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Spring Renewal Detox Giveaway


Detox.  Not sure about it?

Watch this candid convo I had with Ally, the star in the Detox Myth video (she was the crazy detox lady).  After we were done laughing from all the joking around, things got a little more serious.   She mentioned how she is really scared of this detox thing. 

Ally started asking questions like…

“What do you eat on a detox?”

“What do you actually detox from? I picture peoples with the sweats!”

“Can I keep up with normal life?”

She has participated  Kickin’ It Clean  but said she would NEVER try detox.  Will she go for  it this time?

Click the video for our in depth detox convo and find out.

(This was not rehearsed…I had really no idea what she was going to ask me. Pinky swear!)

Here’s how to win your FREE spot:

1. Tell me ONE healthy intention/goal you have for this spring. What do you want to create during your detox?

2. Click ” Like”  below.

 I’m giving away TWO spots, and  I will announce the winners right here on this post, April 19th by 5 pm EST. 

And the lucky detox winners are…

PS.  Need more info on the Spring Renewal detox?  

Here you go:  Spring Renewal starts April 22nd!

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72 Responses to Spring Renewal Detox Giveaway

Jessica Sandlin

Ally makes some great points in the video- and so does Lisa! Thanks for this- you really addressed some of my excuses.
Your spring renewal last year started my now-45-pound total weight loss (!), so I am excited to join the detox and springboard to re-setting my diet (INTENTION!) and losing the last 20 pounds. Plus, I love Lisa’s recipes!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Jessica! How I miss you, lady. And 45 pounds, holy kale…that is so awesome. You took some of the detox principles and adjusted to your “real life” which is the main goal of detox. Or at least mine…adding in all kinds of healthy goodness step by step. Good luck! xx


My goal this spring is to be intentional with my eating. No more picking off my kid’s plates or sampling while cooking dinner. I will sit down, completely chew, savor and enjoy each meal.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Corry, I love your spring intention…being present, aware of how your food can fuel you…being still, chewing your food so you can fully enjoy you meals.Best of luck to you!


For once and for all I would really like to kick my pop habit! I’ve been trying for a while and go days without one and then without even thinking about it I’m drinking another Diet Coke! Even when I know how terrible it is for me breaking that addiction is difficult.

LaToya Gay

Tell me ONE healthy intention/goal you have for this spring. What do you want to create during your detox? One healthy goal that have for this spring is to learn how to eat more healthier and become more consistent when it comes to improving the overall health of my body.


One of my main goals this spring is to get rid of my sugar and caffeine cravings!I will just finish a well-balanced, healthy meal and feel great about myself but STILL crave something sweet after! I also want to increase my overall energy by making sure that I am feeding my body with nutritious foods!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    The sugar and caffeine, such drugs I tell ya. I’m wondering if that sweet habit after you meals is a habit? Are you getting enough protein during the day? Hmmm, we can unlock all this during detox. Best of luck, Alexandra!

Jennifer Sheppard

I would love to try a detox. I’ve heard great things about them, and I really feel like I need to do something to jolt myself into healthier eating! I feel like a detox would reset my body from it’s bad habits, and I need a reset!!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    “…jolt myself into healthier eating!” Oh, I just dig that! Resetting with detox is perfect for the spring time of year. Good luck to you, Jennifer!


My intention for this detox would be to put my health first. Last year my husband deployed when I was 8 months pregnant, I spent almost this whole last year focused on his and my beautiful daughters wellbeing. Now that he is home safe I feel so blessed to have a healthy husband and daughter but I have put my own health on the back burner. Its time for me to set some energy and intention on myself so I can be the best mother, wife and friend I can be.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I’m so glad to hear your husband is back safe and sound now. I admire how you share your gratefulness; you do have an amazing life and yes, as mom and wife, it’s time to make YOU the priority, at least for 10 days.:) Beautiful intention, Amanda!


My number one goal is to give myself time to put the right things in my body. That is a great gift that I can give myself and my kids.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    A beautiful and necessary gift, Kate! Time to plan, prepare, and think about what goodness you and your kids will eat is priceless. Good luck!

DeDi oxenberg

I want to increase the number of healthy food options for myself, as I am looking to continue (get back to) my 80/20 healthy eating lifestyle.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Keep on, DeDi! The menu is amazing if I must say so…lots of great additions to your 80/20 lifestyle. Good luck!

Kim Hindle

I want to feel energetic – not lethargic. I want to feel mentally sharp and lose the bloat..I don’t feel like I know I should. I am tired all the time and just feel “off”. Would love to try the detox and see if that can make a difference. Thanks so much!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I am with you, Kim! The mental sharpness is something I love about detox. I just can’t believe how aware, focused I am as I cleanse. I hope you get to join us! Good luck!

