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Making Space. It all starts here.


Do you have a friend, a friend who you don’t see often, but when you talk, it feels like coming home?

That’s my friend, Karie.  We had a skypey skype chat the other day, and she said something that hit me big time.

We talked about all sorts of things from guys to business to writing our books to making space (which I’ll explain more in a minute).  I went first.

Karie and I getting ready to shoot a crazy fun music vid.

Karie and I getting ready to shoot a crazy fun music vid.

Karie and I have known each other for, let’s say, 3 years now, and she”knows” me, very well. 

She’s been with me all along…me telling her, “Something just doesn’t feel right.”  But I really couldn’t pinpoint it; I just felt it in my bones, my cells, my body.  Something energetically was clogging up my space, clouding my vision, keeping me stuck.

In fact I felt that I couldn’t breathe …it was like that for some time, a long time probably.

I explained to her what has been happening in my life for the last 6 months.  How my world changed, how I changed, changed deep down to my core.

We talked about how the Universe shows you what you need to know to move forward, to makes space when you are ready. And this summer, Bam, the Universe decided I was ready. Eyes open.  I hurt to the point I felt suffocated, couldn’t move.

But then the sadness began to lift, day by day. It took time, sometimes it felt like forever, but things got better.

Fast forward to now, I find myself happier. Lighter. Able to make decisions quicker.  Finding miracles and angels all around me. And  trusting the wisdom of my body more than ever.  I knew the whole time.

Karie’s turn.

She told me about all the cool stuff going on in her life.

“You know, Lisa, I really think all this space I’m creating, all the good stuff,  goes back to my food.”

Shit, wow.

Karie first read Skinny Bitch which started her journey of eating clean, healthy, plant-based foods, being mindful of the environment and living things.  And also a journey of moving towards an amazing life.

Leaving the police force, starting her own business, writing her memoir…all steps toward creating a healthy, happy way of living.

Clearing space started with food. Why of course!

I talk about this all the time, but to hear someone else say it out loud, well, whoa.  

When you have clutter, especially in your cells, it can really hinder progress in your life.  Achieving goals, making long-lasting changes, especially when it comes to your health.

Eating real, whole foods (veggies, greens, fruits…) instead of fast-food and microwave dinners, drinking water instead of Diet Coke, spending time with people who lift you up instead of bring you down…all kinds of self-care can move you forward and de-clutter your world.

Karie pointed out something interesting.  Since I have been practicing the clean life for a long time now, I was able to pay attention.

Even at the hardest times, I kept up with my self-care practices (exercise, juicing, and being around friends who love me). I kept living in a way that didn’t clog up my cells, my energy, my mind so I was able to let go when the time was right.

And you know what?  I’ve witnessed this time and time again; when I let go of something in my life that isn’t working or decide I’m not putting up with things that don’t make me happy, miracles happen.

So if you are struggling with your health (such as lack of planning or mindless eating, sweets and portion control), I bet getting rid of something, something that is weighing on you, cluttering up your being, will make space for losing weight,  a new career, lots of love, etc… in your life.  How about starting with your food? I say that is a perfect idea.

What do you say?

Let me know how you intend to make some space.  

What is one thing you can do to make space in your life, say no to, or get rid of? Tell me in the comments section.  I’m excited to find out what you think.

PS. A great way to make space is to clean up the clutter with detox.  Winter Renewal 10 Day Detox incorporates whole foods, self-care, and ways to form long-lasting healthy habits.  Watch miracles happen!

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14 Responses to Making Space. It all starts here.


I began decluttering some of my relationships. It is difficult but I needed to do it, having someone calling multiple times daily with negativity about everyone in her life left me drained. I prayed about it, asking for wisdom to help her or for God to take her out of my life, eventually the Holy Spirit spoke to me while I was sleeping.
This week I visited the person & explained that she needed counseling for her paranoia & distrust, she needed something more than I could give her. I advised I would help her when there was a need, like take her home from rehab when she is released, but I cannot be her friend at this time. I was gentle & felt a sense of calmness come over me.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Oh Millie, the relationships can be so hard…but you don’t need someone draining you everyday. You are such a bright soul and I would hate to see that wilt. You are so brave to tell her straight up how you feel and I admire how you took care of yourself. The best self-care there is, saying no. Xo


I am trying to give up some unhealthy foods. Sweets are one of my biggest down falls; as is coffee with all the different flavor of creams available who wouldn’t want to drink a nice cup of coffee? This las week I have been able to put my coffee off till 10am break and I only had a half of cup with 3 tablespoons of cream instead of 4 tablespoons.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Cheryl, you do mention the sweets a bit…I really think emotions are the big key here. This year, experiment with trying to see what the triggers are…boredom, loneliness, being uncomfortable, habit… plus with adding in some foods like the dark leafy greens in those smoothies you are sippin’ on, can help weed out that sugar stuff over time. As for caffeine, another drug to be aware of. I love the way you are easing off of the creams,etc… I wonder if you would like some non-dairy creams. Try switching out the creamers in time. What a wonderful year ahead, Cheryl! You are such a wellness star! xo


Love this post. So much in my life I hope to clear out in 2014! I’m so excited to have found you, Lisa! Great things this year!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    AND I adore you, lady! We will both be doing a big clean out this year…home, body, mind, spirit, relationships…so glad to do this with you! xo

DeeDee Prideaux

I would like to add Yoga or stretching to my daily routine but just can’t find the time. I work at Costco and when I get home I just want to collapse and do mindless tasks, watch TV, read or play Candy Crush.
This week I am going to clean out my pantry and make sure there are no temptations left on the shelves. And I am going to create a “me” time for each day to help with my depleted energy. It doesn’t have to be long…..just 10 minutes of breathing. Looking forward to the beautiful year ahead. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Darling DeeDee! So glad to get your note. AND that Candy Crush…so addicting I’m sure! Let me know how your pantry clean-out goes and that “me” time. You got it, only about 5-10 minutes of just connecting with your body and soul and reset the whole day. I’m so honored to be with you! xo


My energy and theme for the year is Positive! Talk about making space, sister. Dump the negative thoughts, words, deeds and you make so much room for the good stuff to keep flowing in and out! Positive is a practice we can do all day long requiring no extra energy, just awareness! And, if you muff it up for a moment, you can just choose to return to positive the next moment! Voila! No guilt. Just “knowing” and then move on! This will be handy while we cleanse. Keep up the fantastic work, ladies!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Woo! Positive! And what you say makes so much sense…I find that each time I let go of the negative, a positive comes in it’s place. Magic! Make sure to spread your wisdom and great tip to our gang during the detox. Beautiful! xo

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