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Natural Beauty + Pangea Love


In a few days  I’ll be turning 45 years old.

Usually numbers don’t phase me but 45…it hurts a little.

I usually get the “You look 28 years old.”

Not lately, though.   It’s more like “You look 35!”  I guess it’s better than looking 45? And what does 45 look like anyway?

I love to bring up Jennifer Aniston, J-Lo, Christy Turlington-Burns, and Cate Blanchette, all turning 45  this year, too.  Great company to be in I must say.  So 45 is a-ok by me. 🙂

J Lo Beauty

I totally agree with J-Lo’s beauty secret. Sleep is everything!

I always considered myself a natural beauty for the most part.  I don’t use foundation and a lot of makeup  (I don’t really know how~my 11 year old knows more about it than me!), I use soap on my face (I get muscle-tested at my favorite herb shop), and don’t buy tons of creams or beauty supplies. And if I buy a product, I get my phone out and scan it with Skin Deep to see if it’s safe.

I like to keep things as basic as possible.

It’s enough for me to shower each day (ha, and I’m not kidding about that!).

BUT (and it’s a big BUT), I am realizing that I need to do better with taking care of my skin.  Or at least incorporate a beauty routine that is free of crazy chemicals PLUS quick and easy to use. 

My friend and fellow wellness coach, Ashley of Ashley Josephine Wellness treated me to  fabulous Pangea Organics products so I can get a jump-start on my skincare reboot.

Really quick, Pangea Organics is an eco-friendly company that goes by the motto:  “Nature has everything our skin and bodies need.”

These eco-friendly  products have essential oils and tons of healthy ingredients such as seaweed, gogi berries, and even adzuki beans.

 Ashley sent me the most beautiful gift:  Skincare Discovery Kit

I got the dry to sensitive skin one because I used to have rosacea and I seem to always break out on my cheeks when trying something new.


Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Facial Cleanser (made of  Calendula & Blood Orange):  I washed my face with this light, cleanser and immediately felt my skin perk up.

Step 2: Facial Scrub (made of geranium with adzuki beans and cranberry):  I loved this scrub! I felt the dead skin cells fall off and the scrub smelled delicious.  I felt so clean!

Step 3: Facial Toner (made of Rosemary & Sweet Orange):  I misted my face with the toner, and bam! It smells divine as well as brightened my skin.   I have been spritzing it randomly during the day (not sure if that is the drill but I love the calm it brings me not to mention a glow).

Step 4:  Facial Cream (made of Red Mandarin with Rose):  I used the cream by patting my face and neck.   It felt light as air. I’m really not into heavy creams so this one worked well for me. Although, within a few hours I have a few red blotches on my cheeks.  I typically don’t do well with moisturizers and creams on my face so I’m not surprised. 

Step 5: Facial Mask (made of matcha tea, acai and gogi berry):   I will only use this once a week (as directed) but I did use it 2 days in a row during Spring Renewal because I loved how it made me feel; as if the toxins were sucked out and I was left with hydrated (and supple) skin.  Yahoo!


I really enjoyed the Pangea products, especially the lightness and the way my skin felt-CLEAN.  I’m in love with the mask and toner so those will be staples in my routine.  Fo’ sho’!  Looks like I have a new beauty routine!


Ashley and I are having a party, Tuesday, April 29th at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT to dish about what to eat to eliminate dark circles, get wrinkle-free skin, and an inner glow as well as give away amazing Pangea products like balancing oils, scrubs and masks. Oh how I love talking beauty!

Click to sign up and party with us!

Pangea Party

Do you have a special beauty trick you can share?  Leave a comment below, and I will be sure to try it!

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