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Yummy Friendship Shake


During Fall Renewal 10 Day Detox, I want to shine some sparkle on the amazing people in my life. So for the next 10 days, I will feature recipes from superstar clients and fellow health coaches.

For Day 9, this tasty shake was created by Heidi Zimmerman Kress, another detox  and Kickin ‘ It Clean queen.  She is so invested in her family’s health as well as her own, and I love how she documents each step of the recipe process.

It’s yummy and fills the sweet craving. It  kind of tastes like a baked good!

Friendship Shake

1 1/2 peeled frozen bananas
1 C organic flax seed milk
1/2 C organic coconut milk (unsweetened, unflavored)
1/2 – 1 C ice cubes (depends on how “slushy” you like it)
1 T raw honey (or none, to taste)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla

Blend and drink up!



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