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2013 Top 20 Clean Living Resources (+ Book Giveaway)


At the beginning of each year, I give a special gift to my community.

I ‘m asked all the time what cookbooks  I recommend, what my favorite foodie sites are, which blogs I follow, what beauty products I like…

So I made you a resource list…a guide for “clean living.”

If you are new to adding more plants in your diet or staying away from processed foods or just need a few more cool cookbooks to check out, you will love my list.

AND speaking of cookbooks…I am giving away a FREE Crazy Sexy Kitchen, by Kris Carr.  All you have to do to win is leave a comment below with your “clean living”   recommendation.  I will pick randomly from the comments and will announce the winner on Monday, January 21st.  Right here on this post. 



*****Lucy Saba-TAYLOR!!!*****

“I just adore Kris.”

In a nutshell, you strive to eat more whole foods (a lot of greens, gluten-free grains, and organic produce), you use natural ingredients when cooking, and you are eco-conscious.  You tend to follow the 80/20 guideline:  80% of the time you eat clean, move your body, practice gratitude; you do what makes you feel amazing. The other 20%, you go out with your girlfriends, have wine, eat pizza at the birthday party…all without guilt. You listen to your body and really tap into the body, mind, and spirit connection.

Obviously there are tons of great resources out there, with recipes, nutrition info, forums, etc… you just need to know where to look.  Everything from recipes to cookbooks and nutrition, to blogs are on my list.  All my favorites in one place just for you.

And of course, if you got one that I left off the list, feel free to add it in the comments. (You can win a prize while you are at it, too!)

Here’s my love list:


(Win a copy!):  I absolutely adore Kris, and I was so stoked to get her new cookbook, Crazy Sexy Kitchen.  I recently made the Save the Tuna Salad on Rye, and I must say one word; heaven.   Plus the pictures are to die-for!  This cookbook will inspire you to experiment in the kitchen with new foods (think  seaweed) as well as  favorites like kale and quinoa.

:  I started following Sarah’s blog a few years back.   Then I got lucky and won a free copy from Hooked and Happy . AND now I’m “hooked” on the recipes.  The green and Red Lentils Enchiladas are delish!  Also, I enjoy reading her stories that go along with the recipes.  Sarah is so down-to-earth and practical and knows what your kids will eat without forcing the “no dessert if you don’t eat your peas!” rule.  You might have to switch out some of the ingredients with natural sugars, but this cookbook has great ideas for kids especially if you get the turned up nose thing at the dinner table.

:  I am really digging raw foods and using new tools like a dehydrator and nut milk bag.  Sarma’s book is beautiful…it makes you want to eat the food right off the pages.  If you ever have been to Pure Food and Wine in NYC, you will know why I picked this book.  The food is out-of-this-world delicious.  There are tons of amazing smoothie and salad recipes to try, and I keep finding new things to make all the time.  What a treasure!

:  Staying Healthy with the Seasons is an oldie but goodie.  I think I bought this book over 10 years ago, but I always go back to it for information on seasonal eating and the connection of nature and our bodies. Did you know the kidneys and bladder rule the winter season?  Therefore we need to eat certain foods (i.e. adzuki beans) to support these organs to keep us in balance at this time of year.  Fascinating.  This is such a fun book to have on your bookshelf so you can reference it as the seasons change.

The Desire Map is actually a program; a collection of soul-searching multi-media goodness. I ordered my kit a few weeks ago and have already dived into the first book.  Danielle  is a brilliant writer, and I’ve seen her speak live, and let me tell you, her voice can put you in a state of calm instantly.  She is so wise, real, and kick ass (with a touch of love). She talks about how you want to “feel” when it comes to what you desire in life.    I’m excited to have this resource guide me this year.



6.  Justine Musk:  Now this lovely lady is a friend of mine; she’s a brilliant, I mean, BRILLIANT, writer.  Justine recently wrote this blog post that sparked every cell inside of me.  Take a look:  it is time for you to go on an adventure .

Also she has a free download I have up in my office:  25 Badass Ways to Say NO.   I like #3 (I’d rather stick needles in my eyes.) AND #14 (My ladyballs are not that big).  I’m not sure if I’ll ever say #14 out loud, but I like it!   Justine’s 25 ways are great reminders to take care of yourself.

7.  Daily Love I read this blog everyday. In fact, I get a message of  Love each day in my inbox. Mastin writes about his daily life and how to connect with others as well as with ourselves.  Very honest and thought provoking… as he states on his site, it’s like getting a daily dose of e-multivitamin for your soul.

