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Pay What You Can: SALE!


I look forward to May each year.

The warmer weather…

wearing flip flops…

flowers blooming.

Spring kids
Yes! We can dip our toes in!

Everything is alive. Summer is a comin’.

But May can also be crazy. My dear friend, Amy, wrote the following in an email and, whoa, she took the words out of my mouth.

“May is crazy. Insane. Ridiculous… I am no match for her and her swirl of field trips and field days… of teacher appreciation luncheons and color runs… of weekend tournaments/track meets and camp registration forms… and all of these things are wonderful and necessary and add to the beautiful fabric of my life, but i wonder if they all need to happen in May.”

True dat.

I just to a look at my calendar and my weekends are booked. On one hand I love it, seeing my friends and being social (even though I’m highly sensitive and introverted, a part of me thrives on the energy of others). The other hand, whew!

It can get difficult trying to keep up with your clean and sexy self when life is hectic. And it’s not the time to let things slip as you are now showing more skin.

I have just what you need to keep things balanced and in control when it comes to your clean living efforts.

Time for the Pay What You Can Event!

It starts NOW and ends May 18th at 12 midnight EDT.

Sometimes financial things come up or timing isn’t right so this is a chance to take advantage of Pay What You Can.

If you always wanted to try my detoxes or delve into my yummy meal plans, here’s your chance.

I have made-for-you, already-done, oh-my-goodness clean eating kits available for the Pay What You Can special.

So here’s how it works:

1. Choose a fun kit to buy. Here are your options:

  • Spring Renewal Detox Kit: 10 day cleanse menu, 60 recipes, shopping list, cookbook,  group support (original price $129)

Order here


  • Kickin’ It Clean Meal Plan Kit 1.0: 4 weeks of menu plans (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and dinner for each day), 80+ recipes, shopping lists, extra cookbook and snack cheat sheet (focus on spring and summer months with smoothies and juices) (original $149)

Order here


  • Kickin’ It Clean Meal Plan Kit 2.0: 4 weeks of menu plans (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner), 80+ recipes, shopping lists and extra cookbook and snack cheat sheet (focus on f soups and bowls) (original price $149)

Order here

  • OR order a bundle of all three! (worth $427)

Order here

I will donate 10% of each purchase to our Mahila Partnership fundraiser.  Yay!

2. Have the kits already but want to treat a friend?

If you already have one or all of the kits and would like to gift it to someone at a pay-what-you-can rate, absolutely. Contact us at we can help you set this up.

3. A few guidelines:

  • The Pay What You Can event ends at midnight EDT, May 18th. Don’t miss this opportunity as we won’t offer it after the cut-off date and time.
  • This offer isn’t retroactive on kits you purchased in the past.
  • A suggested not lower than price is listed on each product page.
  • All products are digital and you can download all the goodies immediately.
  • If you have a question, contact us HERE. We’ll do everything possible to get back to you a.s.a.p.

I’ve detoxed and Kicked It Clean with thousands…a few love notes:



Lisa’s detox made my skin brighter and less puffy. My bloated belly disappeared! I lost 4 lbs, and I just loved eating healthy and waking up the next day without guilt. ~Julie H.




I loved EVERYTHING about Kickin’ It Clean! All of the recipes were delicious, and I really loved that a shopping list was included; really helped me stay organized! During the month, I realized that is was really simple to eat clean; not nearly as daunting as I had imagined. Plus the recipes are amazing…I didn’t feel like I was making any sacrifices. AND I had a lot more energy throughout the day. ~Ally T.




The menus were easy to follow and the food was delicious! Plus the detox was a good influence on my 8 year old daughter. I had more energy, lost several pounds, craved the greens and loved all the healthy foods! I also loved having the support of the group, and Lisa’s emails were a big help. I didn’t feel “alone” while I was doing the detox. And you still get to EAT during Lisa’s detoxes! I loved the whole process…thank you! ~Jenn A.


My heart is so happy about our Pay What You Can event. Giving brings me so much joy!

Let me know if you need anything regarding Pay What You Can! Excited to “get clean” with you!

PS. Remember, the super offer ends at 12 midnight, EDT May 18th.

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