Diane Zambory

My spring goal is cleaning up my diet and having more energy. I also quit drinking after many years. I need to give my skin a renewal as well as my liver.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Good for you, Diane! The liver rules this time of year according to Traditional Chinese Medicine…so it’s perfect to cleanse that organ with detox. And if the liver is stuck, we tend to have skin problems. So glow on and clean out…good luck!:)


Right now I’m feeling blah and clogged. I want to flush all of the toxins from my body and start the spring with healthy eating habits and exercise. I’ve been wanting to try a detox and there is so much overwhelming information on the web that I really don’t know where to start. Also with eating healthier I’m hoping it helps my kids want to eat better also. Thank you for the info that I have gotten from you and your site so far!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Feeling blah and clogged is no fun.Hopefully I answered some of your detox q’s with the vid today. There’s tons of crazy detox info out there so stick with us and we’ll take care of you. So excited you are here with me! Good luck, Angie.


I love this discourse on your style of detoxing, Lisa!

I’m visiting my primary MD for my annual checkup and I was thinking during meditation today about the importance of prevention and that’s why I’m visiting her today–getting a checkup–checking in. So, I came up with The Three P’s that are on my mind because of that. And, they are, Practice, Prevention and Perseverance. Practice–in following the practices that keep me centered; Prevention–checking in and seeing how I’m doing physically and mentally; and Perseverance–continuing to move forward in creating a healthy life and work.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Thanks, lovely Jean! Prevention is huge; unfortunately so many people wait until they are really sick to get help. I love your three Ps! I’m curious, what practices keep you centered? I’m assuming your meditation, maybe eating real foods? I honor all you do to lead a healthy and full life. Big hugs!


I just turned 50, and that means scheduling “the big test” — the colonoscopy! Schedulng that “1st time 50 year old” test made me really appreciate how important my “Inside Health” is to my well-being. I have done one of your Renewals in the past, and loved how great I felt when I accomplished it. I believe doing the Spring Renewal, and then going right into my “big test” in mid-Maywould be a wonderful way to start a healthy summer and celebrate being 50!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    The big test…I’m sure you will pass with flying colors, dear! AND 50, girrrrrl, you are looking amazing and so excited to be cleansing with you again. I can’t wait to celebrate with you; toasting you with a green juice. Big hugs to you! PS. “Inside Health” I swear I need to steal these cool sayings!


I am looking to become less bloated! I find that when I eliminate the starchy and salty foods, I lose a few pounds and the pants fit a lot better πŸ™‚

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Love that feeling, Amanda! It’s pretty much a given on detox to lose a little bloat. Good luck,my dear!

Kim K.

My goal is to eliminate sugar from my diet not just for my sake but for my boys as well. Our society is drenched in sugar and kids are consuming more than ever. I want to be an example to my young sons and their friends in the hopes that they will see the importance in clean eating and a healthy lifestyle. Already started pre-detoxing and am losing that nasty sugar craving. Also seeing the immediate benefits in a clearer complexion and more energy by late afternoon. I’ve already signed up but have a friend who could really benefit from the detox both physically and mentally. Would love to win it for her! Looking forward to detoxing with you again Lisa!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Kim, you are speaking my language! Sugar is added to so many processed foods even when we eat out, restaurants add extra sugar to make sure we keep coming back for more. Kim, I adore you to pieces; good luck to you so you can win the detox for your friend. AND so excited to cleanse with you again. We’ve been together for such a long time. xx


I would love to kick my diet coke, chip, sweets habit(s) and begin a new lifestyle of healthy eating to be the best 43 year-old/mom/wife and woman I can be.
I’ve lost 90+ pounds in the last 3 years and have become physically fit. However, I still CRAVE caffeine, crunchy snacks and sweets all day. I’m hoping that a cleanse such as this will supercharge a new way of living. Thank you for your consideration!


Would love to jumpstart a new way of living with your spring detox. I’ve lost about 90 pounds in the past 3 years and become physically fit. I go to the gym at least 4 times each week and am more athletic than I’ve ever been. However, I have a couple really bad habits. I’m completely addicted to Diet Coke. I also crave both salty and sweet snacks. I don’t eat nearly healthy enough and have not been (except for the physical) a good role model for my 2 boys (ages 5 and 3). I come from an obese family so I need to make sure that my boys are steered in the right direction.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Amy, well, you are a ROCK STAR! For sure…I admire how you took your time to lose weight without any gimmicks and with exercise and hard work. That dang Diet Coke, it is so addicting, isn’t it. I had a big habit awhile back; here’s some ways to kick it: . We can also delve into your salty vs. sweet cravings. I’m excited to see what detox can do for you. Good luck!


