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Win a FREE Winter 10 Day Detox


So tell me, how’s the first week of the year going for you?

I’m a little thrown off to be honest. I planned to work out each morning. BUT nature and traffic and 2 hour delays had another idea. But I’m determined! I still made it to the gym, albeit late. I’m “Doing Me” gosh darn it!

Double fisting green

Double-fisting makes it all better!

I’m stole “Doing Me” from Katrina, a gorgeous client who participated in a lecture series I co-lead recently. We were talking about the holidays and I asked what she wished for.

“My wish is not just for this time of year but for life. I’m “Doing Me.”

She went on about how pole dancing makes her so happy. She gets exercise (and amazing abs!), feels great after, etc… She HAS to get to class or it’s a sad day for her. There was a time when someone took her pole, and she felt out of sorts because of the drama. She ended up missing class a lot. She now attends a class that fits her schedule and she gets to hang with people who make her happy.  It fuels her soul! That’s how she “Does Me.”

I am totally DOING ME this year! How about you?

There are all kinds of ways to DO YOU:

  • drink more water
  • make a green smoothie
  • go to yoga class
  • write in your journal
  • laugh with your friends
  • take a trip
  • hire a personal chef (I want to do this!)

The list is endless…

Once you start DOING YOU, your cells change, your attitude changes, YOU change. Pretty soon you’ll feel lighter, happier and overall, you’ll begin to connect with your body again.

I have a plan to help you get started with “doing you” and you can win it TODAY!


Here’s how to win your FREE Winter Renewal Detox ($129 value):

1. Answer these 2 questions by leaving a comment below:  What do you need to do each day (hint, healthy habit) to make you feel alive (i.e. How do you “Do YOU?”). AND what is ONE reason why you want to cleanse with me this winter?

Make sure you type in the comments section just in case I don’t see your response on the giveaway box.

 2. Complete all steps to gather 20 points. Oh la la!

3. Click the SHARE button to spread the detox lovin’ around. Thank you!

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Good luck and can’t wait to find out how you DO YOU!

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35 Responses to Win a FREE Winter 10 Day Detox

Sarah Reiman

I try to do some sort of exercise everyday- even if it is just for 10 minutes. It makes me feel as though I have accomplished at least a little something for the day. I also try to do it with my two young sons so I can start instilling in them the importance of caring for your body.

I want to do the winter cleanse because I am approaching 45 and just had a baby 8 months ago.. I’m ready to shed the baby weight and kick off mid life with a more healthy lifestyle. My ultimate goal is to be one sexy mama!!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I hear ya on the exercise! A perfect DO ME! And what an amazing role model you are for your sweet ones. Sexy mama, woo hoo! Good luck on winning Winter Renewal! xo


I feel better when I do something active daily– yoga, Zumba class, a walk around where our lake used to be–but even on the days that doesn’t work out for me, I “do Me” by doing my daily Pangea Organics skincare and bodycare rituals. The organic goodness reminds me of the good stuff going into my body via my skin– and through the yummy smoothies I am now addicted to since participating in the Smoothie challenge in December.
I’d like to try the Winter Detox to continue to see the benefits of eating super clean and reducing inflammation, etc. I suspect that I will discover more flavors and foods I like (that I wouldn’t have put together before) because that’s what happened during the smoothie challenge. Thanks!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi there Tina! I am digging your DO ME’s! And I’m a big fan of Pangea. Great products! Good luck on winning Winter Renewal! xo


1. I need to make my lunch every day. This way I know I am eating clean and healthy foods that I have made myself. This includes snacks!
2. I would like to cleanse as I have some anxiety and stomach issues. I’d like to get a clean start for the new year

Thank you!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    The lunches are a super DO ME! Getting a clean start to the year and clearing out the yuk (even emotions) will get you on the right foot. Good luck! xo

Carmen Lindsey

I want more time with my dog and my man in nature. I need to cleanse my body of all the high stress I have from my career.. I’ve never done a cleanse and am afraid to spend money on something I’m not sure about.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    LOVE your DO ME’s! Being with those you love, it doesn’t get better than that! What career do you have, Carmen? Good luck!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    PS. Can you tell me what you aren’t sure about…I explain everything as much as I can so this will be so helpful! Grazie!

