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Who else wants a quick fix?


I never get to watch TV during the day, but for some reason a few weeks ago, I was home.  I turned on The Dr. Oz  Show.

Don’t get me wrong, I follow him and think he has a lot of good information to share.  In fact as a holistic practitioner, he has really helped get alternative  health views into the mainstream.  Yay!

But (and this is a big BUT) I just couldn’t believe what I was watching…a magic  bullet for weight loss? Dr. Oz  interviewed a drug company that has developed the next weight loss drug after Fen Phen. ( Like didn’t that drug cause heart problems?).  The new drug is called Qnexa  . It claims to curb cravings and even change the way food tastes.

I tried to blow off my feelings because who wants to diss Dr. Oz, right?  He is  considered the all knowing when it comes to wellness. I do have to remind myself that he is a cardiologist, and he means well, but when it comes to nutrition, I can get a little fired up.

During the show he actually seemed positive about this new drug. What he said is that it gets those people who can’t lose weight a little jump start.  That way they have some success and want to keep going.  This will lead to a healthy life.

I ended up watching this episode again and realized that Dr. Oz was giving America the opportunity to make a choice.  Quick fix OR work hard, dig way deep, and solve the problem.

Click to watch the episode:  The New Silver Bullet for Weight Loss

Episode Part 1




Episode Part II

This question is often asked:  “So Lisa, in your opinion, what’s the #1 way to lose weight and keep it off?”

Well, we know about the exercise, eating right (clean),  using portion control, etc… but do you want to know what trumps all of that?

Your self-esteem.

Dr. Christiane Northrup, highly acclaimed physician and author,  was right on when she states that you can try everything;  any magic bullet, even work at it with natural ways to lose weight, but how you FEEL about yourself is # 1.  If you work on that first, work hard, get through all the crap, then losing weight or just maintaining weight loss or a healthy weight is effortless.

Putting it all together is  hard work, I mean crazy hard work,  but it’s doable.  As long as you believe in yourself and trust your body, you are gold in my opinion.

How do you feel about this magic (silver) bullet?  What are your thoughts about the connection between your self-esteem and health?

Weigh in below with your comment.

(I’m dying to know what you think).


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18 Responses to Who else wants a quick fix?

Jen Best

This is really interesting. I don’t have time to watch the video clips right now but that does make me a little sad. When I get to watch Dr. Oz, I think he is kind of guru that will tell me what I should do to make myself better and I don’t think my heart wants any chemicals to help me shed a few puounds. I think she wants greens and fruits 🙂

What you bring up about self-esteem is very interesting. I often wonder if that is why I am never able to keep weight off for very long. I was just telling my husband yesterday that as soon as people start to notice me losing and comment on it, that is when I start gaining again…. I don’t like my body receiving attention and I would say that is directly tied to my consistent self-esteem issues. Anyway, thanks for sharing Lisa.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi lovely, Jen! The vids are about 5 minutes total…so if you get time tonight or in future, you will see the interaction among Dr. Oz and the rep. It is sad, actually. Like I said, Dr. Oz has helped bring alternative views to the mainstream, but it seems like he is advocating for this drug. AND we all know, this is just a band aid for the problem. I love that your body wants greens and fruits…it’s so easy to digest and not hard on our bodies. Love it!
    Jen, thanks for being so honest and you are extremely insightful. Have you explored that uncomfortable feeling of people noticing your weight loss? paying attention to you? I am still working on connecting my self-esteem and my body…it is a work in progress, but I truly believe that our bodies have all the answers, we just need to dig way deep.AND that can be extremely uncomfortable. Big love and thanks for sharing your thoughts today, Jen.


Actually Dr. Oz disappoints me more than he pleases me. While he does have some alternative/holistic practioners and/or practices on his show, he usually has the western med view as well and I always feel they get more play and his “blessing” in the end. I do like that he is having Dr. Mercola on there more often. I think, at the end of the day, he is a cardiologist and, frankly, I think they can be the most dangerous practitioners out there and no the LEAST about nutrition.

