never done a detox but I am a sugar fiend and I feel likes its been escalating. I want to detox to get rid of my sugar cravings and have an overall better better feeling about food.

I also have moderate to severe IBS issues and I’d love to see if they’d be resolved by a dietary change such as a detox.

No funny stories about any other detox but I’m sure I’d be able to share one after if I win 😉

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Stacy! Thank you for being with me! I love having you as a part of my community. A few lovely graduates from Winter Renewal had amazing results with their IBS symptoms. You will be so surprised to find out which foods my trigger symptoms. And the sugar cravings are pretty much “nada” a few days into the cleanse. Good luck!!!

Marly C.

Thanks to my yoga teacher/massage therapist for forwarding this link to me 🙂 I definitely think it is time in my life to try a detox, and change to a healthier diet. I’ve never done one before – so the thought of a “fun” one sounds good, and support from a group would be great! Of course, it’s not the best time (2 kid bdays and a gala in this 10 days), but why not….

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Who is that lovely lady you speak of?! So glad you are here! And the timing, yeah, life can be so busy. My daughter’s 9th birthday is next week, too. Love your goal, and you will have so much fun with us. Woot! Good luck, Marty! 🙂

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Who is that lovely lady you speak of?! So glad you are here! And the timing, yeah, life can be so busy. My daughter’s 9th birthday is next week, too. Love your goal, and you will have so much fun with us. Woot! Good luck, Marly! 🙂

      Marly C.

      Molly Harding – she’s great 🙂
      Now I have a funny detox comment. I told my husband I was thinking of doing this and he asked if it was some kind of pagan ritual –
      not sure where that came from!!

        Lisa Consiglio Ryan

        Ha ha! I’m laughing my ass off here! He is too much…where did that come from??? Well, I kinda like horoscopes and stuff, but I guess that isn’t really pagan. We can do a little dance each morning with our juice…so funny! AND yes, just love Molly!


I actually was thinking of doing the Spring Detox, but since I knew I wouldn’t be here for some of it, I chose to wait. A friend encouraged me today, and I did notice that even with a vacation, it can simply be put aside for the time.

There are many reasons I’ve been considering a cleanse/detox:

1. I went back to school recently. This semester and last, I took on an incredibly big course load, for several reasons, but too much to go into here. It has not been good for me, half of my hair has fallen out, I’ve gained 20 pounds, i haven’t slept, I haven’t exercised, my husband is scared of me….but at the end of this week, it will lighten up considerably, and I’ll feel much more accomplished (though not quite to my goal yet).

2. I also need to learn to eat better/different due to a hiatal hernia that causes reflux, which has other annoying effects.

3. To set a better example for my family.

4. To do something for myself!


    Oh – friend = Heidi ZK
    And, I tried the cayenne pepper detox once (8 years ago maybe?), lasted maybe 20 hours. Absolutely horrid!

      Lisa Consiglio Ryan

      Oh yes, beautiful Heidi! Love her! That detox sounds rough! I’m not sure I would make it 2 hours let alone 20! Sounds miserable. Thank goodness my cleanse has food. I would be one sad (and grumpy) woman. 🙂

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Karen,
    Where are you going on vacay? Sounds so splendid just to get away! I just love all your goals, especially #4! As women, we tend to take care of everyone else and neglect ourselves, but during Spring Renewal I’ll give you tools for self-care and lovin’ your body up. Good stuff, Karen! And good luck! 🙂


      Thanks, Lisa. We’re going to Ft. Lauderdale, my dad recently purchased a condo down there, so we’re going to go check it out and relax! My husband has NEVER been to Florida. Can you believe that? 🙂

        Lisa Consiglio Ryan

        Maybe they have some pagan rituals he can join down there.;) Oh how glorious your trip will be in sunny FL!