Aimee Murphy

I am still doing a green smoothie each day. It is what I need now to feel alive and good during the cold winter days! That, and a cup of coffee! Would love to do a detox because, well, I have never done it! Would love the chance to try!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I love the green smoothie, Aimee!Good luck on winning Winter Renewal! I put my heart and soul into the planning and the detox is a great way to reboot. xo

stacy galarza

I definitely had a rough holiday, with lots of parties, food, late nights, alcohol, desserts… the one thing I need to do now, every day, is add some veggies to my diet. it may have been a good month or more since ive had one and my body feels sluggish

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Ahhhhh, the holidays, seems like a lifetime ago but our bodies won’t let us forget! Let’s get your gorgeous body feeling amazing again with detox. Good luck! xo

Brie lang

I need to get to the gym every morning. If I don’t my day is off. It helps me plan and focus for the day.
I have been bad over the holidays and need to reset my sweet tooth. I need structure and discipline back to “do me” successfully.
It doesn’t help that my husband and daughter caught the flu. I’ve quarantined my son and I as we try to avoid it.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Well, hello, Brie! I’m with you…I’ve been so out of sorts with the school delays so getting my workout in early is crucial for my sanity!:) I hope you and your son don’t get that flu…and that the rest of the family gets better really quick. Love your cleanse intentions and wishing you good luck! xo


I feel better by knowing that even though the scale may not move, I am putting healthy ingredients into my body. Change is slow. So for me, eating clean is everything! I want to do this so bad, because my only daughter is getting married in May. She was diagnosed with cancer at 9 months old, and has made incredible strides in her life. She is a shining example to me on how to do things right. I want to make her proud of me! Blessings ….

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Lynn, it’s great that you are taking your time, letting your body adjust to changes, seeing what works for you best. Numbers don’t mean anything, really. I threw my scale away years ago and it was liberating. LOVE how you DO YOU with eating healthy ingredients and detox will support your efforts even further. I’m so inspired by your daughter and how wonderful about her wedding! I know you make her proud each day! Beautiful intention for detox. Best of luck! xo

Lisa Mills

I read my Bible every day and have been trying to eat healthier this New Year. This has allowed me to focus more on me each day. I started doing the Daniel Fast to cut out all sugar, processed foods, dairy, and meats. I have noticed a change in my body,but know I need to continue making healthy choices each day for me. Reading my Bible and doing different Study Plans helps draw me closer to God, which also helps me feel healthier, mentally.
I have had chronic bronchitis since August and now have a chronic sinus infection. Unfortunately, I keep getting viruses because of the chronic infections. I want to do the cleanse because I need to reset my body. I truly believe this may be the only way for me to become healthy once again. Blessings to you!!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I love how you DO YOU, Lisa. Getting centered each day with the Bible is perfect. The key to figuring out what is going to work for YOU, your specific body is to cut the clutter within the cells first and then build on that. I’m concerned about your viruses even with the fast…as you said cleansing will help reset your body so your immune system is strong again. Good luck and excited for your 2015! xo


One healthy habit I am trying to do is not drink soda! It’s such a difficult habit to break and a terrible one too since I tend to drink diet soda. But that keeps me alive but doesn’t make me “feel” alive. To do that I spend time in the morning in a bible study and quiet time at the end of the day without tv or technology.

Why do I want to cleanse? Well, first of all to help break my soda and sugar addiction and to get a jump start on getting back to a more healthy lifestyle (and lose the wait that I’ve put on).

Lucy Saba Taylor

I love to share a smile with people – makes me feel alive! Being outside especially on a warm sunny day makes me feel connected to my God and somehow makes it easier to communicate with Him…who am I kidding just being out in nature does the trick!
I need to detox asap! I’m starting to wake up in the mornings with headaches – not a nice feeling. Green smoothies daily, good clean foods…is what I need. Most importantly I need accountability and the Winter Detox with you would be a great way to do this! I must get heathy so I can not only look after myself but my autistic son and his dos as well – it’s just the 3 of us no outside help at all so being healthy is the only way to live the life of an autism mom…or life period.