In fact, read his latest post:   Why we should forgive Lance Armstrong, right now

8.  Gluten-Free GoddessA big part of eating clean is adding in gluten-free options.  Karina does a fantastic job of using gluten-free ingredients in her recipes. Muffins, cupcakes, soups, and appetizers…and she even has an informative going gluten-free cheat sheet and baking tips for those who want to go full-force.  I love going to this blog for inspiration and new ideas on the gluten-free front.

9.  101 Cookbooks I’m a huge fan of this blog!  If you are a foodie, you need to visit (that’s if you haven’t already!).  The recipes are delicious, and I like how Heidi documents the process of the cooking steps.  She calls it a recipe journal. Love it! Pictures are beautiful as well as the recipes are easy to switch up to your liking or you can follow along step-by-step.

10.  Favorite post:  This post will get your juices flowing for the New Year.  Scott Dinsmore of  Live Your Legend wrote this amazing blog post on productivity.  I know I fall into the habit of saying, “I’m just so busy! I don’t have time for ___________.” You too?

Read How Richard Branson Started Over 400 Companies:  The Most Productivity (and Confidence) Hack of All Time You will be surprised by Richard’s one word answer to getting shit done.


11.  WELL in L.A.: My lovely friend, Monique (see #12), introduced me to Erin and her site, and I fell in love instantly. The graphics, colors, photographs…and the best part, clean living! I visit her blog all the time to just look at her pictures. Beautiful!   She writes about the clean life regarding food, clothing, products, and her message is crystal clear:  connect, play,  and continue to be your  super healthy and ultimate best self.  Live well.

12.  Goddess Huntress:   My girl, Monique, has the #1 non-toxic beauty site out there in cyber land. Hands down.  Goddess Huntress is my go-to site for any questions I may have regarding paraben-free makeup or safe sunscreen for my kids,etc…  She also gives away tons of cool beauty products and does reviews so you are informed on the safest and latest for your body. I trust her 100%, and she has been our beauty expert for the Renewal Detox programs.

13.  Dr. Aklaitis:  The BEST plant-based skin cream in the world.  I use the eye cream religiously each night, and the I love the fact that all the ingredients can be eaten.  A good rule:  don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. This is extremely hard to do, but with the Dr. Aklaitis products, easy as pie.  Even Giselle thinks so. I’m also digging the Nourishing Treatment Oil. It smells divine and you can use it on your face, body and hair. So lovely.

14.  Vitamix Okay, I have a huge crush…on my Vitamix. I made a delicious after-workout smoothie with kale, banana, almond butter, Vega protein powder, and coconut milk. And it was fast and easy with my mac-daddy blender.  You can make soups, stews, frozen daiquiris (just like in college!).  You can make anything, I swear.  It saves me in the kitchen especially when I need to puree ingredients for a quick soup.   If you don’t have one yet, save every penny you can to purchase one this year.


15.   Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead:  This documentary is  about an Aussie who lost a huge amount of weight when he started juicing. He travels to America to help another guy with the same rare disease juice for 60 days.  Pretty cool film and a repeat from last year’s guide. I am truly inspired by Joe.

16.  Hungry for Change:  This film is riveting and edgy plus extremely educational.  As a nation, we need to take charge of our wellness NOW.  The American diet is destroying our health, and this film  uncovers the truth about sugar, processed foods,etc…  You HAVE to watch Hungry for Change.  Have your kids watch it with you.  It will change the way you think about your health.  You can watch 20 minutes of the film on to get a taste of the vital message.

17.  MC Yogi Need something fun to listen to during the work day or while you prepare dinner?  I truly enjoy listening to MC Yogi’s soundtrack; it’s a mixture of hip hop, Sanskrit, world music.  It’s kinda like taking yoga off your mat and onto the dance floor.  The messages in his songs are spiritual and fun at the same time. You can download a free song or hear samples of his music on his site. (My favorite song is Hanuman by the way).

18.  Origin Magazine: I’m a magazine junkie, and Origin by far is one of my favorites (along with People, but that is another story and you can’t compare the two.  No way!). When it comes to humanity, sustainability, art, lifestyle, music,  I can get lost here.  I soak in each story about Russel Simmons, Jane Fonda, Deepak Chopra, Julia Styles… the interviews are raw and honest. 

19.  VegNewsAnother mag I pick up each month is the fun VegNews.  The writing is flirty and carefree, but it’s also packed with tons of information on health news, recipes, and pop culture in the veggie world.