As far as his endorsement of this new drug, I see a drug rep (friend, donation?) written all over it.

I do, however, wholeheartedly agree with you on your statements regarding self-esteem. Personally, I do not believe in calorie in/calorie out. I think weight gain/loss is way more complicated than that. There are people who consume 4000 calories (of fat!!) a day and are healthy and there are people who can eat a carb and gain a lb. I know my personal experience with thyroid and metabolism has shown me just how must we DON’T understand about metabolism and weight gain. Eat real food. Just eat real food and you’ll be fine.

Love what you’re doing, Lisa – just very exciting to see. Do you know about the Woman’s Expo on June 23rd?

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Sharon, oh hells yes. I agree…I do love what he tries to do, but he does throw in that Western med view and the “blessing” is more on that side. Wow. Totally…I’m glad you brought that up, Sharon. I try to be diplomatic about it all, but I get so pissed when pills or quick fixes are thrown out there without the truth. That is, it takes a lot of work, hard work, and being responsible to educate what works best for your body. I was wondering if he was connected with a drug rep or something, although he mentions he isn’t being paid for having them on the show. Hmmm. Sharon, love this: “Eat real food. Just eat real food.” Amen, sister! Sharon, I LOVE what you are doing, also. You are such an inspiration! Thanks for your input, Sharon!

    PS. What is the women’s expo?

Rachel Anzalone

Hey girl! Love this post! I have major mixed feelings about Dr. Oz…

He’s taking wellness and a lot of natural products and services mainstream (YAY!)

Every 2 weeks he’s promoting a weight loss “miracle” (natural or synthetic) that everyone then wants to buy and then is disappointed it doesn’t work (boo…)

I have people calling me for Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Extract… whatever he mentions!

Gotta take the bad with the good though, right?

Kudos to you for giving props to Dr. Christiane Northrup! Working with her team & her family and having heard her speak in person several times, I can say that she’s the medical guru we should all be listening to!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Thanks, Rachel! I’m sure in your field you get all those requests! I get a lot of the Raspberry Ketone requests, too! I love him but also have these mixed feelings that get me all fired up. I’m just concerned that people will seek out this drug to lose weight and either have side effects where another drug is needed to cope. AND then once they are off, the weight comes right back. I just love that Dr. Christiane Northrup mentioned in her book that really, until we truly love and accept ourselves, weight loss is going to be always a struggle. This is some damn hard work…and the quick fix is just so tempting. I agree also that we need to listen to Christiane! I know I do!:) THanks for your professional input with this. I was hesitant to write about this because Dr. Oz, well, he’s this guru and all. It just reminds me that I need to take my health into my own hands, be responsible…that’s so sexy to me! love you, Rachel!


I really think your comment about self-esteem is right on. I know that when I was trying to lose weight recently, I just couldn’t seem to get started. But, I did some things that made me feel pretty (got a new dress/shoes and fixed my hair) and the compliments made me feel good, so I didn’t need to turn as much to food for comfort. With that momentum, it really helped me focus on continuing to make good choices so I could get more compliments. But, sometimes it is more about the attitude I am projecting than the actual change in my physicality.

I could use some advice though. I run frequently throughout the year (about 4 times a week -and for the past 5 years, I have trained for a 20K in August), I play soccer once a week and I am generally active. I also follow weightwatchers (even with this detox – it is pretty much within my point system). However, I am still 8 pounds over my goal weight and I can’t seem to budge. Any ideas of something I could do to kick my butt and push those last 8 pounds out of the way? I am going to sign up for your Kickin’ it clean, so I can continue the whole foods eating process between detoxes. . .

