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Healthy (and fun!) 4th of July Recipes


4th of July…I look forward to this holiday because it means a party at Aunt Mary Ann’s house which overlooks the Chesapeake Bay, lots of picnic food, parades and fireworks.

Speaking of food, I have 2 really fun patriotic treats to WOW your friends at the party.

Bring these:

Star Watermelon Salad


1 carton of strawberries, sliced

1 watermelon

*a star cookie cutter too!


Cut up the watermelon so it looks like this:

Use the star cookie cutter to make the watermelon treats.

Add watermelon stars to the bowl and top with sliced strawberries.

Makes about 8 servings.  It will all depend how big your stars are, though. You might be able to squeeze out a few more servings.

*I used the leftover watermelon for juice…so refreshing!

Red, White, and Blue Fruit Skewers


1 carton of blueberries (from a farm is perfect!)


2-3 ripe bananas

1 carton of strawberries (local and organic, too!)

*you will need a package of bamboo skewers


Slice bananas and strawberries. For each skewer, use the fruit to form a pattern; it can be Red, White, and Blue, or whatever you choose.  Makes approximately 8 fruit skewers.

I sprinkled some raw coconut flakes on a few for fun.

I can’t for the life of me remember how I got these ideas.  Martha Stewart maybe? OR from Family Fun Magazine?  I wish I could credit someone so I’ll just say thank you for putting the ideas in my head.  Kate and I decided we are totally bringing these two treats to Aunt Mary Ann’s!

Talk to me…how do you celebrate the 4th? Leave your comment below, my lovely.

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