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What It Takes to be a BossLady


I’m extremely thrilled to be a part of the BossLady Blog Tour and spread the love about the Bead Effect! When Kimberly Riggins, the creator of the BBB Society, asked me to be a part of the fun, I didn’t have to think twice. My gut yelled “YES!”   I have known Kimberly for 3 years now (or maybe even more!), I adore her and love what she brings into the world.  And I’m thrilled to be in the company of 11 kick-ass women entrepreneurs!


A BossLady…

Listens to her intuition.

Doesn’t follow the guru’s advice.

Keeps going no matter how hard it gets.

Has integrity, guts and the “boobs” to start a business under her terms, her way.

When I think of my favorite BossLadies, Marie Forleo (my mentor who helped me during my first year of biz) to Sophia Amoruso of  Nasty Gal come to mind. They are fearless, strong, and know what they want.  They also approach life with a lot of love and tons of kick-ass style.

Now me, a BossLady… feels so good to say it, to actually really FEEL it.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself  to see if it is all a dream…Am I creating my life the way I want and having a good time while doing it?

Hells yes! A BIG hells yes!

If you are thinking of starting your own gig, I have to say there’s nothing in the world I would trade for the freedom I have  to create a service to help others in my own way.  But on the other hand, I feel waves if schizophrenia come over me at times.

Am I doing enough?

Am I good enough?


Yes, I am! Wait, no, not quite, not yet. Wait, yes!

In all  honesty, it’s scary hard running your own show, and it brings up every ounce of doubt you may have about yourself and what you have to offer.

I’ve learned SO much about myself, good and the awful, since I started my biz four years ago.

Things like my 11th hour behavior when I have a deadline… Procrastination was a way of life but after having my cortisol levels rise day after day and experiencing  floods of ongoing panic, I learned to plan ahead and schedule my days, my months, my year in advance.  I might still feel overwhelmed at times, but the system flows and I now ask for help. (Plus I get to use super cute calendars from the Paper Source…so all about that!).


OR how I wouldn’t eat because I kept working and working through meals…my mind would be so fried, I couldn’t think straight, make a decision or even do my work. And if I did eat, I scarfed something down and indigestion immediately followed.  I ended up learning how to plan my snacks and actually leave my desk and computer for lunch. I sit, chew, and breathe instead of inhaling every morsel and not even remembering that I ate something.  I feel clear and focused, making decisions efficiently and now my tummy doesn’t hate me anymore.

But the best part is that I benefited from delving into the “not so good” stuff about myself which makes me a better health coach and BossLady.

As I navigate the BossLady world (I love the sound of that!), I come to realize that there is ONE quality every BossLady has…


I had to learn how to “own it.”

Own what?

My worth.  Plain and simple.

There are tons of strategies you can use to start your business like how to gain more Instagram followers or write amazing copy, but until you truly, deep down in your cells, own your worth, your business won’t grow. YOU won’t grow.

” Owning” that you have what it takes to run a business that not only makes money but helps many, many people.

“Owning it ” or “owning your shizzle” as my close friend, Robin Hallett, says, means honoring the light within yourself, the special sauce you possess without apology.

You walk, talk, dress, write, laugh…like you own it.  Your head is held up high, you look people in the eye, you make decisions with intention, you speak with grace and determination.  You OWN it.

This didn’t happen overnight, for me, but I can see myself growing closer and closer to “owning it” and  being my own guru (in the words of my dear friend, Jonathan Fields). I look to myself for answers because I realize that I have the right ones when it comes to being a BossLady.  I know what is best for me. I know what is best for my business.  And I’m worth it.


Own it, my darling. Really own it. I’m still working on it some days when the doubt pops up when I do something new or move to the next level.  I know, however, with all my heart, that once you step into your power, there’s  no stopping you.  You will serve others with your gifts to make this world a better place. You will create a happy, healthy, prosperous life when you keep your eyes on your own paper and not look to someone else for the answers.

You KNOW the answers. You got all you need.  Own it.

I’m excited for you to embrace the BossLady life and always remember, even when it gets hard and ugly, that you are worth it.

