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What would you do with $100?


If I gave  you $100, what you do with it?

Jump up and down…new shoes!


run straight to the bank and save for a rainy day?

This happened to me, and I need your advice.

I was given this gift on my trip to Portland, Oregon at the World Domination Summit.

It sits right here, on my desk; where I create, love up my community, dream.

Like I can’t use this to pay off a library card bill.   OR to buy shampoo.  Or to get gas.   It’s sacred. To be used for good. For a dream. An investment.

I get so emotional every time I think back to the conference  send off when Chris Guillebeau  talks about how he received an anonymous donation for WDS.  Instead of putting it towards the event or taking the money and running!, he and his team chose to give each of us, 1,0000 people, $100 to use for our business, project, to start something.

Tears just flowed as I thought, “Wow. This guy doesn’t even know me…and he believes in me?  He believes in my vision to help make our time here better?  He believes that I’m a bit odd and unconventional  (which I found out is normal in Portland!) and that’s okay, too. Wow.

As I walked out and was given my envelope, all I could think about was, “What can I do to make this investment worth it?”  I was stopped by someone from the camera crew.  As the film rolled, I couldn’t help the cracking in my voice as I explained  how my heart was full.   I thanked Chris with a namaste.

I thought immediately, I’ll put it towards “my juice dream!” (it’s all in the works, but that is another story for another day).

But what if I used that $100 and invested in something.  In someone.

I donate to Women for Women International, The Girl Effect, local charities…but what can we do to leverage this?  I am thinking taking this $100 and seeing how we can make it more.  Turning it into thousands…maybe starting our own charity?  Hmmm…

Do you have a charity you are fond of? A project that helps others?

I heard that others are “regifting” their $100 and asking friends to do the same. Some are using the money towards their book publication.  There are a lot of fun ideas floating around.

I was thinking so much about this.  My head hurts so I decided to ask you.

What can we do to impact the world together?  Tell me your idea below and let’s see what we can come up with.

If you have a few minutes, you can watch Chris’ speech (or fast forward to the end when he surprises us).  You can see how humble he is…gracious…and I want to keep this investment beyond special.  Yep, tears again.

View the vid here:

The $100 Investment

Chris at World Domination Summit
photo credit: Armosa Studios

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11 Responses to What would you do with $100?

Jen Best

Are you familiar with the microfinance organization Kiva? They are a nonprofit that connects loans to people struggling to get out of poverty. The cool thing about it is that the $100 can be invested in a business opportunity, you then receive updates on the sucess of that business, the business owner pays the loan back and you then get your $100 back to reinvest in other dreams. It is pretty amazing…. $100 can really change lives, over and over!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi there, my dear! Jen, yes, I have heard of Kiva, but never really got a chance to delve into the cause. I LOVE the aspect of investing in a business opp. and the recycling of the paying forward. Love this! Thanks so much for your suggestion. I plan to have us do some good with the investment from Chris. Woot!

Jen McCubbin

This organization is very near & dear to my heart. The reason it was born was because a smart, beautiful mother was taken from us. Please read and consider supporting their cause. Marijke was a colleague and a fellow mother of twins and missed dearly.

All the best!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Oh, Jen, I have tears…I can’t find on the site specific details but I know that it was absolutely horrible. I will totally support In Honor of Her…I’m so sorry for your loss, Jen. I know that you miss her so much. Love to you.


She was murdered by her husband and he then took his own life, leaving their 3 year old twins orphaned. It was a senseless crime that happened in Frederick County almost 5 years ago now.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Horrible. Simple just, I feel so much horror hearing this. I’m so very sorry. Let’s do something…I will think on this, Jen. I know you miss her so much.

Carleen Birnes

I love Heifer International. You could buy or contribute to the purchase of an animal for a family, which will help them feed their families and community, and help them become self-sustainable.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Thanks, Car! I love the self-sustainable aspect of Heifer. Thanks for your input…I wish we could give to all of the charities out there, but Heifer is a good one.

Christian Dion

Hey Lisa,
Love the blog post. Having been there as well, it was an amazing experience and what a surprise at the end. It’s not really the amount itself but rather what 1000 people can do and create with $100 each!
I look forward to next year already and plan on exploring Portland for longer this time.
Will you be there next year ?

Keep on the great work and congrats on your beautiful website…

To your success- in health and happiness!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi there, Christian! Why, thank you so much. I’m still hunting for a few more ways to invest that amazing $100 gift. You are so right on about what we, as a group, can do to impact the world. It’s not all about the money, it’s the creativity and connection to make the world a better place. Love it! I don’t have my ticket yet (I missed the deadline!) but I sure hope to get one. I didn’t get to see Portland as much as I would have liked either…although did go to the Oregon Trail for a bit and that was beautiful. To you, your success and all the good things to come, Christian!

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