20.  Wild Sister Magazine Each month I look forward to downloading my new copy, curling up on the coach with a cup of nice tea, and sinking into each article written by powerful women from all over the world.  Goddess Leonie and Gabby Bernstein are contributors as well as many beautiful, soulful, intelligent women from New Zealand to the U.S.  Also, I’m honored and proud to  be a writer for Wild Sister. Very.



Check out a few of these resources and tell me what you discovered.  A new recipe? A new blog to inspire you? A new wellness tip?

Now I want to hear from you.  Add your clean living resource in the comments below.  I’m sure there are tons of great resources I forgot to mention.

**I read blogs from many health coaches, fitness experts, mommy bloggers who write the best entertaining and amazing content.  Mommyologist, The Literal Mom, Savory Simple, The Mongul Mom are just a few.   I am working on a special list that contains my clients’ and friends’ blogs and books. Stay tuned!

(I hope you dig the resource guide I made for you.   Click “like” to share the love around).


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43 Responses to 2013 Top 20 Clean Living Resources (+ Book Giveaway)

Jen Barrett

So totally NOT sucking up but Lisa is my fav resource. I am a people person and love checking in with you! My tried and true recipes are from the past year where I have done every cleanse and KIC as well. Love them all. I also have a vegan friend who is training for the Winter Olympics and he is great too. Love my healthy friends!!!

Simple Dinners by Vicky D

Love getting your e-mails and I have put this particular page on on my “bookmarked” list on my computer! Enjoy reading your great positive writings on Facebook also! You are so honest about yourself. Thank you, and I have a Vitamix now too and love green smoothies! I have not made anything else with it yet!
Vicky Duecker


For the love of kale is a blog I recently found with a great mix of food fitness and beauty!

I packed my sexy salad for a healthy lunch on the road today 🙂

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Oh yes! I do like For the Love of Kale, too…and the eco-beauty, fitness is such a great bonus. Thanks for that resource! AND hope you enjoyed that sexy salad, lovely. xx

Sharon New

Hello Lisa:

One of the green things that I enjoy the most, is making bone broth. I feel it is the best way to fully honor the animal that has given up his life so I could have nourishment. Sharon


Lisa, what a great list. I have already bookmarked several of the websites. Thanks for posting this. I will add to the Inspiration/blog list…OhSheGlows. She has some super yummy vegan recipes on there.

Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop.

YOU! You got me going — eating more veggies and other natural foods. I’ve stuck with my lemon water and apple cider vinegar every morning and received a Vitamix for Christmas. I think I’ve had a green smoothie every day since and *miracle upon miracles* lost weight by the new year! : ) Thank you for your constant inspiration and this list! I’ll check out a few new resources!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I’m blushing! Oh, Amy, I adore you, and I’m so happy to hear your update on everything. You have a lot of healthy habits in place; you are an inspiration! Just taking a few ideas like the water and lemon and building step by step is the way to go. I love how you embraced this. Congrats on scoring that Vitamix and I can’t wait to see what you create! Thank YOU for being here with me and spreading the clean living goodness around. Let me know what resource you check out. Big love to you.


I like the Environmental Working Group’s website. They have helpful things like the Dirty Dozen list of fruits and veggies that are high in pesticides, but they also have the Clean 15 list of those that are so high so you’ll know where to save money at the grocery.


Lisa – I was introduced to you but my good friend and I have already completed two detoxes and two kickin it clean programs. I am trying to incorporate healthy eating. I love weight watchers because they provide lots of recipes and swaps for traditional foods to make them healthier. I just started checking out Bobby Flay’s Fit blog, he has tips about cooking healthy, working out and staying disciplined. I like it because it shows how some small changes can make a bgi difference!


Whoops, I mean those that AREN’T so high in pesticides.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Ha! I did a double take on that one…I realized what you meant, Suzanne! 🙂


I really look at my food differently (most of the time) and ask, “is this food in it most natural state”? I also use your site and Clean Eating magazine …

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Ianthe, right on, lovely! When I reach for that box of somethin’ somethin’, I try to ask the same thing. Clean Eating mag is a good one to add…and I’m so honored that you also use my site for some clean livin’ goodness. Big hugs to you!


Hi Lisa,

My clean living resources are:
1. Institute for Integrative Nutrition School (IIN). Just started on January 14 and looking forward to new year in the school. They are giving a lot of information about living clean and healthy what I am including in my everyday life.
2. Trying to eat raw as much as I can. It is more difficult in a winter and I am going 50/50 today.
3. You….You giving me a great motivation to follow a healthy eating plan day after day…Love your detoxing and season’s renewals.
4. Shopping in organic markets as much as I can.
5. Planting my own vegetables and herbs in my garden during summer.
6. Buying raw goat milk, raw honey, raw cheeses, etc. at local farm.
7. Getting magazines “Organic Spa”, “Whole Living”, “Alleluia Acres” in my mailbox monthly.

