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Lucky Bitch Interview: Cleansing Your Money


As I cleanse my body with healthy, whole foods, drink my juices and smoothies, and continue to clear up the clutter around my house, I realized that there is one aspect of life I sometimes forget to tackle.

Money. Money. Money.

Finances are known to cause extreme amounts of stress. You can eat all the kale in the world, but it won’t do any good if you are living paycheck to paycheck or have debt. The stress can weigh on you big time causing inflammation (which causes breakouts, weight gain, pain in your body, etc… you get the point).

Also worrying about money can keep you stuck when it comes to living the “clean life.”

Possibly not joining the gym because you’re concerned about the monthly payments or you don’t buy organic food and instead resort to fast food (gasp!) since it’s cheaper and easier to get $1 hamburgers with free fries.

To find out how to “cleanse” our money, I invited Denise Duffield-Thomas of Lucky Bitch to give us the whole story.

Denise chats with us about…

the health-money- abundance connection;

creative budgeting tips so you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank; and

her top strategies on getting grips on your money so you can make space for a healthy life.

Denise takes us behind the scenes of her life in the raw food world, struggling to make ends meat but still trying to buy $10 coconuts to fit into the lifestyle she wanted.  She explains how to get out of the money-traps and find freedom and lifelong abundance.

Take a listen to our interview

I had so much fun talking with Denise…and she is about to become a first-time mama so wishing her lots of love (and hopefully some sleep!).

In the comments below, tell me.  Which which strategy will help you the most right now?

Denise is a money-mindset coach and author of Lucky Bitch and Get Rich, Lucky Bitch.  She helps women create outrageous success by overcoming money blocks so they can manifest their wildest dreams. I’ve known Denise for a few years now and had the pleasure of watching her do exactly that, live the life she dreams of.  Denise lives in Australia.  You can connect with Denise here:


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6 Responses to Lucky Bitch Interview: Cleansing Your Money

Robin Hallett

Wow thank you Lisa and Denise! What fantastic points you make, very insightful. Yes these bedrock issues are so vital to address. We’re going for balance

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Glad you liked it, dear, sweet Robin! Denise (with her lovely Aussie style) has tons of great ideas for abundant life! Going for balance, going for balance (a good mantra!).

Marcy McKay

Really interesting, Lisa. I’ve been cleaning “my financial house” for awhile now & loved this interview. I want to give more thought to the “5 people I hang out with most.” This also reminded of a quote I heard a woman say years ago, “All my fears about money have absolutely NOTHING to do with money….”

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    SO excited you enjoyed the interview, Marcy! It really struck me hard with that “5 people you hang out most.” Wow. And thanks for your saying…you are right. Money is just a form of energy. It’s our relationship to it we need to examine closely. Ahhh, such insightful stuff, thanks, Marcy! <3

connie nimmon

Lisa thank-you, thank-you for addressing this important topic and for the interview. This is something that as I approach 40 I think about all the time and engage in in conversation with my female friends. I like how you said that money is an energetic currency and I couldn’t agree more. I have noticed how in my own life personally a lot of energy has gone into health, fitness, spiritual growth and other things related but money was the last to show up on that list as a priority. Why is this? I think the conversation about money esp. with women is so important and we need to break the barriers to the taboo that surrounds it so that it can happen more often. Great interview, thanks again!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    So happy you liked the interview, dear, Connie! I am with you…money, finances can be so male-oriented. As women, we are also good at money, we understand the give and take, the flow of that energy. Let’s keep the convo going with this…oh, and a few years back I cut this out, “I can’t afford to do that. I can’t buy that.” Such crap. Now I say, “I choose not to spend my money on that. I don’t want to buy that but I want to buy this instead.” A lot of women have that “I can’t” mentality when it comes to money so we need to keep working towards changing that. Great insights, Connie! <3

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