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What happens when you lose it?


It’s been a rough  2 weeks.

First of all it’s so damn hot here on the East Coast. I’m talking 100 degrees every day. The bright sun was overwhelming.   I swear when it’s hot, people get crazy. Isn’t it true that there is more crime in the summer months?  All I know is that  I’ve been in a state of constant irritation. 

Also, my kids have camp, but it is only until 12 noon so I get stressed when I need to work, and they are home in the afternoons.  I plop them down in front of the TV, feeling guilty that they should be outside. So I stop working, take them to the pool, library, anywhere cool.  Then I’m so busy thinking about work that I don’t enjoy being with them.  Guilt overwhelms me.

And then we lose power late Friday night due to a crazy storm with 70 MPH winds.  So for the whole weekend, no internet, phone, light, fridge, and air conditioning. Man, I was  miserable.

Then it happened.

Does this sound familiar?

Me:  “Jack, what do you want for lunch? Do you want to have some fruit salad?”

No response.

Me:  “Jack, did you hear me?”

No response.

Me:  “Jack, are you listening what do you want to eat!”

No response.  He keeps playing a Beyblade game on the laptop.

Me:  “Jack Ryan! I am talking to you! Answer me!”

My eyes are bulging; I’m shaking; I squeeze the carton of strawberries and they explode everywhere.  I’m screaming.

Jack’s eyes well up with tears. Kate comes into the dining room bawling, saying, “Mama, stop!”

Then I cry. And cry. So much.  We all sit on the floor and cry, hugging each other.

Then it shifted.  My irritation, my guilt, my stress began to lift.  I felt this calm, a release…and realized that none of this piddly stuff matters.  The good cry  put things into perspective to  focus on the good, the love, the positive.  This is the shift I needed.

I tried working out hard, meditation, journaling, even praying to the Universe for some help.  Nothing seemed to be working.  I guess all I needed to do was cry. Let it all out and start over.

Thanks for reading what happened…I sometimes keep things to myself  because I like to be in control…I’m a health coach after all.  I am supposed to portray this essence of having my shit together.   Never messing up.

But I’m human. Just like I tell my lovely clients, it’s okay to fall off the wagon. If it’s with your food, exercise, even emotions, it’s all okay.  I have to remind myself that I too can lose it.

You can  make a shift with just letting go.  Cry, work out, bake a batch of brownies. Do something that shifts your energy so you can enjoy your life even when it gets to be too much.

Here's us back to being happy again.

 What do you do to get out of the “crazies?”  What helps you make a shift so you don’t continue down that road? Tell me what you think below in the comments.

You can also “like” the post if it resonated with you.

Lots of love.


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25 Responses to What happens when you lose it?

Liz Longacre

Thinking of you lots hunny! Had a feeling you’ve been overwhelmed. Glad you found your release!! Sending you lots of love!! xoxo

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Thank you, babe! I knew you KNEW!:) I love that we are so connected, even if living in different states. I feel so so much better now. Big love to you.

rebecca mikalunas

I’m so glad you shared your moment! I think it’s so important that we women share these things so that we all know that it’s normal to “lose it” sometimes. Your family looks and seems so lovely. Those kids are lucky to have a mom like you.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Awww, thank you so much…I do love my kiddos. 🙂 You are so right on, as women we are told to do it all, keep it together, etc… Well, f*** that. We are real, not perfect. What a relief, huh.:)Thank you for your kind words. Lots of love to you.

      Meaghan Massella Walker

      Damn straight, F*** that! Yes, its ok to fall apart and then get back up again. Thanks for the story.

        Lisa Consiglio Ryan

        Ha, Meaghan, love when you get feisty! So true…it’s all okay. A good “let go” and we pick ourselves back up. 🙂

Lisa Kinney

Lisa, thank you for sharing this! We all have our “moments”, and that one final thing that puts us over the edge is really small but it’s everything not just that one thing. I can so feel the love you have for Kate and Jack, and their love and concern for you in this story. Thanks for the validation and simplicity of “Cry.”

