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5 Step Method for Making Smoothies


This is the second video for the Spring Renewal Detox series.

Check out video #1: How to Make a Salad Jar if you missed last week.

Are your ready for some smoothie making?

Most of us like to plop in the ingredients and hope for the best.  A lot of times it works out, but there have been instances where I spit out the drink the second it touched my lips. 

There’s actually a science to making a great tasting smoothie. You need certain equipment, ingredients, and even a magical step that you probably haven’t heard of yet.  This step can make or break your smoothie.

Click on the vid for my step-by-step instructions on making the ultimate best tasting smoothie ever.

I also give you the recipe for “Berry Green Smoothie” from the Spring Renewal detox menu. A little sneak peak for you.

Smoothie from Greg Harrell on Vimeo.

*You can play with the ingredients to make your creation they way you want.  Also, I don’t use measurements as you can see in the vid, but I gave approximate amounts for you.

*If you want to use powders for your smoothie, I recommend a chocolate or berry flavored one for this one.  Try Vega protein powder brand or any superfood powder like  maca

What do you create with your blender? Leave your recipe or idea below. I’m always excited to learn from you!

PS.  Spring Renewal starts April 22nd.

Info for you: Spring Renewal 10 Day Detox

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7 Responses to 5 Step Method for Making Smoothies

Simple Dinners by Vicky D

Watched your smoothie video and have a question. Why did you wait til the end to put your greens and flax in the smoothie? The Vitamix can handle putting all the ingredients in at once and then blending. Just a question. I know there may be other machines that may have a problem handling the load but good ol “Viti” can do it. Was wondering if there was a nutrition reason for it? Vicky

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Good q, Vicky! If one doesn’t have the mac daddy Vitamix or Blendec, I was showing the proper steps for them. The videographer took out the part when I rambled on about getting an Oyster, or any inexpensive blender (because any kind would really work) etc…, hee hee. It would have been a 10 minute video! Also, it’s good to have a nice liquid base to work with…great for texture. When you start to add in powders, this is also good to follow. With the high powered machines, you still need to get the liquid base set before adding all other ingredients. Smooth, silkiness is born!

Robin Hallett

HI Lisa, I love these kinds of videos. Boy did I learn a lot. I throw everything in at once, and always have trouble – I have an Oster blender! So there you go, you totally helped me and I cannot wait for breakfast tomorrow.
My go to mix is kale, berries, coconut water, blue green algae and hemp. I am going to change it up tomorrow –
Hugs and love,

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    My sweet Robin! Why thank you and so excited you are following the series. I had a blurb in my vid about the Oyster being awesome. Will add to copy just in case. Lovin’ your creation…I’m gonna try it! xoxo

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Joanna Lott

I love your videos Lisa! I have a terrible mixer — I think it’s as cheap as they come. So I think these pointers will really help. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow morning!

P.S. I brought a salad in a jar to work last week and everyone was asking — “who has a salad in a jar in the fridge? It looks great!” And it was great!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Exciting news about the salad jar! Love it, Joanna!
    It was hard to do the secret step with the Vitamix, but with any other blender, waiting to blend the greens will help. Super stoked you like the vids! xo

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