And many more small things what helping me stay clean…


Arcona skincare line:
The key to ARCONA’s effectiveness is its active ingredients and the way they are combined and processed. Cosmeceutical-grade ingredients, such as enzymes, antioxidants and amino acids, are formulated to work synergistically to deliver powerful results. These active ingredients are cold-processed at very low temperatures, in small batches, to keep them active and effective. Because cold processing is labor and time intensive, most skin care products, even the expensive ones that may begin with quality ingredients, are heatprocessed, which ultimately leaves nutrients lifeless and ineffective. Think of what happens to fresh vegetables when they are overcooked!

This Blog:

Erica Wahlig

I love It’s a blog about whole food eating. It really opened my eyes to what is going into some of the foods I eat. It was very upsetting but made me think about what I can change in my food habits to avoid toxins.


I love DIYNatural for natural homemade alternative to chemical cleaners and for the latest on scientific research!

Devon Jackson

Oh wow, SO many great resources, thank you for putting this together! I am overwhelmed with everything I want to read Right Now! Here is another resource that has been great for me:

And their cook book, The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook.

Many great recipes (favorites right now are Lemon Lentil Soup and Moroccan Chickpea Soup), thorough instructions for doing an allergy elimination diet, and I even learned to dig through my lentils to remove gluten-containing grains that are almost always found in there.



Lisa – I’m new to your group and am looking forward to learning lots and complimenting my holistic nutrition practice – gotta learn to share new discoveries!

What I do every morning upon waking is juice an organic lemon in some pure water – gentle and wonderful cleanse to start your day fresh! I’m also incorporating raw foods into my diet and am hoping to become “mostly raw” within a few short months. I LOVE the Beyond Organic Products!

My go-to resources are so many I don’t know where to start! I love, and lots of FacebookPages! I certainly would like to echo Suzanne’s comment on the Environmental Working Group’s website. Not only do they discuss foods but household cleaners, personal care products and make-up, as well!

My goal this year (apart from becoming mostly raw) is to transform my home into a completely toxic-free one! Toxic-free body, toxic-free home, toxic-free life! Hmmm, sounds like I’ve got a theme going here.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi lovely, Lucy! Welcome and most of all, congrats for winning the amazing Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen! Woot! Lucky lady for sure. Send us your addy so we can get the book to you. Also, you have so many cool resources for healthy clean living…thanks for sharing with us. And if you run into any cool toxic-free home ideas, please let us know. Big hugs and congrats!

Jennifer V

Since you had a section for films, I’d say that I found the documentary “Forks Over Knives” really thought-provoking and interesting.

I’ve been so wanting to get Kris Carr’s cookbook, so I love that you’re giving it away!

Also, what a small world that you’re friends with Justine Musk! I’ve been reading her blog for years (inspiration for a budding novelist), and I find it fitting that you two amazing women are friends. 🙂 I’m also a fan of 101 Cookbooks. Such a gorgeous site!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Oh, oh yes! Jennifer, Forks Over Knives is fascinating isn’t it? It was on my 2012 list. AND yes, I met Justine about 2 years ago…isn’t she just so kick ass? AND I can’t wait to hear more about your novel…details lovely!xx


I continue to do the lemon water and vinegar in the morning, with the daily dose of vitamins. And sometimes when I’m feeling particularly stressed, I will do the dry-brushing. I try to shop the perimeter of the stores, and constantly ask myself, is this food real? One of my New Year’s resolutions – to only eat vegetarian (no french fries!) when we go out, and only have wine on weekends or out socializing with friends.

Susan Williams

I am so happy to have found you guys. Thanks to my friend referring me last year for a detox. I have done fall and winter (last year) I plan on doing spring and summer. BEST DETOX ever. More importantly you learn to change habits that benefit you and your whole family. Keep up the great work!!! Always learning and hoping to continue to. Learning to cook a whole new way

Suzanne S.

I really enjoy Tosca Reno, although she sometimes advocates for foods that aren’t perfectly clean. I think she is a great intro into the clean living lifestyle because her recipes are a great transition between unhealthy and healthy eating. I also like Nom Nom Paleo ( as a great blogging resource – her recipes are amazing!! And of course, local fave Lisa!

Suzanne S.