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Hi there Lucy! Great to get your DO ME! Smiling can change the world, I agree! AND I love your healthy habits. I don’t like to hear about these headaches, a signal that something is out of whack internally. You are a superstar and do so much for others…I love how you are ready to take care of YOU. Good luck, Lucy! xo


My doing me this year is going to be binge watching shows I’ve always wanted to watch and do it while working out. I’ve been sick, so haven’t gotten to the working out part (although am on the 4th season of Breaking Bad) – but am on the mend and am going to get started soon!

I need to cleanse because I gained 25 lbs after shoulder surgery and then a torn achilles – all i did was eat junk. It has been 18 months of horrible eating – I feel bad, my skin looks terrible, and I actually avoid seeing people I haven’t seen in a long time since I look terrible and have no clothes that fit! I need to get healthy again since I’m an older mom with 3 teenagers who keep me on my toes!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Wonderful to hear your DO ME! I haven’t started Breaking Bad yet, need to catch up on Scandal.:) BUT moving your body while you watch is an excellent way to get exercise in. I’m sorry to hear about your surgery and torn achilles…It’s time to heal from the inside out and getting a good cleaning is a great way to start. Feeling good in your body is key so let’s get you feeling svelte again! Good luck! xo

Melissa Harbaugh

To feel alive, I MUST drink LOTS of water…like a gallon, each day. I’d love to cleans with you Lisa because I’ve never done one before and I love and trust you. Although we have never met, I believe we would be great friends!!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    I agree, Melissa! I wish we lived near each other to hang out! I’m happy that you trust me, of course, I wouldn’t have you do some crazy detox pill thang. AND I love your DO YOU! Water is crucial, a basic building block to optimal health. Keep drinking up! AND good luck! xo


I DO drink my lemon water each day, first thing each morning. I have started my day with lemon water for over 3 years since my first detox. Each day I move my body, even if it is just for 10 minutes. The rest of my day (and my resistance to sugar/caffeine and bread) may not be great but DOING my water and a little sweat.

I challenged myself to learn how to do a flip turn, something that scares the heck out of me but I know will improve my swim workouts. I started this week, and that one challenge gave me a huge boost. Winter detox is my favorite. Lisa always knows when we have overdone it , especially during the holiday season. Winter detox is the best way to start the new year!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Water and movin’ your booty are AWESOME DO YOU’s! If you learn that flip turn, please teach me. I’ve always wanted to do that! Keep me posted on that and good luck on winning the detox! Can’t believe we have been together for 3 years! Wooza! xo


I downloaded a gratitude app for my phone and even on a bad day there is always something to be grateful for.

I have done different detoxes and Lisa’s programs are the BEST! You learn to eat healthy and clean and you are never hungry. You are doing something good for your body. Love it!

Kathleen Curry

Every day I need to just breathe. Really slow myself down and take time to enjoy life. I feel much calmer when I remember to do this. Sometimes I just get caught up in what needs to be done and don’t give myself this small gift.

I can’t wait to detox again with you, Lisa! This will be my 7 th detox and I learn something new each time.

Thanks for guiding us through these cleanses, Lisa!


I need to drink more water esp. first thing in the morning. I would love for this to become a habit for me, part of my morning ritual If I’m sufficiently hydrated, I can do anything! :0)

I was reading this blog post while sitting in the hospital getting blood. 2 pints worth! I had a hellacious period of blood clots galore due to fibroids and now there’s talk of a hysterectomy. I’ve never been anemic but now at 51, the risk is very real. I would love to get my body in ‘fighting’ shape’ to tackle this in the most natural way possible. Tune up my engine so to speak. Thank you for the opportunity, either way, thank you for all the great information and encouragement to stay strong and be healthy!

Jennifer Connelly

I’ve learned that, as I’ve gotten older, getting a full 8 hours sleep each night is key to “doing me.” I’m ready to detox with Lisa because I’m ready to take back my health. With four young children and a career change, I lost track of really taking good care of myself. A 10-day jumpstart is just what I need!

Julie Le

Pray God, read Bible, exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables.

Curious and may have the chance to get free detox program.


I start my day with hot lemon water and try to get some sort of movement in. I do Yoga or Pilates. I do the elliptical machine or take a nice long walk. I also have several workout DVDs I like to do. I have two small children and my husband and I have different schedules so I have to work out at home.

I want to do the detox because I’ve not been eating so great lately. I need something to Jump start me back into healthy habits.

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