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Pumpkin Spiced Nuts Recipe


During Fall Renewal 10 Day Detox, I want to shine some sparkle on the amazing people in my life. So for the next 10 days, I will feature recipes from superstar clients and fellow health coaches. 

For Day 1, let’s start with a treat.

This recipe is from detox beauty (she is a Renewal Detox regular!), Jen Farley of  Savory Simple. Plus she takes the most amazing pictures of food…talk about food porn.  Wow! You will want to eat her creations off the page.  Read more about Jen at the end of this post.


These are perfect for fall and holiday parties.  Put them out at Thanksgiving as a snack while people are getting their drink on. I decided not to go overly sweet or spicy with the recipe, but you can adjust the spice quantities to taste.  A bit more maple syrup, a bit of cayenne pepper…customize your nuts!

I used Trader Joe’s Fancy Mixed Nuts, which are a combination of cashews, almonds, pecans, Brazil nuts and filberts.  In my opinion, the pecans and cashews were the most addicting but this will work with any combination of nuts. I also used Penzy’s Pumpkin Pie spice but you can easily make your own fall spice mixture from ingredients such as cinnamon, fresh nutmeg and allspice. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Spiced Cocktail Nuts

16 ounces mixed nuts (a little over 3 cups)

1 egg white

1 1/2 teaspoons maple syrup

1 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 tablespoons pumpkin pie spice

optional: 1 teaspoon cayenne

Preheat the oven to 250 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment.

Place the nuts in a large bowl.

In a smaller bowl, whisk the egg white and maple syrup until frothy.

Pour the mixture over the nuts and stir until the nuts are well coated.

Sprinkle the spices over the nuts and toss until evenly combined.

Spread the nuts on the parchment in a single layer.Bake for 45 minutes, allow to cool before serving.

*For vegan, use egg replacer for these gems.

Jennifer Farley is the owner, recipe developer and food photographer of Savory Simple. She graduated from the Culinary Arts program at L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, MD where she trained in classic French technique. Jennifer currently works as a social media marketer and occasional cooking instructor. She resides in the Washington DC metropolitan area and can often be found exploring the local culinary scene in search of new inspiration.


Aren’ these beauties lookin’ so delish? I will totally make these for my next party!



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