Now I have something to ask you?  How do you “own it?” What is ONE thing you do that allows you to “own it” each day? Tell me in the comments below. 🙂


PS. Check out yesterday’s AWESOME article by Eyenie Schultz,  Technicolor Priestess and SoulStyle Coach, HERE.

AND next up, we have the lovely, Maggie Patterson, copywriter and communications magic-maker,  HERE.

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16 Responses to What It Takes to be a BossLady

Kimberly Riggins

Thank you! Thank you! One of my favorite lines…

“You walk, talk, dress, write, laugh…like you own it. Your head is held up high, you look people in the eye, you make decisions with intention, you speak with grace and determination. You OWN it.”

Now this is how a BossLady rolls! xoxo

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Ahhhh, yep, that’s the BossLady I try to evoke each day. Still learning each time, but it’s coming naturally. How do you “own it” by the way, Kimberly? xoxo

      Kimberly Riggins

      By being unequivocally me! Of course! I own my good days, my bad days, my bitch days…every emotional hiccup. I embrace the f*ck out of all of me. Because at the end of the day…I spend the most time with myself.

      And as a BossLady, you gotta love yourself. Even in the worst of times. It keeps you going. Every. Single. Day.

Lara Eastburn

What a great article! And question :-). One thing that allows me to OWN it everyday is the example I’m setting for my daughters. And what they’re learning just by watching me in this process <3

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Thanks, darling Lara! AND ahhhh, perfect! Your daughters are watching you, seeing how you navigate being a BossLady. So valuable for them…I sometimes forget I’m doing the same thing with my kids. So powerful!

Shannon Caldwell

I love reading the similarities between all these rocking BossLadies. One of the ways I own it is to make decisions quickly. This requires me to tap into my intuition while it moves me forward. On the rare occasion it’s a wrong decision, I can change the direction at any time. I don’t have to wait to “run it up the flagpole.”

Gwynne Montgomery

I started owning it in the middle of the summer when I owned that I see the future. It was like stepping into my own power in a way that still gives me chills, and upleveled my business almost instantly.


Alana Sheeren

Owning my worth has been a huge internal leap but since taking it, I stand in my power and integrity in a whole new way. I talk about my business differently. I do *everything* differently. And you’re so right – that’s when my business really started to grow. I love Lara’s comment about modeling owning it for her daughters. I feel that way about mine. In fact one of the reasons I started a business was to “get over myself” and be the woman I believed I could be after my daughter was born. So one simple way that I “own it” daily is to show up as the best me I can be. Whether that’s as a BossLady, a mom, a wife or a friend.
P.S. LOVE the Jonathan Fields quote card!


Yes! Owning It. This takes time but it’s definitely possible.

Thank you
Love & Light

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    How do you “own it” Denita? I love hearing how kick ass BossLadies rock their lives!


I think the first step would be to think about how you perceive yourself and how you talk about yourself to yourself and others. There must be a balance so it won’t end up being egotistical. Not getting caught up with other people’s opinions of you. Being free within yourself and understanding your self-worth is a daily practice. This is a process that begins with self-love. A Daily practice can consist of something as small as personal affirmations/ mantras created by you.

Love & Light Lisa:) You are a Gem!


BOOM! I love this! I think the way I own it every day is by remind myself that I DECIDE….I CHOOSE…how I feel, how I dress, who I have in my life, what I do with my days. Wonderful article with oodles of yum! So happy to have discovered your magic <3

Racheal Cook

Hell. Yes. Love every word – the ‘owning it’, the extreme self care, the being your own guru. Why is this not talked about more? So happy for this blog tour!

Maggie Patterson

A-freakin’-men. I mean..owning it is all about being your own guru. That I can stand behind!

I OWN it by trusting my gut, and being confident in my voice. And being decisive. No time for waffling as a BossLady!

Mallie Rydzik

So happy to have found this tour!

I think that “owning it” is so important that I’m currently writing a book by the same title! Everything in business (and life) goes back to being true to yourself. So cliche, so true.

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