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6 Tips for Healthy Eating While Traveling


Summer, summer,  summer time.

Also known as vacation time.

I just got back from my trip to Portland for the World Domination Summit, and I was reminded of how hard it can be to eat healthy when traveling.

World Domination Summit, July 7, 2012

Since I’m often asked  these questions,

“What do I eat when I go on a trip? How can I avoid gaining weight and needing a vacation from my vacation?”

…I’ve decided to put together a simple guide to eating while you’re on a vacay.

It’s  all about having fun, but here are a few tips to keep things on the healthy side:

1.  Bring your own snacks.

Try these:

  • apples or celery with nut or seed butter (tahini, almond, sunflower are a few choices)
  • bite-sized packs of raw nuts
  • veggies all-ready prepped (cucumbers, celery, peppers, carrots) with dips (try guacamole, salsa, hummus)
  • trail mix (check ingredients; Trader Joe’s has a pretty good mix)
  • Lara or Vega bars (If you want to try another bar, check ingredients. I dig these two brands and think they are the best bet).


My snacks for the Portland trip


2.  Avoid fast food and instead eat the best quality while you dine out.  Use Happy Cow or Good Food Near You apps to research healthy places to eat before your trip. That way you don’t have to stress about where to go and then end up at some all-you-can-eat buffet.  Totally not a fan of those places.

I found Prasad and enjoyed this healthy salad for lunch.

3. If you are flying, try to eat a healthy meal before you arrive at the airport. You’ll be less likely to munch on high-calorie snacks just because they’re around or you’re bored waiting for your flight.  Look for salads, fresh fruit, and  vegetable based soups for some go-to items if you get stuck.  On my recent trip,  I saw bananas at a coffee place so I grabbed one for a quick snack.

4.  If you splurge and eat a rich meal, try to balance it out with a healthy, lighter meal.  For example, you can eat a light breakfast and lunch to counter a heavy dinner.   Try to eat more of a veggie meal after over doing it.  As far as dessert goes, don’t make it a daily habit. And when you do, split it with someone else.

5.  If  you are able to pack a cooler for a road trip, hot dog! Buy lots of fresh fruit, chopped veggies, any nut butter, water and even your fresh-pressed juices (store in mason jars)… and have them with you so you’re not tempted to visit  the truck stop (although, some of those places have that great comfort food!).

6.  Eat every 2-3 hours.  Being famished at mealtime may hinder your ability to make healthy choices and trigger overeating.  This will also keep you fueled for all the fun you are having.

*Bonus:  Let go. Really.  Totally cool.

My Voodoo Doughnut Breakfast!

Now it’s your turn.  What is your healthy travel tip?



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13 Responses to 6 Tips for Healthy Eating While Traveling


I could have used this recently when I was gone for a two-week (including the weekend) work trip! I managed to do okay, though. I didn’t have a fridge in my hotel room but I went to walmart and stocked up on fruit (dried and fresh) nuts and raisins for snacks, and lots of water (that I had to drink at room temp but that was okay). managed to eat at whole foods for dinner a few times, which was good for variety and not so bad price-wise either. Eating out I just tried to focus on getting fresh stuff and lots of veggies. Found an awesome sushi restaurant too which was a big, pleasant surprise in Oklahoma! I did have BBQ twice, can’t lie, but I think I managed to adhere to the old 80%/20% rule for the most part. I came home after two weeks and my clothes still fit so I’m chalking it up to a victory overall.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    hey girl, I know, you were gone for so long! You reminded me of another tip; find a Whole Foods. I always do that…you are guaranteed a good salad, quinoa dish, or something clean on the trip. Good for you! Looks like you managed to be away, have a good time, all while adding in some clean fun. Kudos to you, Steph! xo


Great tips and ideas, especially the snacks! Hope you enjoyed Portland…I ate and drank my way through there last summer.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Suzette! Glad the ideas were helpful. AND Portland is awesome; love the hipster and easy breezy lifestyle. Plus the food and drink, well, I need to go back for more! xo


Thanks, Lisa, for these great tips. Grateful to learn about Happy Cow. Checked out the reviews of Great Sage and agree w/ those reviews so we’ll be using HC on our upcoming trip to Seattle! I’ll also pre-pack some snacks! good idea.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Mindy, Happy Cow is something I use a lot. Have a great time in Seattle. I believe Portland is a rival for cities.:) Enjoy and happy packing! Hugs!

Mia Davis

Lisa, my family and I just made the move from the Midwest to Southern California. Since most of us are strict veggie-heads we packed our own lunches..and did the same for our pets! It took a lot of stress out of the trip and I don’t feel as yucky for having to grab on the go! Love it!

Happy Summer!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Mia! Darling, I didn’t realize you all were moving? Wow! I love that you packed your lunches…I’m sure they were delish! Great tip! Big love to you, my friend.

Dan Holderman

Today is Day 4, I thought I was going to die in Bikram Yoga yesterday, the worst day so far. I had no energy and had to keep taking breaks. I am hoping today is better.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Dan! Do you mean on your vacation? Or detox? If detox, then you are where you need to be. The first few days are rough, to be honest, all depending on your sugar and caffeine, stress before the cleanse. Drink tons, I mean tons! of water. Esp. in Bikram, I am going to class tomorrow. I will be drinking up way before it!:) If you are on a trip, enjoy!

      Dan Holderman

      I meant detox. Today was much better at Bikram Yoga. Maybe the best class I have had so far. One extreme to another. I hope to be in the 11 am class at Annapolis tomorrow, maybe I will see you there.


        Lisa Consiglio Ryan

        I plan to be at the 11 am class too…I will see you there! And take it easy; the heatwave we are having isn’t under normal detox conditions. Drink a lot and eat every 2-3 hours to keep fueled.

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