Any advice would be great! 🙂 Dawn

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Dawn, hi there! I sure miss you!
    We all love validation…heck, I had my new running shoes on at the gym before and I felt like a new woman. Everyone was handing out compliments and I think I even had a better workout. I totally get that. I just know, though, that how I truly feel about myself is the key to maintaining a healthy weight. It is a long work in progress, let me tell you. I won’t get into my long story, but it’s taken me years to get to the point where I never weight myself, tell myself, “I love you. You rock!” and keep working with food and lifestyle choices that fit my body. It’s a lot of work, and sometimes I fail, but it’s totally doable.
    Since I don’t have your full health history, I’m not sure quite where the missing link is. If I were to guess, check out your stress level, sleep and water. Just like in the cleanse we focused on these a lot. You can eat all the kale in the world, but if you have a busy, on the go life,etc… it will be hard to lose weight. If you are dehydrated and not sleeping soundly at night, that could be factors. Not to mention are you eating every 3 hours? What are you eating? These are questions to ask yourself before you make a plan. Dig way down deep. AND I’m so excited you will be “kickin’ it” with me for the program. It’s going to be ah-mazing! You will love the meal plans, for sure, and that will help with clean eating.
    AND you are a rock star! 20k! Damn, you are so amazing, Dawn! Hugs to you!

Tancy Andersson

I wonder how much he got paid for this??? This is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY a commercial. Right up to the scripted fake testimony in the beginning. …. but what I really think, is that people, ESPECIALLY Americans (I’m born and raised in Missouri) are lazy, selfish, willfully ignorant people who want to sit on their ass and eat zebra cakes instead of getting off of their duff and trading the zebra cake for a head of kale.

    Tancy Andersson

    hahaha…it should be “bunch of kale”…..I was gonna say “head of lettuce”, but lettuce doesn’t have all that much nutrition in it. Plus it tastes like water.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Interesting thoughts, Tancy. I was wondering the same thing when I first watched it but the next time I really tried to see if he was biased or neutral about it all. Americans do love the quick fix and when you are stressed reaching for a head (bunch!) of kale isn’t really on our minds. Pizza just seems so much better. It’s all cool if you give yourself love and not feel guilty and it’s only once in awhile. BUT unfortunately bad food is cheaper, more accessible, and caters to our taste buds with all the fake sugars. Oh, and that testimonial, yep, I was thinking, “Well, WHAT did you try to lose weight?” She didn’t mention one tactic she tried before taking the drug. Hmmmm. Thanks, Tancy!
    PS. What’s a zebra cake?

      Tancy Andersson

      a zebra cake is a hostess or little debbie cake of nastiness covered with white icing and brown stripes….nothing food-like about it, but it sure does taste good! My son wanted them for his birthday treat at school this week. I did it, I got them for him, but only because he’s been on a pretty strict diet and has really improved his behavior this year. They’re along the lines of ho-hos and ding dongs…things I don’t buy because if I buy them, I will eat them. And eat them I did (there were some extra).

      Dr. Oz was very noncommittal with the product, but just having it on the show implies bias. Perhaps it was forced upon him by the powers that be. Perhaps he was getting low on funds. I don’t know, but I know that, while I didn’t make an effort to see his show before, I will make an effort to NOT see it now.

      In other news, I’m getting a how-to cd on meditating from my chiropractic therapy center….I shall soon be better able to cope with the insanity that is the world. *heart center* Namaste 😀

        Lisa Consiglio Ryan

        Oh my goodness, I never heard about these zebra things. Thanks for shedding the light! I’m a bit clueless with all the new stuff. Tancy, love your honesty, lady! AND namaste, my dear. Hugs!

Stephenie Zamora

AWESOME post Lisa! I don’t watch TV so I wasn’t aware of this, but I’ve heard of Dr. Oz. I agree that working on your self esteem, loving your body and loving your life is #1! Taking any kind of drug is just a band-aid approach and will NOT lead to lasting changes. xo

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Thanks, my dear Stephenie! I typically don’t watch TV except for Showtime (I just can’t get enough of Dexter!) so when I turned this on, I was completely surprised. You are so right on…drugs are just band aids…and when they are gone, we are still left with the underlying issue. Self-love, baby, is the key. xo

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