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Lisa, oh love, thank you so much for this. I’ve been trying to keep it together for awhile now, and it felt so much better after that cry. I swear. You are right, it’s simple. Just cry. Love you very much, Lisa.


I love that story. Sometimes a cry–or a good belly laugh (both releases) is the best medicine, yeah?

I wish I had a vid of you and the exploding strawberries…that would be pretty funny. Always funny in retrospect, eh?

Have fun at WDS! Wish I could meet you there. Next year??


    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Ha, yes, Jean, darling, it is pretty funny now looking back. Those strawberries were everywhere:) AND a belly-laugh, man, I need one of those. I am sure on my trip I’ll have plenty of them. I’m so excited…I’ll tell you all about it. Wish you were going but next year for sure. xo

Suzanne S.

Oh, I’ve been losing it a lot lately. And then this morning, someone yelled something really insulting to me as I ran at 4:00 am. I just need a good cry but I think I have to make it through another 5 hours of work and then an eye doctor appointment. Trying not to self-destruct is always fun…

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Oh, Suzanne, let it out sister. When you get home after that appt., let go. I swear it made me feel so much better. AND what is up with that person at 4 am…4 am! Just get a release if it is a cry, a run, just let go. Thanks so much for sharing with me. Big hugs!

Thais Zoe | Lucky Duck Living

Awwe Lisa…now I know why I connect with you. Because you are willing to TELL THE TRUTH about what’s going on. I am committed to that, as well, and convinced it is as the root of all the joy in my life – regardless of what the circumstances look like. Not to mention, that being honest with ourselves and with others, gives them permission to be and do the same. Love and hugs to you! Thais

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Thais, you make my heart so so very happy. I was a bit worried to show all this; you know, being a coach, I’m the one who helps others, gives advice. But I needed to tell you all how I’ve been feeling and what’s been going on. What a huge relief and the cry, oh, it was so good. I honor your TRUTH and love that you too are authentic and real. So glad we have our connection, love. Big love to you!

Jen @ Savory Simple

It has been a rough week for sure. I’m still exhausted. Things will get back to normal soon enough! Hang in there and thanks for sharing with us <3

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Thanks,Jen! Yes, exhaustion is something that is still lingering for me. BUT the cry was so therapeutic. What will you do to release? Maybe a nap will cure all for us!:) Big hugs to you.

      Jen @ Savory Simple

      I haven’t been going about things properly. Stress eating to the max. But I restocked the fridge with a ton of fruits and veggies so it’s time to start adding in fresh juice. A nap sounds nice 🙂

        Lisa Consiglio Ryan

        Gotcha! I can’t wait to see what you make with all that good stuff…and the juice certainly helps me. It got me off to a good start this morning. Hang in there, Jen. We got this! xo


I can totally relate! Thanks for being so open and reminding all of us we are in this together.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Charlotte, so glad I could share with you all…I sometimes feel as if I’m not going to make it. I always think summer is a time to slow down, but it seems more hectic. WE are all in this together, for sure!:)

Liz Muhitch

Awww Portland! It will soothe your soul! Make sure to go to Blossoming Lotus to get some Raw Nachos. They have really good bowls and my favorite Barbecue Soy Curls….then there is Wolf and Bear a great falafel cart on Mississippi. Don’t forget Sweet Pea Bakery for that little something sweet and if you want Mexican Porque No. There are so many great things to try. Make sure and go to the Farmers market at Portland State if you are there on Saturday. If you happen to want pizza Mississppi pizza is awesome…they always have fun vegan slices to try. The Hawthorne food carts have many good late night choices such as PB&J fries…a must try! It is a vegan paradise! Have fun!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I knew you would tell me all the Portland scoop! I told Fran the other day that I meant to email you with recommendations and here you are! Thanks for all the places to go…I’m going to be in vegan happy land all weekend! Yay! i’ll try to give a report when I get back. Thanks so much!

Liz Muhitch

Here are a few more things to try…Prasad(downtown),Sunny Bowl(a food cart at 3rd and Washington), The Screen Door(fresh local food), there are so many more! Food is out of this world! Have fun!

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