I just NEED it. I NEED to lose 10 lbs, I NEED to feel that drive and focus again, I NEED to feel great about myself because I am great! Not just for me; for my whole famiy!


    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Tracey, you NEED a detox, yes! I’m not sure about the weight loss as it is different for everyone, but feeling good in your skin, about yourself is crucial. Plus taking care of YOU has a ripple effect on everyone in the family. I just love that. Good luck, darling!


I need a spring cleaning (so does my house and yard!!!) I put my husband and three kids (8, 7 and 3) first all the time… I prioritize healthy eating; even go to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s shopping one day and then Costco and Mom’s Organic Market on another day to get the best foods for my family at the best prices possible (it’s hard to feed 5 people on organic, healthy foods with one income!!!)
Anyhow, when I am doing a detox, I put the focus on myself and the others take the back burner… not 100%, we still have karate, baseball and soccer, but… AND I just love getting new AWESOME Lisa recipes that I can make OVER & OVER!!! Red Pepper Soup a favorite, the spicy fall renewal bean soup, had it today! πŸ™‚

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I know how BIG a priority it is to eat healthy for you and your family. I am so impressed at all the shopping you do to make it all work. You need to be on TV to help us organize! You will really dig the new recipes and it would be AWESOME to cleanse with you again. Yay! Here’s to putting you first for 10 days…you deserve it, mama. xx


I just want to get going on the weight loss. I’ve been walking more with the pups, but still struggle with the eating part.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Awww, what kind of pups do you have? You got the movement down, now the food. On the detox you’ll have everything laid out for you so no guesswork. Good luck to you, Ronalyn!


I want to kickstart my new health regimen, i.e., I need new recipes, ideas and a focus on revitalizing my life.

My diet has become boring even though I have exercised and eaten well most of my life. My latest concern is sugar. I seek out foods that have all kinds of sugar forms and this has put several pounds around my waist and upper abdominals.

I’m motivated by a friend who has lost several pounds from the previous detox. My main goal is to eat healthily and be as strong as I can be. I have rheumatoid arthritis and want to cut out sugar, cheeses, alcohol and caffeine will be most important.

Many thanks and I know I will look and feel better with these new ideas this Spring and Summer!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Kay, I have tons of new recipes and healthy ideas for you! Do you happen to know when you want that sugar? After dinner? During busy times? Bored? This is something detox can help you discover so you can carry healthy habits into the summer all the way to fall. If you get a good plan now in spring where you are energized, you will be able to make amazing discoveries. So excited! Oh, by the way, who is your friend who did Winter Renewal? I love to know all the connections!

      Kay Haynes

      I usually want sugar for breakfast with coffee and mid afternoon with coffee.

      Paulette Campbell is a friend who shared this plan with me.

      Many thanks, Kay

        Lisa Consiglio Ryan

        We LOVE Paulette and glad you decided to join us. So what did you have instead for snack?


Been frustrated with a bit of weight gain due to estrogen blockers I’m on since a bout with breast cancer a year ago. The chemotherapy and meds threw me in to pre-mature menopause which is adding to the pounds. All around my belly! Have been thinking about a detox/cleanse for a long time and maybe now is the time to do it!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Dear sweet Lori, I’m so sorry to hear this. But glad you are recovering…I know that a good reboot will help you. Wishing you lots of luck to win!


My motivation for joining in again is because I’m 8+ months out from turning 50, I/we have a just turned 4 year old, and I want to be a sassy & healthy & vital mom that doesn’t look my age… is that wrong?! Don’t think so, right!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Shari, you are SASSY, HEALTHY, VITAL (oooooh, really love that word!), my dear. It isn’t wrong at all…no way! I love your intention, and I think I’m going to join you. I want to be SASSY, too!:)

Tracie S

Lisa, I love she said YES! LOL. My intention is to get rid of the built up toxins that I know I have. I am on a transformational health journey right now. Working hard to get fit and healthy (yes, that means losing weight). <3

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Ha, I know, like right! I wasn’t sure she would join us to be honest…but yay! Keep rockin’ and rollin’Tracie, and good luck!

      Tracie S

      Ha totally missed that winner video on my cell phone. πŸ™‚ Thanks for being such a generous soul. It’s been fun trying to win.

Courtney c.

My spring goals include portion control first and foremost. I’m doing well right now with cutting out sugar so I hope to stay strong on this journey!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Woot, yes, Courtney! Portions can be tricky so detox can really help you read the “I’m ready to be full” signals. So excited!


One goal? Oy. πŸ™‚ #1 is to reduce foods that cause inflammation (wheat!) and increase anti inflammatory foods. I’ve cut back some areas, but my body needs a committed detox, so that I can see the full benefits and ease my inflammation issues. Great website. Thank you, Lisa.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hee hee, Michelle! Yes, only one, huh! Eating foods (and participating in activities) that are alkaline/anti-inflammatory are a big part of detox. Great intention! Thanks so much and glad to have you here. Good luck!