Well, Lisa, I guess you could say I’m at the crossroad. I’ve been following you for awhile now, secretly living through all the “detox-ees”, but afraid to make the leap of faith. I took this as a sign, it’s time. I hope to lose a little weight, but more importantly, to feel better, less tired, more energized. I feel like I need a little extra push to get to where I truly want to be.
Thank you!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Sheila! So happy to see you, my dear. AND thanks for being with me! Love your goals…seems like this is a sign! Good luck!:)


I’d love to win a detox. I keep hearing from friends (Nicole & Jen) about how amazing the program is. I would love to try all of your soup and smoothie recipes! I also wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds and getting more control over my diet.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi there! Just LOVE Nicole and Jen! AND your goals are amazing. Good luck!:)


I work in a local coffee shop and I mentioned to a few customers that I was doing the winter detox. They were interested but mostly about the no caffiene part. The few customers that I told came in everyday to see the progress? I guess, I think they were waiting for me to implode or something, anyways, they checked everyday and were amazed that I could do 10 days without coffee…I did it and I still have my favorite customers ( even though I was a little crabby the first few days). I felt like the daily entertainment….but I survived and I’m doing it again for spring. I know I will have lots of encouragement this time. Hoping for some of them to join me, I gave them the info……

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Oh, Lori! You made my day! I can just picture you being the local entertainment, for all to see! AND their concerned faces and looks…how can she do it? Love your story! AND so excited for spring…we are going to rock it out! Big love to you. 🙂


id love to detox! after having 2 kids four and 10 month old i am drained and not eating healthy. i feel bloated, and heavy. I need something like this to make me feel good because in order to be a good mom i got to take care of myself first! p.s. I’m going to start in the July classes at integrative nutrition i cant wait!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Katie, you are amazing! I remember those days with little ones…I was so busy running around, and taking care of ME, well, that didn’t happen often. BUT it can be done, and I will help you! Taking care of YOU is so important as you mentioned. AND you will LOVE IIN! We will have to talk soon and dish about the school. Good luck! 🙂

Jessica Montenegro

Hey Lisa! I want to participate in your detox because I have huge aspirations for my 2012. I am graduating from law school next Month, and in 3 weddings, GETTING married, and was hoping to attempt my first half Ironman triathlon and Full marathon. I have felt like a slug lately, coming off a shin stress fracture has made it increasingly difficult to get my motivation back into my fitness. My juicer is becoming dusty and I have not been feeding my body for proper training purposes. I am gaining weight, working out less and my wedding is in only 5 more month! I Know I have the determination deep down inside to complete everything goal I set for myself and feel like a detox is just what I need to purge the recent person I have been and peel back the layers to the athlete and beautiful thin bride I know I can be. Unfortunately due to the financial stress of Bar prep, graduation, and completing wedding planning I will be unable to participate in yours or any similar detox program without assistance. I have even taken to volunteering just to make work trade for my yoga practice. Please pick me and I’ll be your model student! 🙂

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Jessica! I’m so excited to see you here…you are always so fun on Face Book! AND you are so inspiring…law school, half Ironman (woot!), marathon runner…and getting married! You are a powerhouse! But it is time you did something just for YOU…and I just love your goals. You are determined, and you will have so much fun with us! Good luck, Jessica! 🙂

Kristin King

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, I keep talking myself into and out of starting a detox with you! To me the word detox has a negative connotation. My mind immediately thinks of those radical programs/regimens like lemon juice, cayenne pepper and honey for 10 days (say WHAT?!)and I know that they just aren’t healthy for you. I’m hoping you can change my mind!!

Since I knew your detox wouldn’t be like any program I’ve ever heard/read about before, I jumped on board and bought the winter detox program. Of course I had good intent on completing it but life got in the way and sadly enough I never got around to it. Fast forward, 6 months and 3 pounds later, looking at photos of your “green juice” still freak me out, but with your support I know can do it!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Kristin, Kristin, Kristin, my dear! How I just love you! Yes, that word detox can be negative so that’s why I’m hear to dispell that myth. There are a lot of crap cleanses out there, so it is perfectly natural to question it. You can totally do this Kristin, totally. I have no doubt! AND for the green juice, if we put a little fancy umbrella in it, would that not be so scary?:) hee hee. Good luck, Kristin!!! 🙂

