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Spring Slim-Down Plan


You’re invited to my brand new webinar…

“Spring Slim-Down Plan:  10 Ways to Burn Fat, Energize, and Look Amazing with Detox. “

 I believe wholeheartedly in enjoying your food. Even those guilty pleasures or indulgences.

But sometimes eating foods that give you pleasure that aren’t necessarily healthy for our body, can become a problem.

Habits form over time as we know.

Such as if you want to tighten up and feel fit again.  You make a plan. You set goals. And then you do things on a consistent basis like working out, eating light meals, avoiding processed fast food…

Do your thing over a long period of time, and you form a habit.

The same thing can happen with the indulgences.  Over time, the extra slice of pizza or bowl of ice cream after dinner or late night, watching TV with a bag of chips…those habits can form and be hard to break.  A lot of the times it has to deal with your emotions plus the extra sugary, fatty foods always seem to be addictive to our taste buds. 

And I don’t know about you, but I can certainly say that when it’s cold, I tend to snack more and unconsciously reach for more comforting foods. I want to pick up my spirits as well so sometimes the kale salad doesn’t do the trick. But nachos, ah, yes.

Now that spring is here, there’s good news.  We’re ready to move, make changes, clean up.  The trick is to break free from the unhealthy habits formed the past few months (or years in some cases).

So I developed a plan; specific strategies to help you rid the winter fluff but most importantly, how to break the unhealthy habits that keep you stuck and feeling heavy (in body and mind).

 I’ll give you all the scoop during the LIVE chat.

 We’ll go over:

  • what foods to eliminate that are causing you to feel full and bloated;
  •  what foods that are best for burning fat and recipes to get your started;
  • why detoxing each season is crucial to your health especially during spring;
  • how to make the best detox tea to boost metabolism (recipe included).

I would LOVE for you to hang out with me.  AND I’ll have Q&A time built into the training so feel free to ask me anything!

Spring Slim Down Webinar

Here’s the scoop:

Date:  Tuesday, April 1st
Time:   8 pm EST/5 pm PST – @8:50 pm EST/5:50 pm PST
Where:  In the comfort of your own home
Bring:  Your laptop, a fun drink, and paper/pen to take notes.  The call will be info-packed with tons of value so prepared for lots of goodies!
Directions:  Just clickity click this link to get the details and sign up.

During the chat, you’ll receive a BONUS:  The Spring Slim Down Plan

This plan will get you started on your way to clearing out the yuk as well as feeling comfortable and confident with you body

 Plan includes:  menu, recipes, shopping list

 I put everything you need in one package so you can get down to business immediately.

 Please sign up now to save your spot. You’ll get a reminder email with all the info you need for Tuesday’s chat. If you can’t make the time, no worries.  Sign up, and I’ll send you the recording with all the goodies.

 I want to support you in any way that I can.  So join me on Tuesday and I will have loads of goodness ready for you.  See you for our chat!

 Do you have any questions for me about detox?  Spring cleaning with whole foods? Any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below, and I’ll be sure to go over them during the chat.  🙂

PS.   Clean + Sexy spring enrollment is happening!  Save $ on your pro-rated plan here>>>>


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