Vanda Mikoloski

I sooooo want to do this with you! I have a brain that suffered a great deal of substance abuse during my 20’s and 30’s.

Now, I exercise a lot and do yoga, so I’m glad you covered that.

I turn 54 in June and want to give myself the best chance to thrive for the rest of my life.

I’d love to practice some rigor and to have some mastery over what I put in my mouth. Honestly, I don’t do drugs or drink anymore, but I still use food to deal with uncomfortable feelings.

I LOVE what you’re doing in creating communities who pull for each other. Parmahansa Yogananda said “Environment is stronger than willpower” and that is another reason why I’d love to do this. Vanda

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Vanda, darling! You are such an inspiration and how I miss you. I love reading about your intentions; food can be such an amazing tool to nourish our bodies as well as our minds. I dig how you make that connection. Thank you so much for your kind words; I will hold them near my heart (and write them down in my journal to look at when I have a bad day…it will cheer me up!). Good luck!

Brooke Zerrlaut

My daughter suffers from multiple allergies and I have completely revamped our diet to more whole food, all non-GMO, less gluten & soy. It has made a huge difference in her symptoms and the energy level and healthfulness of the family. However, I have lingering bad habits in my own personal diet & I need to realize that healthy choices are just as important for me. Especially with the extra energy I need, since it takes me twice as long to grocery shop, staring at labels for hours. πŸ˜‰ I’ve already started an exercise program, now I just have to step away from the brownies…

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Brooke, thanks so much for letting me know more; you are doing so much during your wellness journey. Kudos! Good for you with the exercise, now onto those brownies…detox can help you get a handle on that. A little sweetness is necessary in life, but if constant, it can become very acidic. Good luck!

Kim Wendkos

After reaching out to you about suggestions for Rosacea last week, I have made it a goal to address this medical problem from a wholistic, healthy way this Spring. For 3 years I have battled with constant flare ups and red, blotchy skin and I am ready so say adios!! Bring it on detox and let’s get healthy!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Kim! So nice to see you here! Glad you are taking the holistic approach; I conquered rosacea and so can you! Love your intention and good luck!

Kristi Breece

Oh how I need this! My intention with this would be to get my life back! I had some serious health troubles when I was pregnant with my daughter 2 & 1/2 years ago and I never really got my groove back! I need to uncover that hidden energy and clarity that I know is buried somewhere underneath the exhaustion and brain fog. I need this for me and for my daughter. I am a stay at home mom and want to be the best I can be everyday for her. I know I haven’t been and that is not a guilt I want to carry with me. I need this for me because I want to be the best version of myself. I believe I deserve it and I know my family deserves to have the “real” me back. I’m tired of just going through the motions and wasting my precious days. I want to create a life I love and start living each day to the fullest. I will not waste this opportunity if I am lucky enough to receive it! Thanks for your generosity Lisa. You are a true gem πŸ™‚

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Kristi, darling, you are so welcome! And you just need a reboot to get the “real” you back that you mentioned.I hope the health issues are now resolved, though. Good luck and thanks for sharing your intentions!


My intention is to get healthy! I contracted a c diff infection a few years ago while pregnant with my third child. my system has never seemed to have regulated back to normal. I suffer through bouts of pain and discomfort. I want to also help jump start some weight loss and come off high blood pressure meds. I want to help add more quality to my life!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I’m so sorry to hear about your infection…and it’s totally understandable how your body is still recovering. Getting off the meds is huge and a wonderful intention. Detox can help you get the jumpstart you need. Thinking of you and good luck!

Shannon MacAdams

This detox seems like it would be the perfect benefit for my lifestyle. I really need to cleanse my system and start to rid of those bad food addictions, and start creating good food choices that my body really needs to feel healthy and gain more energy. I need this energy not only to start my workout plan, but to also help me focus on everyday routines that need be accomplished. I have gained almost 20 lbs in a short amount of time and I think this detox will give me the jump start I need to begin the process of getting to weight I should be at. I plan to start a good workout routine and get my friends involved to hold myself accountable for continuing it. I also plan to make healthier choices in foods and drink more water everyday.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi Shannon!You have lots of great spring intentions here. I like how you can pinpoint where you need to adjust things with your health. AND accountability is extremely important…getting friends on board makes it more fun. Good luck!

Teri McIntire

Lisa!!! Yeah — I just got to check the blog — and was SUPER excited to see my name pulled from the jar!! I promise to honor us all with a good, clean and positive cleanse! Thank you! Teri

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