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De-Clutter and Jump Start a Healthy New Year


“Out with the old…in with the new.”

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase a lot lately.

These days I’m not much of a resolution or list maker (due to my past of making a 40-50 item list!), but each year, I think about something new to try  (like hip hop classes or photography) and set intentions for how I want my life to look and feel for the New Year.  Just like many people, I also think about my health goals.


Back in the day, I made so many resolutions I couldn't keep track!

Back in the day, I made so many resolutions I couldn’t keep track!

It’s the perfect time of the year to leave old habits that don’t serve you behind and begin new healthy ones instead.

It’s called  de-cluttering.

Decluttering is big for me this time of year. If you celebrate the holiday, you know firsthand how much stuff can accumulate under that tree.

It actually drains me. See, look at it!

Christmas Tree

I will tell you, taking this picture got my heart rate up a bit.  The lights are so pretty, though, but under the tree is really  what stresses me out.

A little after New Year’s, I look forward to putting away new gifts in their right places, cleaning the house, taking out the tree, packing up the decorations and getting rid of things that no longer serve me.  It makes me feel like I’m starting the year with a new slate.

My after-the-holiday clean up has become  a source of peace for me. In fact, decluttering has become a big part of being healthy.

Did you know that clutter and your health are directly connected?

Just like clearing away the gunk in your home, you need to do the same for your body.  If you are exhausted, hungry, stressed, and over-worked, you won’t be able to focus on your family and most of all on yourself.

If you are surrounded by piles papers, clothes, or just plain junk, you will feel like junk.

And the more stuff you have clogging up your space, think about how it connects to your weight, energy as well as emotions.

Clearing clutter creates space and new possibilities.

Awhile back I was in such a rut with my food, my workouts, my clothes…everything.  I couldn’t focus for the life of me either!

I was also surrounded by tons of clutter.

My wardrobe closet was the worst.  I had a complete mess on that floor; shoes, suitcase open with clothes I wore on a vacay two months prior, purses, etc….

I can’t describe how I felt, but subconsciously I felt chaotic.  Energetically every time I went to get something to wear, I said, “Damn it, I gotta clean up. What a mess.”

The clutter was affecting my life; keeping me stuck. The rut, I truly believe, is connected to order. When parts of your life aren’t in order, it can really get you stuck.

So I decided to take action. I cleaned my closet. I felt so organized, so orderly. I was at ease and clear.  I also started to feel lighter, feel the stuck-ness lift.

I started with putting a few pairs of jeans away. Then a few pairs of shoes. Next think I knew my closet was clean.

The process took the whole weekend, mind you, but starting with one little step got things moving.

Cleaning up one part of my life got the momentum going and boosted my well-being. 

Clean closet


Clearing clutter can heal and transform your life from the inside out.


Clearing clutter gives you the ability to see what is serving you in your life and what is not. As you get clarity on what is working in your life, this insight makes it easy to make empowering decisions.  You begin to get choosy about how you spend your time and who you spend time with.

With less stuff around, you will have more time to do the things that you want to do. This clarity is a blessing.  It creates new possibilities in your life that will help you to easily release resistance and procrastination.  

De-cluttering is the ONE thing that might make a HUGE difference in reaching your health goals especially if it has to do with losing those last 10 pounds or getting off sugar.

As you get rid of unwanted stuff, you’ll notice your body will do the same. You can drop weight easily or feel a surge of energy immediately as you throw things away. I’m always amazed when this happens.

If you are ready for a break-through for your health, I highly recommend you set aside some time to clear up one section of your home whether it may be your office, bedroom or kitchen.  Once you have cleared away clutter, you will feel happier, lighter and free.

As you clear up the physical clutter in your life, you are literally healing yourself. This creates space and possibility for the “new” to enter your life.  Add in taking care of yourself with plenty of rest, connection, and whole foods, and you are on your way to optimum health not to mention an amazing  life.

What do you say?

 So tell me, how does clutter interfere with your health and happiness?  What step will you take to de-clutter for your health this year? Leave me a comment below.


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Clean + Sexy 2014

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6 Responses to De-Clutter and Jump Start a Healthy New Year


I agree with de-cluttering Lisa. In fact I did that in the bedroom yesterday with a thorough cleaning & putting items I haven’t used in over a year in a box to give away or toss. It was a good feeling all over, Made me smile with appreciation for taking the afternoon to accomplish.
I am hoping to take one room each day & do the same, 2 rooms make take me 2 days each to de-clutter lol, shame on me for so much clutter. After rooms are all de-cluttered & cleaned I may celebrate by letting Marv take me out to eat (maybe) heehee
love your advice & help, may your 2014 be blessed beyond your imagination

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Good idea getting your bedroom cleaned out…such an important place in the home for your well-being. Millie, I love that you are just taking one room at a time with this. AND maybe Marv will make you a special smoothie! So very grateful for you! So honored to be on this journey with you. xo


Lisa, you are so right! The clutter I had in my kitchen was preventing me from seeing what I really wanted to be nurshing my body with. All those “food gifts” sit out, tempting, calling “eat me!”. Not good. Cleaned the kitchen, tossed the temptation and feeling so much better. I then went and started in my closet, organizing, purging the clothes that don’t help me feel my best, and really seeing the things I love. I have a new appreciation for the treasures in my closet, weather it be an old piece of jewlery, or pretty scarf. Love the idea of not waiting untill the new year to make these changes. The time is now, WooHoo!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Ahhhhh, those food gifts!Luckily a lot of my family and friends know that I’m so picky about this so I didn’t have that much this year. BUT the cookies on the tray are still calling my name! The kitchen is a perfect place to start for the New Year, actually. Getting rid of all the unwanted, not-nourishing foods is a perfect way to go. I’m the same, I feel so good wearing clothes and jewelry that are my “treasures.” Wishing you an amazing New Year! AND Clean + Sexy for us in 2014! xo


This is so true. Just be sure to donate as much as possible instead of trashing. Looking forward to doing this in January as well. Lisa, wow, the shoes! Awesome!!!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Absolutely! We donate EVERYTHING! 🙂 Good thing to mention, Jen. AND yeah, the shoes, I try to give them up, but so hard. Happy New Year to you, my dear!

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