Tara Yokanovich

Hi Lisa! I have been following your blog for awhile and you probably don’t remember but we did Stroller Strides together back when our 8 year olds were only about year or so old! Through you I heard about Nichole Kellerman’s 21 Get Moving Challenge and I have been working hard for the past 11 days now! I have always wanted to do a detox but I thought most detoxes were liquid diets that sent you to the bathroom a lot!!! When I first heard of yours and all of the clean foods it involves it really got me interested. Eating clean is where I struggle. I feel like it isn’t possible to eat 100% clean especially with little kids, but I really want to challenge myself, feel a renewed energy for life and get a new repertoire of recipes to inspire me on this journey. Truthfully, splurging on a detox is not in our budget so the opportunity to do this for free would be so sweet! Thank you for the opportunity!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Yes, Tara! Of course, stroller strides! Oh, those days! I remember getting up so early and dragging my kiddos there. SO worth it though! Thanks for sharing your health goals, and just so you know, it isn’t realistic to do anything 100%; let’s go for the 80/20 guideline.:) During the detox, however, you will learn so much about your body. It is amazing! Good luck! AND so awesome to be with you! Thanks for being a part of the community.:)

Cindy Sumner

Hi Lisa,

I’m feeling ready, like a detox is the next logical step! In February, I did the Engine 2 28 day challenge and learned so much about the ways specific foods are impacting my health. Then I went gluten free for Lent. I am pretty conscientious about keeping an alkaline diet but sweets get me every time!

Funny story is not about a detox per se, but about my appreciation of the support my semi skeptical co-workers have given me! We did our “secret Santas” in March, calling it “Lucky Charms”. 🙂 As part of my final gift, my Lucky Charm looked on hopefully while I unwrapped a bag of quinoa. I was touched by her thoughtfulness. She said excitedly, “you know what that is?! It said vegan AND gluten free so I bought it”. She had no idea what it was! Too cute!

I’d love to detox with you. To be fair, I might want to start it at a different time though and not over my husband’s birthday…

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Cindy! I know that you are doing lots of good stuff for that good body of yours! AND you cute Lucky Charm…how sweet!!! That is so great to have support of everyone, even if they are a bit skeptical. Love your goals and good luck! 🙂


Hi Lisa thanks so much for offering this opportunity to win the detox package. I recently joined a gym in November and signed on for an additional 8 weeks of bootcamp. In addition to the gym fees I recently paid to join a biggest loser team starting April 16th for 10 weeks. I love working out even though due to my weight I sometimes have trouble but for the most part I’m hanging in. I want to be successful and I think your detox would be the added addition to getting to the gym. Unfortunately like everyone with all the costs of joining a gym and finding the right clean food is tough. Good luck picking! I would love to b one of the lucky winners! Hope to talk to u soon. Be well!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Maureen, you are so rockin’ it out, lady! Good for you! You are doing a lot of good stuff for your health. Good luck, Maureen! 🙂

Debra Soreff

I am getting married the 29 th of April and detoxing right before seems so perfect! Why not look my best and feel my best as I embark on this next phase in my journey! I have been working out a lot and on a nutrition plan the last few months and am transforming my body back to where it should be after a weight gain due to major stress related to a year long family member’s illness.

Something funny about Detox! When I was talking to a friend about the idea of a Detox she said I didn’t realize you had a problem like that! She thought I meant to detox from a substance in particular. 🙂

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    You are getting married! How beautiful! I actually wrote an article for Breathe Magazine, Detox for Brides. How amazing…it is really a super way to start a new part of your life…clear, focused, energized, and glowing! I hope everything is better now with your family member…that can be so stressful. AND so funny about the detox comment…I get a lot of “oh, dear, I didn’t know you were a drug addict!” Love it! Good luck!:)

Carrie Dare

Lisa, pick me, pick me, pick me! only because I am all talk and no action and I know you know what I mean! I need to clear my mind, eneregize my soul and get a move on! Ever since my leg surgery I have had the hardest time getting refocused… this could be the perfect way to recenter myself and get rid of some of this AWFUL belly bloat to boot! plus it is only how many months to IG Columbia so that means I need to get back into a swimsuit 🙁
Anyway either way, good luck with the detox and all that your doing it is inspirational to watch you pursue your dreams.
Love ya, carriedare

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Awww, thanks girl! AND you are going to rock it out for IG! I am not signed up but thinking of joining a team. Thanks for always supporting me, Carrie! love to you!

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