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Are you a natural beauty junkie?


I met Christine Penny, creator of Angelberry Organics, at a local craft fair

First of all, she is just simply stunning… a  natural goddess.  We immediately hit it off and vowed to keep in touch.  I really dig talking to people who are extremely passionate about their work and  serve others with authenticity.  As I perused  her gorgeous  wares (Angelberry Organics is a natural make-up line), she told me stories about her travels, education, and how she found the perfect balance between natural beauty  and sustainability.

I’m a  lucky lady because I recently got  to try the Angelberry Organics products. I’ve been looking for a safe, organic make up line for some time now.  You want to make sure what you are putting on your body isn’t going to harm you with toxins, but you also want it to have that Cover Girl last all day look.

My little gift came in the mail, and as a beauty junkie, I couldn’t wait to try the goodies.

The lip gloss has now become my everyday splash of heaven.  The gloss is long-lasting (take that Cover Girl!), shimmers, and keeps my lips looking soft.  The best part is that the gloss smells so good.  It’s got a clean feeling, and you know that if you accidentally lick your lips, your not eating toxins.  Such a relief!

I also got to try the mineral powder. Talk about a glow!  I used this powder for eyeshadow and for a light dusting on my face, neck, chest and shoulders for that glimmer, willowy look.  So light and the shimmer lasts all day long.

All Angelberry Organics cosmetics are:

* paraben-free;

*not tested on animals; and

* 100% free from all synthetic chemicals, dyes, and bismuth oxychloride (That  just sounds nasty, doesn’t it?)

I’m ecstatic about my experience with Angelberry Organics.  Christine and the company are so personable, and you can feel the honesty and caring they have for their customers.  I know

If you haven’t tried Angelberry Organics, I highly recommend that you go for it.  The products are beautiful, customer service is out of this world, and you will have peace of mind knowing that the products are better for you, the environment and just plain heaven.

Check out the summer makeup line on the site:  Angelberry Organics Summer Collection

As you eat clean,  green goodness, how do you make sure you take care of  the largest organ, your skin?

Make sure to leave me a comment below.  Hearing from you makes my day!


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