Oh and I forgot – FITNESS! I especially love, and – all 3 are blogs and all 3 are on YouTube.

Jenny M.

I recently was introduced to your website through Stephenie Zamora and her Foundations for Unshakeable Joy program. I’d have to recommend Stephenie’s blog as a great resource for living the life you want! I’m so excited to learn more about eating clean!

Courtney H.

I’m a noob & rely on blogs like yours… grabbing every bit of info I can on Facebook and Pinterest. This is a helpful list – thank you!

Kristi B.

My clean living recommendation is: DRINK YOUR JUICE! Ever since I discovered juicing my life has changed. Certainly I am human like everyone else and don’t do everything I should to live as clean as possible but since I added juicing to my daily routine I feel amazing. It is the one thing I always recommend to anyone who asks.

Candace W

I find quite a bit of useful information on the Vegetarian Times website! (Although it is not delivered in the same upbeat positive motivating maner as whole Health Designs!!)
Thanks doing what you do!!

Heather Holcomb

I love Clean Eating magazine as well as Post Punk Kitchen, which is a vegan, simple style recipe website with tasty and interesting delights!

I love these suggestions!


Balanced Bites podcast are a good listen while at work.
Touch on all kinds of subjects and entertaining too.

Carolyn Sasek

Since June 2010, I’ve been reading labels and omitting “that which I cannot pronounce” aka chemicals — food additives, etc. I’ve been eating predominantly organic and went of a half dozen meds that I was on for various health issues. I lost about thirty pounds in about the first six months (without much other change in my lifestyle) and have been overall healthier ever since.

I am currently starting to juice (after seeing “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”) and am looking forward to getting healthier yet!! I enjoy your site! Keep up the blessings!! 😉

Carolyn Sasek

Eliminating food additives — shopping for ingredients, rather than meals (as noted in the additional footage of “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”) goes a long way in improving your health. 🙂

Doris Crispell

Two years ago we stopped processed food and I buy as much organic as possible. This year I vowed to give up four legged animals because of saturated fat. I really don’t each much red meat, an occasional steak every now and then. I didn’t realize how much pork we ate. A couple of months ago my hubby purchased a Nutri Bullet after getting tired of the clean up from the Jack LaLane juicer. He juices and makes fruit and veggie protein shakes. Now that is some “clean living” for my hubby who was a junk food junkie. Both of us are making better clean food choices.


Thank you, Lisa, for sharing this list and your encouragement for healthy living. You started me with my first 10 day detox…was that two years ago. Love everyone’s input here.
From the Public Library I have two new cookbooks to explore this long weekend. True Food by Andrew Weil and Smitten Kitchen by Deb Perelman (love her blog w/ photos).
Just starting to experiment w/ juicing and enjoying that very much.


Well- I’m going to have to get on the bandwagon and say that you Lisa, are my favorite health resource! You make clean living so accessible and take the intimidation away. I loved and learned so much from “Forks Over Knives” and reading The China Study. I also got really overwhelmed by what I thought I needed to do. Your 80/20 approach is realistic, doable and comforting. Thank you! I also enjoy “The Wellness Warrior” and many more but I know vegan doesn’t always equal clean so I don’t want to carelessly list my other favorites. 🙂


Did I miss the deadline? I hope not, I really want to read this book. Anyways, my favorite health resource is Lisa! Seriously, I don’t have the time to find out all this stuff on my own. This morning, my husband said, why don’t you make me a juice one day, as long as it’s good. Hmmm…I don’t think he realizes they typically have vegetables in it. Hee hee.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hey lovely, you didn’t and I’m so excited you will be with us for Winter Renewal! AND thank you so much for the kudos…you are making huge leaps with healthy habits, and as for your husband,I curious to find out about the juice! What did you make him? Always adding a lime or lemon can do the trick.:)

Danielle Stewart

I used to love meat, and I have to say I probably still would if it wasnt for the juice cleanse. I worked at a meat market for 13 years before they closed the doors. Since the juice cleanse, I dont even crave it. Now I might use meat once if that a week. Now I use lentils, beans, greens etc. I juice 2-3x per day and have eliminated sugar besides what is in greek yogurt =). I have people compliment me on my skin, my hair, and my livelihood.
I cant wait til the 10 day winter detox. My friends think I am crazy but its ok I feel great.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Danielle, that meat market cracks me up…really, you worked in one? You were an amazing support to the gang during Juice It Up! AND I’m thrilled that you joined Winter Renewal. And heck with it, it might sound crazy, but you are lookin’ and feelin’ gooooood. I’m sure others will want what you got! 🙂

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